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  1. 1 hour ago, Niners Fan in CT said:

    i was wondering why the crowd was so dead and then i read they only sold 3000 tickets for the show.  Might as well just go back to the Thunderdome

    You're not going to compete against a Giants home playoff game in town against their hated rival Los Angeles.

    I'd put zero stock in that number.

  2. AIW show in Akron was a lot of fun. Super-hot crowd, sold out. They're using Cardona to basically re-do the Gage/Cardona angle as he won the title from local hero Joshua Bishop. The scene wasn't nearly as wild as when he beat Gage but there were a couple of fans who had to be held back from jumping the rail after the match. LOL  I imagine Matt is having the time of his life doing this shit. 

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Log said:

    At some point, didn't they even plant the seeds for a Rude/Vader feud?  

    It's sad that we never got to see a tough-guy face Rude run.  

    Leading up to the match, there was a backstage interview with both where Vader said Rude owed him one and when Rude wins the title that Vader wants the first shot. That was about it though.

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