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  1. 9 hours ago, TheVileOne said:

    Would that be $1 million downside? Or like $1 million with bonuses and such? 

    They can't forcast bonuses and merchandise revenue like that. Every offer they make is a downside offer. This is your salary. You can get more than your salary maybe, but you can't get less. But there's no way to make an offer that includes numbers you have no idea of knowing at this moment in time.

    That being said, what does a million dollar downside even mean anymore? Gallows & Andersoon stayed put because of huge $800k downsides. They got cut 6 months into a 5 year deal. They never actually made that $800k. Which is why in Adam Cole's position the million dollar number would be worthless to me. Because six months down the line maybe Vince decides he doesn't like your accent or doesn't like the way you make a facial reaction to pain and you become a "budget cut". Looking at wrestling as a business, you'd be a fool accept WWE at their word right now. So in his shoes I'd still walk.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Stefanie the Human said:

    Nothing, if it's an actual good joke. If the bar for "good vagina joke" is being set at "it smells", I feel like we've set it pretty low. Not from an "oh, this is offensive!" standpoint, but "oh. I've heard this thousands of times before. It has ceased to be funny" standpoint.

    I dunno. Just felt like a lazy attempt at cheap heat. Which really sums up the Acclaimed's act in general, at least to me. Lazy attempts to grab at low-hanging fruit. It makes me roll my eyes because it's nothing special. Literally anyone can go out there and make those jokes. I don't see the interest in someone who copypastes jokes from Twitter trolls.

    I don't disagree with anything you've said. They were in a tag title program with The Young Bucks where they made bad small dick & incest jokes. Smelly vagina jokes are very in line with what they've been doing the whole time. Low hanging fruit, yes. Lazy, yes. Unoriginal, yes kind of. I'd argue at least rhyming the jokes is pretty original in the context of the characters currently in AEW. They are characters based on millennial hip hop culture. I promise you that genre has artists saying a lot worse than a veiled Duke lacrosse jokes.

    That being said, rape jokes are not okay on a wrestling show. Without knowing much about that scandal I didn't realize that's what was referenced. So of everything he said that's the only thing that crosses the line. Even still I get them not censoring it. I'm sure someone pulled him aside and said hey man do your deal just leave the references to that on the scrap heap from now on. It's a teaching moment. Not a let's come for this guy moment.

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  3. We really gotta irradiate this term "X-Pac heat". Waltman is the man. He had like one shitty six month run in X-Factor that sucked. 20 years later that shouldn't be what his legacy is. Just say "Go Away heat" instead. He deserves better.

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  4. 25 minutes ago, Eivion said:

    I assume he would lose in his hometown because its what is normally done, and Ali isn't looked at high enough to break that norm. Its more likely they just don't use a person in Ali's position than it is they give him the hometown victory. Ali was on this show for one reason, to push his and Mansoor's story further. If they weren't doing that then its more likely they don't appear, at least not on Raw.

    I don't think I'm making any big leap in logic based on what we have seen in the past from WWE. I think you just dislike it which is fine. There are better ways. You should already know by this point though that they aren't likely to happen which makes me wonder why you are providing me with counterpoints. Is it because I didn't hate it outright like yourself and others?

    So his storyline is ONLY losing at this point? That's where my disconnect is. You're making this giant jump in logic that his story can only progress with a loss and that's just not true. You can certainly progress this exact same story without booking that loss. That's my hangup. That's my confusion. You're saying there are two options. A loss or catering. That's not true, there's a third option. A win. Then next week run the exact same thing they did tonight, only not from Chicago. Whether you personally agree or disagree if that's a good idea is moot. You're posting as if it's not possible. And it is.



    4 minutes ago, HumanChessgame said:

    You guys are assuming the powers that be actually know what wrestlers' hometowns are. Especially considering that's something so regularly kayfabed.

    Fair point. But they *should* know. They have that little internal sheet that lists the location of the week, what the last event held there was, what it drew, what the main event was, who is baby, who is heel, who is injured, who is inactive. Just add a column for dude who are billed from this city. Would take whoever compiles those internals an extra 10 seconds. So while you are right, that's not a good excuse for them in my opinion.

  5. You're not giving a straight answer.

    Why are you of the belief that he's only likely to be used if he had to lose in Chicago? Why is it more likely he sits in catering than gets a win here? You said it not me. Just trying to follow your logic. The way WWE creative works is not this story has ten steps and has to be done in that specific order. WWE creative is well we have an idea of where we want this to lead but we just throw shit at the wall to get there. And that's only until Vince tears up the script and they re-write whatever he wants. So why would it be so difficult to pencil in guys to win in their hometown? Why are you saying not using them at all is the WWE preference vs a hometown win?

    You're making a big leap to get to your generalization and I don't follow the steps you're taking to assume that.

