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  1. The old NXT also felt really diverse.

    Balor, Cole, Gargano, KOR... It's just slightly different presentation of much the same style.

    Back in the day you had Enzo + Cass, The Revival, American Alpha, The Vaudevillians, Lucha Dragons, BAMF... Joe was not Balor was not Nakamura was not Roode.

    MaaaybeJoe and Owens were a little close but overall there was a clear definition between gimmicks.

    I think that kills NXT more than 45 finisher kickouts every Takeover. It's all just so... vanilla.

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  2. Looking forward to getting back into this.

    I ran a FemShep infiltrator back in the day but always thought it would be fun to start from ME2 with a MaleShep Vanguard.

    He would be slightly xenophobic, very "humans first", because Cerberus made a few... alterations... in the rebuild.

    Then the "Here's what happened in ME1" questions become a fidelity test ala West World.

  3. What's the worst year for WWE before this one? I mean since WCW folded?

    When did they split the Dudley Boyz? When did Kenzo Suzuki team with Rene Dupree? When did we have WWECW?

    I'd take all of that over RAW right now and, given the in ring talent they have right now, that is fucking criminal from WWE Creative.

    When WWE launched Smackdown way back when, they had a roster of about 90-100 total. That's men, women, tag teams, jobbers, midcarders and main eventers.

    The roster now is up over 300 with only NXT and NXT:UK as genuine extra programming and we still see the same shit week after week.

    We were all excited for Drew as champ. We were all excited for Lashley as champ. Both are very good in the ring but it's been driven into the ground to the point that a Hell in a Cell match between the two is actually feeling like a downer.

    That's your WrestleMania title match and the main event feud on your #1 show.

    How do you fuck it up that badly?

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  4. I always thought Hennigs issue was that he didn't lean into being the Son of Mr Perfect enough!

    He should have been doing the vignettes hitting 7-10 splits, half court 3 pointers, 50 yard FGs etc

    He's improved the Perfect Plex by turning it into a spinning 3 handle with a bridging pin.

    It should have been a silver bullet gimmick. If he hits that move and gets the bridge then he wins. If you want him in the mid/low card then make the issue that he's not quite good enough in other aspects of wrestling to hit that move consistently.

    He can't always wear people down enough or stun them long enough to lock it in.

    Now you have a gimmick, built on a much loved icon, that can shuffle up and down the card as needed, with little expectation.

    It should have been obvious but we know how WWE are with obvious/logical booking.

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  5. 16 hours ago, Technico Support said:

    It took Marvel 10 years of films to culminate in Endgame.    Vince tears up the script for Raw at 8:53pm on a Monday and can no longer book a program to peak at Mania.

    Everyone wants to be Marvel but nobody really wants to put in the effort.  Everyone looks at Marvel's success, sees dollar signs, and says "we have the IP (~!) and the content (~!) to do that!"  and nobody thinks about the time, vision, and creativity that's needed.

    Aside from being creatively bankrupt and as impatient as a goldfish who just snorted a rail, WWE is missing out on another key ingredient Marvel had.  Marvel has these characters that exist on a massive, multi-generational cultural level, and these characters can be exploited across films, tv, games, etc.  Vince stopped trying to create larger than life characters after one too many left him.  And wrestling characters really don't translate outside wrestling, regardless.  The whole idea that WWE can be just like Marvel is absurd.

    This. All of this.

    Do we think that Tony Stark saying "I am Iron Man" right before he clicks his fingers was some sort of ad lib from a stage hand?

    It was years and years of character building, world building, arcs, tension, drama etc

    What was the last proper story that WWE built that didn't involve a title? When was the last Mania title match with any real drama/hatred, that wasn't started by the Royal Rumble?

    Vince & Co should already know who the top 2-3 matches for Mania are. Roman is obviously in one of them, Jimmy &/or Jey should absolutely be facing him if they can't get Dwayne.

    But knowing Vince we will probably get a Randy Orton title win to say "Thanks for doing all that Friend stuff last year".

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  6. 9 hours ago, John from Cincinnati said:

    Needlessly prioritizing homegrown stars while eschewing outside talent continues to be a mindset that makes no sense. 

    Oh, don't snap them all up, only eight? I don't see how what you're suggesting is all that different from anything Impact ever did. Especially in a company that's already got Jericho, Christian, Sting, Miro, FTR, Dustin, Mox, Hager, etc. floating around.

    Impact's use of talent who had established themselves elsewhere is long since due for a widespread re-evaluation. 

    I advocated for 7 names. Black is the only male star I would sign with any intention of using in a prominent/regular role. Joe as a special attraction only. Lana and Thea are managers. Riott, Royce & Billie Kay bolster what is, to me anyway, a fairly shallow women's division.

    Given AEW just brought in all of Big Show, Mark Henry and Christian they run the risk of looking like they will sign any former WWE name they can. I would much prefer they bring in more indy/overseas talent and be very, very selective with who they grab from WWE. Guys like Cardona/Ryder or Wes Blake or Kalisto showing up regularly would be a massive mistake IMO. Even Miro started out on rocky ground with his TNA 2005 "Im gonna show those guys I used to work for how good I can be without being held down!" promo. 

