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  1. This is actually great news for me. I have GTA Online which I know will keep me busy for a LONG time, and then I have Pokemon XY to buy when I finally get bored of GTAO. It also helps tie in with my not buying a PS4 until next year when I have more money after Christmas, as i'd love to get some kind of limited edition or WATCH_DOGS PS4 pack. If it makes the game even better, then fair play.
  2. Yeah, the best part of that is, on the ones where you have to catch the super fast cars, as soon as they see you they speed off, this one, you can pull along side him and he carries on as usual. So one shotgun in the face and its just a case of escape the police.
  3. What million dollar appartment? Or are you just exaggerating due to 400k being a lot?
  4. That last bit made me chuckle, many a time I've evaded police for AGES, then not a policeman in sight, I slowly drive around the corner, right in front of a police station.
  5. This.. How is this a thing?The comments are glorious, well worth reading three pages of them.
  6. Also, I have upgraded my bike to full acceleration. Felt like an accomplishment.
  7. I find online to be better than the actual game. Although I was quietly disappointed with the main games length.
  8. Sbe's not that hot, I don't see it. I was pissed ever since she slapped Jerry Lawler. I get the reason why she did it, for the show, but jesus, at least let him do something wrong first. Fuck Eva Marie. I was not going to contribute to this ratings joke of a thread, but god I do not like that woman. More AJ Lee.
  9. Yeah its not bad, pretty nippy. Sorry I had to leave while you two went to play more Survival, had to finish my dinner (Kinda left it going a little too long while we were on wave 10)
  10. I just spent £140k on a Coquette (I think thats what its called?) but it doesnt seem very good. If I save all my money like a good boy, whats the best car I can buy? I want something thats super fast and doesnt slide all over the road when you turn a corner.
  11. Anybody walk into their online garage and automatically have a 2 star wanted level? I don't know why it happens, all 3 vehicles I have I bought online.
  12. More Survival fun in the boneyard. Three of us ease through the first five rounds, then when round Six starts, the one guy with the mic and the broken English starts: NOW WE MUST GO INSIDE IN.... SIDE COME INSIDE HERO (third persons username) YOU IDIOT (Hero Dies) FUCK YOU HERO COME INSIDE FRANCHISE WHAT ARE YOU DOING (I haven't died a single time in all 10 waves of this) (Round 8, Hero dies yet again very early) HERO FUCK YOU HERO FUCK FUCK (Mic guy dies shortly after) HERO THIS IS ALL YOU FUCKING FAULT COME INSIDE This goes on again round 9 and 10. (Round 10, 2 helicopters and only a handful of food soliders, Hero again has died, so has the mic guy) I finish the rest off on my own but its not enough: HERO FUCK YOU, YOU COME INSIDE. Thank god WELL DONE WELL DONE FUCK YOU HERO He tried to replay again, I had to leave. I was crying with laughter at the end. I'm enjoying these Survival stories!
  13. Anyone had a bicycle race yet? I was racing seven other people, it was hilarious. First of all, two people actually started before the GO! even came up, the guy on the headset was going mental! CHEATER CHEATER DID YOU ALL SEE THAT?? Then there was a massive pileup at 2 mp/h and I crawled over the rest of the bikes to win the race. There was probably 4 seconds between first and last place. I was so laughing hard.
  14. I'm Robert_T_Pooner and it was awesome watching you channel John McClean, as you took a helicopter out with a pistol. I'm kinda shitty, so thanks for saving me time after time. Got a bluetooth headset in the mail, as I don't know where my old one disappeared to.That was a lot of fun, the tenth wave, everybody else was dead, I killed absolutely loads of guys, took down two copters with all of my ammo, and was left firing with just a pistol. I dared to run out to get more ammo, and I was probably 10 feet from my sweet spot before I was gunned down.I was SO close. I'll never play that well again in my life.Also: I laughed so much when miamigonzalez shouted down his mic 'where are you going? Turn around!!'As I don't have a mic, there was method to my driving the complete wrong way, I was trying to head him off the other direction, thats why I stopped so you could get your own car and we'd Sheild him.Turns out when we did rescue Leroy, they had a billion and ten cars with perfect aim.If you read this, I apologise I couldn't replay any more, I couldnt take the 10 mile drive just to get to them just to die..
  15. Me and two other DVDVR guys just beat 10 survival levels. TEAMWORKRATE~
  16. Sorry to Robert_T, the guy who we were with was a right prick, tried to run us off the road twice and then used all of our lives up.
  17. That's 100000000000000000% true. Whenever we do a team mission and i'm the one whos driving, I can be driving on a straight road with no traffic at all, and i'll be crashing into everything. Beat Survival mode a few times today, really racks up some money. Met someone on there who had the same tactic as me, between us we just ran through them all. Made sure I added her (at least, female character) so I can call upon it's help again.
  18. Not a problem, although i'm not sure what to do online any more, dont see any DVDVR guys on there at the same time as me and my friends work different hours. I just keep getting put into races where everyone has a massive pileup at the start and the person who doesn't get hit wins it by a clear 3 minutes, or killed in free roam as soon as I leave a shop, or going into survival mode where people just run around like a headless chicken firing at the first person they see and they're picked off immediately. I'll try again shortly, don't know what to save up for now. Good car?
  19. I bought the $223,000 apartment but I dont see a heist board anywhere, does it have one in this apartment, or should I have paid for a more expensive one? Maybe when the heists are ready a board will appear. Talking of, anyone heard when any heist is going to be available?
  20. I'll be on for a few hours if anybody wants to have any races and check out my sweet apartment before everybody buys one.
  21. Nah. It helps if you A) want to chat and be social while you're playing, or want to go hardcore squad-ness on the team missions ("INCOMING CHOPPER TO THE SOUTH!") etc, but it's definitely not a requirement.I got all excited and ran out and bought a $20 headset and it turns out NO ONE uses a headset. I could see where it could occasionally come in handy to communicate with other people on missions.I can't find the picture to show you, but this reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Homer buys lots of money for Krustyland and goes in and nobody accepts it.--I might also get a mic, lest you all laugh at my Englishness.Also:
  22. I had some fun doing a 1.2 mile one lap race with 3 other people today. Just coming 4th got you about $1500 and winning it got you about $6000. So we played that over and over again, made some good money. Now I bought my beautiful $223,000 property with 10 car garage. ..And no money left. I hope this place has the room thats needed for a heist as its very big but I didnt see a board anywhere.
  23. I'll be playing for a few hours, if anyone is half competent at Survival, hit me up!
  24. Can I pretend the game was released yesterday and ask some obvious questions? 1) Did there used to be six stars, why is there now five? 2) Why doesnt the wanted level go away when I go in my safehouse? That's actually all I wondered. Glad to know theres possibly a heist available, i'm also at the 100-110k range but i've hardly played lately. Tomorrow night I shall get some hours in. If anyones up for races and survival, then i'll be on a few hours UK time at night.
  25. Does anybody know when the first heist is going to be released? I need to know how long I have to save up for my dream house.
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