  6. 6 minutes ago, Eivion said:

    Its more likely that he doesn't appear at all then if they aren't pushing his story with Mansoor.

    Again counterpoint here but... what?

    Are you saying the way WWE works is at this juncture of the story that it's 100% written in stone that Ali & Mansoor HAVE TO lose? Like, they can't just get one more win this week? You can't do two weeks of them surprised they gel before you make them eat a loss and have that friction and doubt? Do you see how weird that sounds? WWE write the stories. It's not like they're handed a script by some Hollywood studio and have to follow that script to the letter. How hard is it to just write the story for the guy to look strong in front of his hometown? Still do the story you want to do. Just craft it to not make home town people look like geeks every single time every single one of them is in their hometown.

    100% of the time hometown performers look like shit in their hometown. I'm just at a loss for how that is supposed to inspire performer loyalty from an audience for their guy.

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  7. 23 minutes ago, J.T. said:

    *listens to the last verse dissing Julia Hart's feminine hygiene*

    Really, dude?

    What's wrong with a good vagina joke? lol

    When I first read the synopsis of what he said I was right there with ya. But listening to it myself it's not as harsh as people are making it out to be. He didn't make fun of mental health. He dissed one athlete, without crossing any lines. Then he joked about those rapid covid tests that were giving a punch of false positives, not denying covid. Then a vagina joke. Like none of this shit even crosses the PG-13 line. Let alone AEW wants to be the edgy R rated company. You guys have become too used to PG wrestling me thinks.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Eivion said:

    I was ok with Ali losing. He didn't take the pinfall, and Ali saving Mansoor after losing their match is kind of an important step for their partnership/friendship.

    Counterpoint, do that story beat next week. Let Ali smash the jobbers and look like world beater in Chicago. Then they can go back to their tired singles dudes reluctantly form a team story for the 30,000th time next week.

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  9. Not so much constructive criticism as confusion here... but I just do not get making everyone a big time loser in their hometown. If it were my choice to make I'd make dudes damn near invincible in their hometown. It's a great story telling device. You can have a dominant heel champ go against a middle of the card guy in his home town, and if it's been built up that he never loses there it's plausible he can beat the dominant champ. There's just way more money in making a crowd go helll yeah that's our guys vs making the crowd go ugh wish our guy looked better. It isn't 1975. There's just no sympathy in making the hometown guy look like a chump.

    I think Montreal broke Vince's brain in a way. He just never wants to be put in that situation where the hometown hero doesn't want to do a job at home. But it's become a big detriment to the enjoyment of the audiences.

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  10. 2 hours ago, Craig H said:

    I too think it would be smart to bring in Punk or Danielson now instead of waiting to debut them on a big show. If Punk comes out on Wednesday and says nothing then fans will go nuts and come back in droves for the following week. Then the next week, the Dynamite before the United Center Rampage, Punk cuts a short promo saying that if you want to know more then tune in on Friday.

    Someone else said it, but AEW has been very good about getting fans excited about "what next" and giving them a reason to keep tuning in. So keep doing these promoted appearances by Punk, Danielson, and whoever else to keep bringing fans back week after week.

    Respectfully disagree. Punk debuting in front of 3,000 in Jacksonville is decisively  not  the right time or place for his debut. Debuting in front of a  hot  sold out crowd in his home town in the big building the Bulls play in, is. I get the advertise side of the debate. That's where my head was at last week and thought it was baffling they were trying to sell tickets on a wink wink nudge nudge. Then they sold out in 4 minutes. They know what they're doing, we're just not patient enough for it / used to it. The big thing missing from wrestling is the "anything can happen" vibe. They promote the hell out of everything. Surprises are welcome. Yes maybe they'd get a .2 higher rating if they advertised. But that's not worth sacrificing that insane pop for when he shows up unannounced. Like kinda wink wink announced but not really.

    I bet the August 20th Rampage episode hits 1.5 million. Even without it being explicitly announced ahead of time.

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  11. 2 hours ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:

    Well, actually only one dude raps. They don’t need to match up that much, the only thing they need to be in common with Punk is their brashness with saying controversial things. Do we really need to just match them with another black person?

    Why are your bringing skin color into this? I didn't suggest an alternative that also happened to be black or anything, so...

    My laughing at that was based on Punk & Acclaimed could not be further apart. You got Castor doing dis tracks. You got Bowens with the big speaker and chain. Those are what their characters are based on. They talk, dress, and represent millennial hip hop culture. Punk is a old school punk music die hard who is close friends with dudes like the singer from Rancid. He's also in his 40s and straight edge. Nothing about that pairing makes any sense what so ever. And no skin color was never factored into that.

    But sure let's just mash shit up that makes no sense. Bob Backlund is bound to be the new leader of The Dark Order then right?

