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  1. I was there live last night and it's been kinda weird reading the online feedback because people seem really hung up on the last few minutes. That show was great live and the crowd was hot the whole night. We also had a relatively long dark segment with BCC, Danhausen, The Acclaimed and Ricky Starks. I wasn't super into Starks before this but that dude is going to be a huge star. I have always been impressed with the pacing of the TV shows but it goes even faster live. There was little to no dead time and it was just match, match match with nothing being bad outside of the Shafir match. She wasn't bad but the crowd was not in the mood for a slow match. Joe and Suzuki was over huge live and those chops were so damn loud. A couple of times tonight ( in the punk and suzuki matches for sure) the wrestlers would do the strike exchange the crowd would get into it and then would die down, but the wrestlers kept going so the crowd picked it back up again with even more intensity.
  2. If 2K does let Yukes go that would free them up to make a new puro game. I'd love a sequel to Wrestle Kingdom 2. I think Yukes owned a good bit of New Japan but sold it off recently, so 2K abandoning Yukes might be in everyone's best interest.
  3. 2K is just a publisher on this game, Yukes is still deveoping the game so it's highly unlikely anything will change. Hopefully 2K abandons Yukes after this game and uses one of their in house teams to make a new wrestling game from scratch. It'll suck to have that awkward "first generation" of a wrestling game, but this genre needs some new life from somewhere.
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