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  1. On 10/11/2021 at 7:11 PM, Cobra Commander said:

    Match list

    • Tommy Seigler vs Beautiful Bruce Swayze
    • Afa and Sika vs The Mighty Yankee and Troy Graham
    • Dale Mann vs Mario Leone
    • Cowboy Ray Parker and The Spoiler (Frank Morrell) vs Luis Martinez and Lorenzo Parente

    Amazing how much young Afa and Sika look like their various relatives. I believe they were closer to Mild Samoans while clean shaven.

    It's weird seeing a clean shaven Afa & Sika, also nice touch announcing them from American Samoa to make sure everyone knew they were faces.

  2. 9 hours ago, The Natural said:

    I probably won't be seeing No Time To Die (2021) at the cinema. I've always rated Skyfall (2012) as the best James Bond/Daniel Craig for the story with an aging Bond out of his prime, Sir. Roger Deakins great cinematography, bringing staples back in the Aston Martin, Moneypenny, one of the best Bond baddies in Silva and the theme song. I have the movie second only to Goldfinger (1964). For me, Casino Royale (2006) is too long particularly the last third. Third act is arguably the most crucial.

    As for your question, Timothy Dalton's License to Kill (1989) and George Lazenby's On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969). Haven't seen the latter in ages. Roger Moore's was bad, A View To A Kill (1985) and Pierce Brosnan's Die Another Day (2002) is one of if not the worst James Bond film. Brosnan going 1-3. GoldenEye (1995) is the only great one he had.

    While I'll watch License to Kill whenever it's on it's low on my list, replace Bond with Sonny Crockett and Felix Leiter with Rico Tubbs and it's basically an extremely violent Miami Vice movie. I'll add I'm not a huge fan of the Dalton flicks even though Dalton is a good Bond, he was dealt a bad hand in his two outings as Bond.

    Am I the only one who loves Tomorrow Never Dies? The World Is Not Enough would have been good if they cast anyone else as Christmas Jones, Die Another Day was a mess and that's a shame because Rosmund Pike was great in it.

    I will add that the only Bond film I won't jump into and watch when it's on is Thunderball, that movie is a painful bore.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Zimbra said:

    I appreciate whoever is leaking these spacing them out enough so people could show their asses defending Gruden. A+ work.


    The league is the ones leaking the emails, since Gruden didn’t resign or get fired earlier today for the DeMaurice Smith leak the league leaked more emails. I wonder what else they had in case Gruden and Davis dug in and told the league to F off. 

  4. I really liked No Time To Die, I would rank it behind Casino Royale when it comes to the Daniel Craig flicks. I know people are all over the place when it comes to this flim, for everyone who liked No Time To Die would this be the best "last" Bond film for the actor playing Bond?


    If EON ever caves and does a Bond spinoff flick or tv series, they need to lock in Ana de Armas right now! She totally stole her part of the movie and I want to see her playing that character in another adventure.


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  5. 2 hours ago, hammerva said:

    I like Iowa but they really like a team that would get beat by 40 to Alabama or Georgia.  But I am sure all the other teams are the same.  Although Bama vs Cincinnati would be interesting 

    Neither Iowa or Penn State should have been ranked that high. 

  6. 7 minutes ago, Tabe said:

    Still A LOT more success than Jimmy had with a significantly better quarterback and "without all that Jerry Jones interference" in Miami.

    Switzer was still able to benefit from all the draft picks Johnson got from the Vikings, Johnson didn’t have that luxury in Miami. 

    Also, had the Vikings passed on the Walker trade it’s doubtful Johnson and then Switzer would have had the same success in Dallas. 

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  7. 7 hours ago, Brian Fowler said:

    Barry Switzer did win a Super Bowl... (I know, it wasn't really his team, but he went 40-24 in four seasons, 8-5 in the playoffs and got a chip... It can't totally be dismissed.)

    Sure Switzer was the head coach but did he really do anything besides stand on the sidelines? Jerry Jones was making all of the personal decisions and Switzer seems smart enough to stay out of his assistant coaches way. Also, he only has the Super Bowl ring due to Neil O'Donnell who was the MVP for the Cowboys that day.

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  8. 1 hour ago, supremebve said:

    I'm leaving this one alone,  but I feel like the Urban hate is mostly sports hate. Like I said in the above post, we hated him before the Zach Smith thing, which kind of legitimized the irrational hate. No one hated Paterno before the Sandusky thing,  and after there was nothing illegitimate or irrational about it. 

    A lot of people including yours truly hated Paterno before the Sandusky story broke. 

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  9. 8 minutes ago, JLowe said:

    Back in the mid-90s I interviewed Kim Shattuck from The Muffs for my zine, right after one of their songs appeared in a Fruitopia commercial. I asked if she was worried about people calling her a sell-out and she said they made more money for that commercial than they had for all of their album sales and touring, so let them say what they want.

    And Imagine Dragons is Unimaginably Awful.

    An artist being called a sell out for allowing their song to be used in a commercial is such old timey pretentious hippie bullshit, I think Jan Wenner was always the one leading that charge.

    The Who actually tried to sell commercial time on "The Who Sell Out" since they were broke and had a shitty record deal, every company they asked turned them down.

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  10. 20 minutes ago, Technico Support said:

    You're right, I probably should more strongly specified A listers selling stuff.  Lower level guys always did TV spots.  I mean I actually met Bill Sanderson in the mid 90s because he was at an agency lining up commercial work and he had already been in Blade Runner and was famous from the Newhart show. Lower-level celebs never shied from doing commercials, while the bigger names had to covertly jet off to Japan to hawk cigs and booze for that sweet commercial lucre.  Now we got bonafide Oscar winner Jamie Foxx shilling a gambling app every other break.