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  12. 55 minutes ago, Burgundy LaRue said:

    The supernatural part is what doomed The Fiend, IMO. Look at the 2019 HIAC match with Seth Rollins. Rollins hit Fiend with everything: 11 curb stomps, stairs, toolboxes, ladders, sledgehammers, cartoon mallets. Nothing worked. How is a wrestler like that supposed to be booked to eventually lose? It was more heavy-handed than Taker when he was first introduced.

    1,000% agree. The character is cool as hell. The way he was made to wrestle (regardless who made the decision) was a mistake. There's no where to go with a literal monster that can't feel pain. Should have toned down the no selling nature and dialed it back to purple Undertaker levels. Grey Undertaker worked mostly like a zombie. But once he "died" and came back as purple Undertaker (as a face) he sold a lot more. That was the perfect nexus for a monster character being able to have a match that makes sense still. When he was swamp Bray he had some solid to great matches. Mostly with Bryan on his side, against Bryan, and in six man tags. So he was definitely capable in ring. It just got muddied up.

    Also a pet peeve of mine that made me hate the character's matches... the god damn colored lighting. It's just so unpleasant to watch. Especially the hyper HD red they used for him. That HIAC with Rollins had the red lighting, a red cell, and the super monster no selling combo. Add in a stupid finish and that match should really be brought up more for how much of a shit show it was.


    9 minutes ago, kafkonia said:

    Wade Bryant

    I really like this actually. It's the same deep Br sound as Bray and Wa is the same deep sound as Wy. The order is just reversed. Still ends in a hard T sound too. This is the best one that's been pitched in here so far as capturing the same deep ring announcer annunciations on the mic for his name.

    Mick Foley is a genius, even when his he's misspeaking lol.

  13. 2 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

    There's a question left unasked and that is what name he will use in another federation.

    Bray Wyatt was BW initials. Can't use Bray anymore but something similar sounding would help with recognition. My vote...

    Beau Windham. Also BW initials. Beau / Bray very similar. Wyatt / Windham same amount of syllables. Just my two cents...

  14. 19 minutes ago, Eivion said:

    Did you expect them to use pics from his twitter and instagram? The Fiend?

    Are you insinuating WWE have no photos of Bray out of character since he started being The Fiend? You know like the Firefly Funhouse picture of not in gimmick Bray they used allllll the time to promote the funhouse segments? Or the matches regular Bray worked? To answer your question, no I don't expect them to use a Twitter picture. I expect them to use one of the 100s of professional promo pictures they make him take backstage. One current to what he looks like, not one from 3 years ago at his most out of shape.

    ETA: Sorry if that sounds like I'm salty with you lol. I'm not. Came out harsher than I intended because I'm so baffled.


    14 minutes ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:

    Actually nobody should expect a released wrestler to made to look good, or remind their fans of his most marketable personality.

    That is a jaded view and a shitty way to look at it. You are probably right in that being how WWE views it. I just don't like it. I expect more class out of them than that. I shouldn't. But I do.

  15. Anyone else rolling their eyes at the photo they used? Bray from years ago when he looked much worse physically. Just a petty shot on the way from my perspective.

    Man you gotta feel for the guy. Hope this is part of what he actually wanted for his own mental health well being, and not something forced upon him.

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  16. 28 minutes ago, Krone Meltzer said:

    Not trying to be that guy cause I understand the root of what you're saying - but there's a god damn big difference between Yokozuna and Hangman Page. One can talk on the mic and cut a good promo and has also been involved in some of the best matches/hottest angles in AEW so far. Granted, when Yoko was around and running crazy I was like 3-5, but I can't think of anything in my head outside of Hogan/Mania of note involved with a world champion Yokozuna.

    Fair enough. I wasn't directly comparing Hangman to Yokozuna. You would be right in that being a terrible comparison. I was just trying to demonstrate "home grown" doesn't always mean they are THE guy. In actuality Hangman is way closer to an Austin. But it's about timing. I still believe in crowning Hangman. Just not while all the headlines are about other guys. Let that wear off and not be so shocking / new. Give Hangman the win when that's all people are gonna wanna talk about.

  17. 10 minutes ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:

    It’s not a silly thing. When Hogan came in WCW was on its 4th personality change, and for a bit they were pretty stable with Hogan, but the big change is when got a refresh in gimmicks. AEW has had stable growth with the model they’ve used. Even before Punk & Danielson signings were even hinted at the company was already building momentum again. I’m not saying these guys aren’t needed, but don’t forget the guys who helped bring you to this point in the first place. To just throw them out in an instant for the new hotness(or oldness) would be a mistake. You use these men to help grow your own talent.

