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  1. This is the most Melraz idea I've ever heard.
  2. Melraz and I ran through some of the setups. Pretty fun shit. Haven't gotten to the heist yet. My broke ass had to buy the cheapest bunker way up north, and my god does Rockstar punish you for being cheap. It was a 6.6 mile drive to pick up the Deloreans and since there were only two of us, we had to schlep it twice.
  3. Tis the season of giving. Got any spare change?
  4. So between a cruise and water issues at my house, I haven't been in it in three weeks, which means I also haven't been near a gaming console in three weeks. My damn hands will probably cramp up trying to work a controller. Anyway, because the heist is out tonight - I wanted to see if any of y'all are planning to be on this evening. Not to bore people with my home woes, but I keep having water backing up in the shower and toilet. Been through a plumber and lots of professional grade Drano, but the issue keeps coming back. I probably have enough drainage left for one good shit and a sh
  5. I'm cracking up right now because I always keep a tab on my phone with this thread open and the GTA thread open. I opened Chrome just now and read the new replies. I was about to ask if anyone was gonna be playing GTA tonight, then decided to double-check which thread I was in and chuckled. I'll pop over there in a second, but fuck it - the last four posts are GTA. Anyone raising hell in Los Santos tonight?
  6. @melraz09 You ought to publish a collection of short stories. @jstout If it makes you feel any better, it was a cheap one. So cheap that when we pulled into the first port and saw the real cruise ships which had like 8 extra decks more than ours, one of the girls in the group said, "I bet those people are looking over here like fuuuuuck the trailer park just pulled up."
  7. I leave for a cruise for one week and all hell breaks loose. I miss beatboxing, Deloreans getting added to GTA (Ask me how many times I have watched those movies and I will lie because the real number is a) embarrasing and b) I lost count years ago), and the final death whispers of ME:A servers.
  8. Either my man had a stroke over here, or he runs everything through Google Translate a minimum of four times before sending it. I don't know what's worse - that or getting sexually assaulted in an alley for cash.
  9. Buddy of mine came to visit recently and brought the South Park game for me to try. I agree with you. I enjoyed the story and the fact that it looked like I was watching an actual episode, but the turn-based gameplay was strange to me.
  10. The quickest way into the night shift fold is to adopt our time-honored motto: "This is dumb as hell and I'll probably die, but fuck it." *proceeds to get into a headbutt fight with two Krogans*
  11. Pretty off-topic of me, but thank you for this reminder.
  12. That was one of the funnier nights, among the 7000 we've had. If I'm remembering correctly, I was standing around with my hands in my pockets, basically. No idea why I wasn't racing at the moment, but I panned the camera around JUST in time to go OH SHIT. *splat*
  13. This is me all day long. Any time my name pops up in the #1 spot, there's a brief period of staring followed by me saying out loud, "How the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck???" I gotta hear more about Level 1 character dude. Even if you're a top leaderboard cat, I can't fathom even attempting that shit. What was his strategy?
  14. Melraz, I stiiiiiill belieeeeeeeeeve in youuuuuuuu. Either that or y'all told some Kett to go rest high on that mountain. These are my two guesses...
  15. And lo, a powerful breeze swept the room as the night shift ran away with substantial haste.
  16. Yep. I don't remember when I bought it, but it has been months and I paid $30 back then. Can't believe GTA still costs that much.
  17. Who told all these fucking level 6s and shit to join silvers???? Bless their hearts.
  18. I just ran two silvers with the Batarian Vanguard and came in first both times, and the team of randoms was pretty dalm good. Shocked me - that shit never happens. Anyway, finally able to afford another Disappointment Pack and all I got out of it was an assault rifle, which I hate. The only reason I'm mentioning it is because it was called the Sweeper, and it reminded of something I need to share. Despite Melraz's strict love of country music, he DOES know the words to Nelly's "Country Grammar" and will rap it for you if asked. Hearing him sing "Streeeeeet sweeeeeper baaaaaaby, cocke
  19. I feel like this statement sums up everything the night shift does in this game.
  20. When I have time to play, I'm usually on around 9 or 10 pm. I haven't been able to play as much because I'm getting my house ready to sell.
  21. Hey Stout, I saw you on last night and was going to message you once I finished my match, but I honestly just lost interest after I finished and turned it off to watch stuff on Hulu. On the plus side, I found a match pretty quickly and they were a really competent bunch. Full extraction on a silver with only three revives needed the whole time. Either this game is still alive - or most likely - it's like when someone with a terminal illness suddenly perks up and seems to be doing extremely well just before they croak the same night.
  22. Not asking here because I know the rules, but next time we're in a party, I need to remember to ask you guys what site you find these glitches on. I think I know, but I'm not sure.
  23. Sounds like it's about time to head back to sunny Los Santos, polish off our sniper rifles, and throw a few stickies on our front bumpers until Red Dead arrives.
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