    Garner and Savalas were still high up on the celeb prestige scale when they were doing commercials in the 80's, both had Oscar nominations and both won lead actor Emmy's. I agree it's really weird seeing Jamie Foxx and Ben Affleck shilling gambling apps, but those companies have massive amounts of money to throw around and those commercials are everywhere in states that allow online betting so the residuals are going to be insane.

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  11. 3 hours ago, Technico Support said:

    On the "actors are much more shameless than they use to be" tip, I got Ray Donovan out here selling mattresses.

    We had a brief discussion about how crazy it is how times have changed and now actors with fucking Oscars are out there shilling shit.  But music made that jump, too.  I remember that it was huge news when Nike bought the rights to use the Beatles' "Revolution" in a shoe commercial.  "Selling out" was a legitimate concept back in the day that people were worried about.  Now it's this quaint thing that cynics scoff at and you have bands like Imagine Dragons who have had so many songs featured in so many commercials it's hard to think that's not their core goal, and being actual musicians or artists is a distant second or eighth.  They're not a band; they're jingle writers who happen to tour.

    Liev Schreiber on camera doing commercials doesn't seem odd or weird to me. I'll note that I did grow up with James Garner all over my tv slinging Beef and Polaroid cameras, along with Telly Savalas pimping The Players Club and the Duluth tourist board. If Schreiber was around back then, he'd be a notch or two lower than Rockford and Kojack on the fame and prestige scale.


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  12. 24 minutes ago, odessasteps said:

    Ive always just presumed a yakuza connection to Puro much like the mobs connection to boxing and probably to z lesser extent pro wrestling. 

    What legit evidence is there that organized crime in the US was involved in pro wrestling? I’m sure promoters paid a “tax” in arenas located in mobbed up cities but that was rolled into the price of renting the venue, concert promoters had to deal with it too.

  13. They really need to change the “going to another regional game in the early window then sticking to it until the bitter end” rule. There’s no reason the nation should have been forced to watch that Jets-Titans OT. 

  14. 1 hour ago, KidNatural said:

    Is the CFL presence big enough to keep NFL teams from moving there? I'd imagine that Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal are big enough to support an NFL franchise.

    It’s less the CFL and more that those cities aren’t going to give a team almost a billion US dollars for a stadium. 

  15. 11 hours ago, Casey said:

    I mean it was kind of building up the entire episode, but yeah, fuck him. He’s gonna get his shit rocked next week.


    I figured he was going to do something but not something that low. 


  16. 7 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

    The Many Saints of Newark got blasted by one of the guys on Roger Ebert's site; he gave it a star and a half. It's at 71% on Rotten Tomatoes so that's a little bit better. 

    Of course I'm going with my dad to watch it no matter what

    Haven’t read the review but they’re way way way off. 

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  17. 1 hour ago, TheVileOne said:

    Was it his job to set up a Cena and Kanyon verbal confrontation on the show?

    The Stern show did things like all the time, he'd be interviewing someone then go "I have so & so on the line, they say you did this or that" then either the in studio person squirmed and tried to talk there way out of it or there was an argument. It was super shitty but there was so much other shitty things going on that it kind of gets lost in the shuffle.

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  18. 25 minutes ago, jaedmc said:

    Honestly, after Sunday most of the city would probably help them pack.

    Arlington Heights is just north of O'Hare, so not a big deal. I'd also wager that most of the folks who can afford to go to Bears games are from the Burbs anyway. They're probably ecstatic that they can bypass Chicago city traffic altogether and get to the Bears game.

    It should be noted that Bears are in a lease to Soldier Field until 2033. It's 84 million if they break it in the next 5 years. Chicago Park District owns Soldier Field and for me the big disappointment is them possibly losing that revenue. Chicago Park District programs are massive for parents in the city.

    On the bright side, if they build a new stadium we might be able to host a SuperBowl(maybe even a Wrestlemania again.) And it would be able to properly accommodate parking.

    The situation is not over but I just don't see why they'd stay. They want on site sports betting, and aren't allowed that at Soldier Field. They want a roof and expanded seating, and no one is really sure how the fuck to engineer that, outside of tearing half the stadium apart, so not a cheap option. These aren't small wants, and I don't think the city can come through on them.


    True that the Bears fans are coming from the burbs but the entire highway and public transit system if built for getting from burb to city and then back again, not burb to burb. In Detroit when the Lions played in Pontiac and the Pistons played in Auburn Hills it was a pain in the ass for 70% of the fans to get to the stadiums, to me it looks like the same thing would happen with this proposed stadium. 

    I'm sure the Bears are going to sell it as getting a Super Bowl, Final 4 and so on, but aren't the McCaskey's the second cheapest owners in the league? Any kind of roofed or retractable roof stadium is going to up the price big time, are the McCaskey's going to be down for funding any cent of that? I'm sure Arlington Heights is going to throw money at them but even a cash rich burb has a breaking point when it comes to funding, they aren't Las Vegas who was cool with giving the Raiders almost a billion for a stadium.

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  19. 7 hours ago, Craig H said:

    Some Bears info for @jaedmcand others who care. Last week my friend who works in city planning told me to not be surprised to soon hear that the Bears are moving to Arlington Heights. I thought it was bullshit. 

    Looks like it's true. The Bears have bought the racetrack out there. 

    I know very little about suburban Chicagoland but Arlington Heights seems like it would a massive pain in the ass for most Bears fans to get to.

  20. 2 hours ago, Eoae said:

    I'm not expecting much from my hometown Steelers either beyond a pleasant afternoon out with real people.

    I'm at the point where I'd be fine with a 5-12 season, getting a top 10 draft pick and sending Ben adrift on a raft down the Ohio River. Not sure what the draft will look like QB wise but if it's weak at the top take O Lineman and grab Pitt's Kenny Pickett early in the 2nd.

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