    No one is throwing anyone out for the new hotness. My personal preference still has Hangman being crowned by beating Omega, just at Revolution. And I say that because if you put the belt on Hangman at All Out and Punk wrestles, all the headlines are about Punk. Then D-Bry debuts at Grand Slam, so all the headlines are about him and NOT Hangman. What I'm advocating for is to actually let the dust settle and the newness to wear off before crowning their guys as THE guy. Just because in my opinion that helps Hangman more than being midcard world champion third from the top behind two new megastars when they get all the headlines the first three months.


    15 minutes ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:

    What program are you watching? The whole weirdo with all the belts is one of the more over acts in the company, and it’s the only act that has had week to week growth in the ratings. He actually doesn’t need that many belts, he just needs a couple, and needs to wave them around before nailing somebody in the face with it. He’s a goof heel with a fu-Manchu and the fans eat it up.

    What program are you watching? It's been at least 3 weeks now without any title on screen but the AEW Title on Dynamite. He's losing one in two weeks. Which is why I believe AEW has made the conscious choice to down play that part of his character. Because they don't want it to change the narrative of their story when he loses other people's titles. In Garland he used the phrase belt collector in that promo. But outside of that he has had none of the other belts and there's been no reference to it. He's still the delusional demi-god of wrestling or whatever. But the multiple belts thing has petered out. (He also only had the Impact titles on his last few Impact appearances.)

  18. 1 hour ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:

    ..This is not 1990s WCW...

    Again food for thought here... but the only time in the last 40 years WWE wasn't number one... was late 1990s WCW. So dissing that as some sort of terrible thing to be is silly to me. They *should* try and replicate the ideas that WCW used that worked. They should also learn from history about what not to do. But let's be blunt, putting the title on Punk isn't going to sink the company. Not putting the title on Punk isn't going to sink the company. They're much more stable than that at this point.

    The home grown talking point is a little over stated. Yes a thriving promotion needs to create their own stars... as PART of the winning formula. But Vince put his world title on someone else's star over his own guys in January of 1984. That one worked out pretty well. He also did put the title on his homegrown guy Yokozuna and that didn't do much for business. So it's not a 100% forgone conclusion either way. It has to be a balancing act.

    The belt collector thing has already kind of petered out. He's stopped carrying out the other titles on AEW. There's a high likelihood he's losing the AAA one to Andrade August 14th. Wouldn't be surprised if Impact is ready to get their title back at the next ppv as well. I know it would be dope if he was 2021 Ultimo Dragon with 9 titles but I don't think it's getting any further than it already is.

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  19. 2 minutes ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:

    Kenny’s reign has been a TV draw for quite a bit now, and really started clicking after the 3-way. Stopping it now would be a mistake.

    We're all just sharing opinions and such. Omega has been great. I love what he's doing. AEW is doing 1.1 million viewers a week. That's great in today's TV landscape.

    Food for thought, Raw was doing 4.5 million last time Punk was an active worker. That's neither an indictment against Omega nor an endorsement for Punk. Just a note to keep things in perspective when considering there is a lot of room to draw beyond 1.1 million if AEW keeps up the momentum.

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  20. 44 minutes ago, John E. Dynamite said:

    Glad to know this is the quality of posting I can expect over the next few months. Are people getting upset at their own fantasy booking?

    You don't need Punk or Danielson challenging for any belts for awhile. They are going to draw just by virtue of being there. They can wait until the first night of honeymoon is over before mixing it up with the title scenes and the long-term storylines around them.

    It's equally possible to do either with Punk. But I'm just saying Punk coming in and winning the title in front of a rabid Chicago audience is a hell of a moment. Imagine what that crowd looks like. Imagine what the pictures and videos look like when people who have stopped watching WWE see that moment on social media and decide to check out AEW. You certainly don't HAVE to do it. But it's a cool as fuck visual and definitely a way they COULD go with it.

    I'm not gonna be upset by either choice. I'm just happy AEW is growing and thriving. I am of the opinion that striking while the iron is hot as fuck is the better move here, instead of waiting for a moment down the line when the shock and heat of the moment has tapered off. And I have no possible explanation for why Hangman's match would get changed for any other reason. But if there is another reason and it's unrelated to Punk there's no anger coming from me.

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  21. All viable ideas. But again I see this as Hogan vs Sting in a lot of ways. Hogan lost the title to Luger 4 months before the Sting match. Didn't hurt that buy rate at all. So Punk vs Darby on Rampage. Punk wins (in some disputed fashion). Punk beats Omega at All Out. Goes back to feuding with Darby. Omega wins rematch down the line due to Darby. Hangman gets to defeat Omega at Revolution. Perfect two year story arch when Hangman beats the guy he needs to beat, two years to the day the story really started. You get the major momentum of Punk being champion / capitalizing off of his popularity. But you still payoff what you've been working for. Win-win-win.

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