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  1. I feel like $50 a year is rather reasonable.  I'll end up with Switch Online eventually.  But, yeah, they're going to have to keep adding games and offer me something I can't get on the Wii U virtual console or the Sega Genesis mini.  Streaming is not my favorite way to play so they're going to have to start digging some of the less obvious suspects out of the N64 catalog.  Call me when you upload Mischief Makers.

    My wife still plays Animal Crossing almost daily so she's thrilled about the AC updates. 

  2. Pre-orders for the Xbox fridge start on Monday.  Actual item will be released sometime in December.

    MSRP is $99.  Only available from select retailers.  One retailer in each country/region?  Apparently, Target is going to be the only official retailer in the US.

    I guess it's time to start figuring out how much I'm willing to pay a scalper for one of these things. 

  3. Considering the KotR final is part of the Crown Jewel card, it'd be fairly dumb not to book Jinder into the finals and put him over.  I'm not that interested in a "King Jinder" push, but it's the right business call.  Putting the crown on Kofi or Xavier isn't going to do anything for either guy (not that it needs to).

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  4. This might be the best thing that could have happened to Kyrie. He's been telling us for years that he was put on this Earth for more important things than just playing basketball.  Now he can devote all his attention to educating the masses and solving the world's problems without being distracted.

    Personally, I wish him well.  Go with God, as the saying goes (well, Allah in this case).  I just hope he doesn't go towards anyone with a camera or a microphone in their hand, cause I'm tired of seeing his dour sourpuss face on my monitor.


    I don't expect him to miss much of the season, if any.  If I had to put money on an outcome, I'd guess he has a religious epiphany and realizes Allah is hunky-dory with getting vaccinated if it means he keeps getting paid.



    Anyone want to recommend some games that aren't available on current-gen consoles?  We got a new computer and a Steam Link, so I'm dipping a toe into PC gaming.  So far, I'm nonplussed, but my Stem Deck is probably at least 6-8 months off and there are some games I'd like to play in the interim.

    Right now, I'm only interested in games not playable on PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch.  Not much interested in online multiplayer titles.

    So far, I've bought a couple titles that may never get ported to home consoles (Killer7 remaster, Black Mesa, Paper Beast Folded Edition) and some PS3/PS Vita remasters that aren't backwards compatible and may never be remastered (A Rose in the Twilight, Firefly Diaries, Max Payne 3, Persona 4 Golden).

    I'm surprised Persona 4 and Killer7 haven't been brought to current consoles.  Killer7 was supposed to get a Switch port but it never materialized and both the port studio and Suda51 deny it was ever considered.


  6. I can't imagine anyone feeling grateful for their lives right now.  I certainly don't.  I seem to be constantly on edge, either dealing with the day to to day or worrying about the future.  Will my 80-year-old parents ever get their lives and friends back (probably not, at their age)?  Will my kids have futures?  Be able to meet people and fall in love?  Have careers?  Was it a mistake having kids? 

    When I'm not worrying, I'm angry and hostile.  Angry at God, the unvaccinated, masks, politicians, medical community, progressives, Trumpers,  I'm angry at pretty much everyone and everything these days.  KInda hoping we get through the pandemic next year and there's something left of me besides a bitter shell, but...  In general, I try to be more pragmatic than optimistic, so...

    Been seeing a therapist for the past year plus.  Been an interesting experience, but I don't think I've gotten anything out of it.  Current therapist seems nice enough and is probably decent at his job, but I mostly think his observations are trite.

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  7. 15 hours ago, Cobra Commander said:

    When it comes to Johnny K9/Bruiser Bedlam, it depends on who you believe.

    The Canadian Police say he's a murderer and a dangerous person.

    His wife, on the other hand, is pretty sure he didn't kill anybody.

    I'll take the word of the detective who investigated the case.  The widow (ex-wife?) does't come across as someone protecting K-9's image or whatever, but I really didn't take her at her word.  I felt like she was either deluding herself about who her husband was, or just saw the best in him and remembers that.

    K-9 definitely came across as someone who probably could be manipulated by smarter people, but that doesn't absolve him.  "Oh, sorry, I meant to blow up a strip bar instead" is a rather poor rationalizations.  And it seems likely he had some role (probably as trigger man) in the double murder.  He lad a long-history of run-in's with the police, worked as a mob enforcer, sold steroids & cocaine, etc. Probably the best thing I can say about the real Ion Croitoru is that the people he associated with were probably more dangerous than he was.

    The story about watering the pot was amusing, but also seems like the sort of thing that makes you lots of enemies. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Craig H said:

    Come on Ubisoft. This shit is ridiculous. I also understand there is supposed to be some kind of high res texture pack for the PS5 version, but I can't even see where that's available and I didn't get any sort of day 1 patch.