    Bryan is an exception. Every promotion in the world should be chasing his signature.

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  7. As good as some of these names are, I don't want AEW snapping them all up. It just feels too much like TNA/Impact putting WWE castoffs above their home grown guys.

    They mostly need help with the women's roster so give me Ruby Rose as a contender, the IIconics causing mischief, Trinidad managing Black, Lana supporting Miro, and then Joe as a special attraction only.

    If Bryan is available then you obviously sign him but that's it. There's no need to go and get everyone.

    Murphy to NJPW please. I need to see him vs White, Ibushi, KENTA... maybe a one shot against Naito/Tanahashi/Okada. Whoever said he would rule a G1 is spot on.

    Andrade in NJPW to team up with Naito for a year. Then turn on him.

    Can we get Andrade/Naito v White/Murphy?


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  8. On 5/30/2021 at 6:11 AM, kenyabaxterZXW said:


    "This Monty Brown kid's got a future!

    Get Truth on the phone and tell him to bring his Pretty Ricky teeth! I've got a great idea for a new tag team that's also gonna fight over the 24/7 Title...

    Does Jimmy Yang still have those ninjas?"

    - Vince, probably.

  9. Just wait until they pair her up with a snob (Charlotte I'm looking at you) and use the language barrier to create all sorts of hilarious hijinks.

    Then she can start spitting mist in people's eyes.

    Then she starts the obligatory "I'm seducing the father of my rival" arc. Hi again Charlotte.

    Finally, she is a vet who has been on the roster for a decade with between 0-3 title wins, and her gimmick is "I'm here to compete... and maybe win the tag titles (with Charlotte) randomly".

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  10. I think the hair was something that Triple H talked about, right after he shaved his head to be more corporately acceptable.

    He said it helped with movement and motion. That taking a punch and being able to throw your hair around really sold the illusion.

    Said it was also great for other guys to have some long hair to pull on in matches.

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  11. Will I finally get my "Eva Marie + Baron Corbin" dual champion power couple that I dreamed of back in NXT?

    RAW is already garbage. Might as well go full meta with it.

    Send Bobby and MVP to Smackdown to fight Roman & Paul E.

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  12. I think Rock out is really interesting.

    He was Austin's main antagonist as a proxy for Vince, he helped legitimise Foley and Triple H, and he did the job for Brock in a huge passing of the torch.

    Who else does all that? I could see Shamrock facing Austin, does he work as the straight man for Foley? Can he carry his half of the main event during 2000?

    I think if Rock is out then it's impossible to fill that spot with just one person.

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  13. On 4/21/2021 at 7:33 PM, The Natural said:

    Bianca Belair should've ended one of two Shayna Baszler's reigns as NXT Women's Champion. Belair and Becky Lynch are the worst omissions in the history of the NXT Women's Championship.

    Ember Moon should have ended Asukas streak.

    The Eclipse should have been sold as the ultimate death move that nobody ever kicked out of for years. Then someone like Bianca can get the rub by being the first person to do it.

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  14. 5 hours ago, sydneybrown said:

    ECIII is in the hospital possibly for something serious...and the next two posts are random dick jokes...   Come on, assholes...pay attention.

    Do we know what kind of infection it is? Can we tie the two topics together?


    Seriously though; Vince fucked EC3 something shocking so I hope he got paid and is back on his feet ASAP.

  15. I'm stunned nobody in WWE has tried to give Cesaro a ladies man gimmick to try and take advantage of all the backstage talk about "Big Dick Tony".

    I could 100% see them doing vignettes of him pressing bikini models over his head, speaking French/Italian/Swedish to woo a lady etc

    That or Vince finds out that Sweden was old Viking territory and decides that the Eric & Ivar need a 3rd member...

  16. 5 minutes ago, A_K said:

    Caught the Riddle/Lashley YT highlights -- didn't watch the show. Really nice dominant finish (and performance generally) for Lashley there. Riddle ridiculously athletic too. Wouldn't be too surprised if they cycle round to Lashley/Reigns somehow while both have the belts.

    Survivor Series.

    Get a Hurt Business v Usos brawl to take them all out. Roman takes out Lashley with a Spear and then puts a beating on him.

    MITB winner, The Miz, cashes in to win the title and bring the story full circle. Miz can drop the title to Keith Lee or Damian Priest at the Rumble.

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  17. 6 minutes ago, For Great Justice said:

    My first reaction was "Matt Flynn took fewer bumps than Matt Cassel"

    *checks Spotrac*

    Matt Cassel made 60 million dollars?!

    My God. I stand corrected. Let's chalk Flynn up as WCW Lanny Poffo

    Matt Cassel is my sporting hero.

    Put in 1 season of actual work and got paid for a lifetime to travel the US and learn play books for a living.

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