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  1. To go with the Serena Deeb head of hair: LOL.
  2. I wish we had a little more grappling in Danielson/Suzuki as it was so well done. Brilliant bout.
  3. My favourite shots from The Batman trailer:
  4. Yes though ideally there's a no #NoEzraMillerCut when The Flash is released on streaming sites and on physical media. Sucks having to sit through Miller to get Michael Keaton back as Batman. It'll be 30 years between Batman Returns (1992) and The Flash (1992).
  5. Nasty Heel Hook gets the tapout win for Bryan Danielson.
  6. Good trailer for The Batman. Will say on a only watch that the first trailer was better. I'm also tired as fuck with the busy day I've had. My most anticipated film of next year. Originally this was the month and year the film was going to come out but the coronavirus global pandemic scuppered that. It's now out on the 4th of March 2022, two days before my birthday on the 6th of March. Happy days.
  7. Cheers for sharing, @Gordberg. Definitely made up for not getting wrestling merch for your birthday.
  8. You're gonna get your fucking head kicked in! Dream match delivered and then some.
  9. Wrestler of the Year is between Kenny Omega, Roman Reigns, Bryan Danielson, Shingo Takagi and Hiroshi Tanahashi. I'd give it to Bryan Danielson with the matches against Roman Reigns but mainly for the matches vs. Kenny Omega I gave ***** to and Minoru Suzuki which I'd likely give ***** to as well.
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