    One of the IT guys at work thinks the texture pack is already downloaded.  Apparently some platforms have to download the texture pack separately, others don't.  He thinks the texture pack installed when the game installed.

    His recommendation is to check the size of the game file and the version number of the file.  If the file is 60-70 GB, you already have the texture pack installed.  Also, according to him, the letters "HD" should appear in the the top left corner of the screen next to the version number of the file.

    Hope that helps.  I can't check it myself.  Buying FC6 for Xbox One, not PS5.

  9. 5 hours ago, RIPPA said:

    I always figured that the podcast bubble would burst when Manscaped stopped advertising


    2 hours ago, NoFistsJustFlips said:

    A lotttttaaaa people in here fronting like they didn't use the promo code 83weeks at blue chew (dot) com.

    Quit lying yall 😂

    I’ve got my MeUndies on right now.  Does that count?

  10. 56 minutes ago, Freudian_Slap said:

    Weird that you can tell the people who are gonna give someone like Ospreay an easy time

    As opposed to....?   If you know more about his story than I do, don't keep it to yourself.

    I don't think I'm giving him an easy time so much as not rushing to judgment. 

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  11. 14 minutes ago, Tabe said:

    On the other hand, I got what looks like a grizzled marine veteran in response to "Jessica Alba as Harley Quinn".  Probably what I deserve for being a perv.

    Exact same image in response to "CoachTabe", one of my nicknames.

    Now I don't feel so bad for surfing away from the site when it told me my estimated wait time was 13 min.

  12. 3 minutes ago, Lawful Metal said:

    So, really just bullshit. 

    Possibly.  According to Meltzer and a few other people, there was already bad blood between Ospreay and Pollyanna because Ospreay and Bea Priestly believe that Pollyanna bullied Priestly when she broke into the business,  If that's true, and if Will believes the other accusation is false, I don't blame him for being a "dick" to her.

    The blackball allegation is iffy.  Supposedly, Ospreay went to a number of promoters and asked them not to book Pollyanna.  Everyone denied it except IWL who later recanted and told a different story.  

    Ospreay did say some dumb stuff on social media.  He also deleted said dumb stuff and apologized.  No idea whether he meant it or not just like l have no idea whether he tried to blackball Pollyanna or not.  I tend to think it's a case of someone making an accusation, there being a rush to judgment, and said accusation sticking like glue.  I could be wrong.  No way to know for certain.  In any case, it doesn't detract from me watching Ospreay occasionally.

  13. 1 hour ago, Craig H said:

    Then with the ones with Bruce or Eric, he just stopped giving any push back because both guys are such bullshitters that you're never going to get anywhere with them. 

    A couple years ago, I stumbled on Bischoff's podcast and listened to an episode or two before I lost interest (in wrestling podcasts, not Bischoff specifically).  As expected, Eric showed he could talk and it was an entertaining hour or two, but my lasting impression of the eps was that Bisch was telling telling some Hogan-esque whoppers and rewriting history to make himself look good, and there was no one around to call him on it.  There was another guy on the air with Bischoff, but the dude seemed like a mark who was just there to laugh at Eric's jokes and agree with anything Eric said, no matter how absurd.

    They identified the guy at the beginning of the broadcast, but the name Conrad Thompson meant noting to me.  I assumed he was some friend/crony/hanger-on of Bischoff's.  It wasn't until a year or so later that I discovered that Thompson is somewhat well-known in podcasting circles and was probably there to be the "professional" host.  

    Reading this thread, I'm wondering if I was right about him the first time. 

  14. 4 hours ago, J.T. said:

    @Matt DGood to hear your kid is in recovery.

    While I encourage people to get vaccinated, I do not really support mandates.  I think people should be able to determine the destiny of their bodies and well being whether it be not getting the jab just because you don't want to or having free access to abortion clinics.  If you're going to take the My Body, My Choice stance, you can't be hypocritical about it.

    Lying about being vaccinated is really stupid, but a reasonable company would offer alternatives like enforced masking and weekly testing or proof of natural immuno-response due to prior infection.  Then you just pick your poison because it is impossible to have it all ways at this stage of the outbreak when curves are beginning to flatten.

    We're going to have to agree to disagree.  When has "My Body, My Choice" ever been absolute?  Most of us have gotten vaccinated at some point in our lives because it's required for school, certain jobs, etc.  Likewise, we can drink or do whatever drugs we want, but then the government steps in and tells us what we can and can't do while alcohol and drugs are in our body.  You can't drive while drunk because that makes you a potential hazard to other people.    Likewise, firms have always had the ability to mandate flu vaccines, drug tests, dress codes, standards of behavior, and a whole host of other things.

    You're right that companies shouldn't require proof of vaccination.  They shouldn't have to.  People should be lining up to get this done without having to be forced, threatened, bribed, or anything else.  But, most of us are shit people in one way or another, so expecting us to even know what the right thing is much less do it is like asking for a pony for Christmas.

    Giancarlo Esposito summed up my feelings pretty well.  He gave an interview this week and advised actors who don't want to get vaccinated to not show up for work and find a desert island to live on.  Works for me.  Most of us want to get through this and stop wearing masks and the like, so, if you don't want to help, stay home and don't be a hindrance. 

    I don't even really understand anti-vaxxers.  Mask mandates, social distancing, and shutdowns aren't my idea of freedom.  It seems logical to assume you'd have much more freedom if you just got jabbed.

    Sorry, but I think virtually everyone owes it to others to get vaccinated.  No excuses.  I view it as more of a public health issue than a referendum on personal freedom.

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  15. So was this year's draft the last chance for the NXT veterans?  I feel like if Grimes, O'Reilly, KUSHIDA, etc. had any chance of getting a call-up, it was going to be this week.  Instead, only a couple wrestlers got promoted and the rest of them probably have months of jobs for rookie to look forward to, followed by being released or their contract expiring.  

    On the one hand, that makes sense given how the situation has changed.  On the other hand, I'm finding I care even less about the NXT veterans since they're probably only around to give the new class some work.  So far, 2.0 is making for boring tv for me.  Most of the new faces aren't catching my interest.

    Really thought Gonzalez would get drafted.  Wonder what that means?  I don't have much of an opinion about her, but her size makes her an obvious prospect and SDL could probably use her.  If she's not ready now, when will she be?  I don't think jobbing to Mandy Rose is going to get her closer to a call-up.

    I'm hoping the new format is just going through growing pains and will be a better tv product before too long, but I'm skeptical given WWE's track record at fixing its issues.  They've thrown too many people on tv with next to no introduction.  A couple weeks of promos for most people to introduce us to the characters wouldn't have been a bad idea.

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  16. S

    25 minutes ago, ReiseReise said:

    Additional information: According to Last, he made it clear to Arezzi that he wasn't going to keep Arezzi if he was going to work with Thompson. He also gave him time to decide if he wanted to commit to the podcast and when he didn't commit after a set deadline, kicked him off. 

    So it's really just one guy throwing a hissy fit or is there more to it than that?  This sounds ridiculous to me.

    I say that as someone who has never heard of John Arezzi or Brian Last before today, and knows virtually nothing about Conrad Thompson beyond he co-hosted a podcast with Eric Bischoff and might (?) be connected to Ric Flair... somehow?  Related by marriage or something?

    I'm just curious about what I'm missing.  Is there some reason Arezzi couldn't work with Thompson?


    37 minutes ago, NikoBaltimore said:

    If it's Ospreay I'm turning the show off and will need to reconsider some things.  I think they would know better than to bring him in though.

    'Cause they booked one guy once that you disapprove of?  Wow!

  18. Came in to work this morning to find out one of my employees is suspended->almost certainly fired.  The vaccine card he gave HR to prove vaccination status is apparently fake.  Main reason this surprises me is that I distinctly remember him going to a vaccine event with several co-workers last spring.  Apparently, he went but somehow ended up not getting the shot and just told people he did?

    Anyway, if you'd asked me yesterday, I would have said that the guy was completely honest and dependable.  Guess I was wrong.

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  19. I like the Street Profits, but it's becoming increasingly obvious that Montez has a lot more of an upside than Dawkins. Not giving him a singles run somewhere down the line is probably leaving money on the table.  Hopefully Vince realized that sooner instead of later.  Big E should have gotten a singles push several years ago.

  20. Honestly, does WWE still need to do the brand split?  i don't think they do.  They don't get much mileage out of it and it seems to lead to in-fighting among the networks over who gets the biggest draws.

    If they are going to do a split, I sort of wish they differentiate the shows a little by having one show host the tag team division and having the other show  be home to the women's division.  They don't really have enough depth in either division to split them up.  Each show tends to end up with two or three top tag teams/women wrestlers and that group either feuds among themselves multiple times, or drops falls to midcarders they shouldn't be feuding with, much less losing too.

    A women's tag division with the Horsewoman on top, plus Asuka, would be very entertaining.  It'd also give them enough depth in the women's undercard to put together a real tag team division.  As it is, neither division is that great.  Smackdown is going to be particularly rough if Shotzi can't carry the babyface side of things on her own.  Personally, I don't think Sasha or Charlotte makes for a good babyface.

    Same thing with the tag division.  We've seen Usos-New Day many, many times before, and SD doesn't have much else to work with.  It'd be a much better division if Usos, Street Profits, New Day, Alpha Academy, etc. were on the same show.

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