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  1. 2 hours ago, Matt D said:

    The answer for the Goldberg issue is that he keeps the belt for all of 99 and loses to Booker T who they could have spent the year building either at Havoc or in December.

    This one's pretty solid. I was trying to make another top face with DDP, but he was already a top face. The Diamond Cutter was more over than the title at this point anyways. Goldberg at like 250-0 vs Booker T built up organically with big wins spread out through the year is much more efficient at making a new top star.

    • 1. DDP Cutters Goldberg and beats him clean as a sheet to beat the streak.
    • 2. DDP offers rematch at next PPV. DDP Cutters Goldberg and beats clean as a sheet in the rematch.
    • 3. DDP vs Hogan at Starrcade 1998. DDP Cutters Hogan and beats him clean as a sheet. nWo post match attack Goldberg out to save DDP. They clear the ring together. Goldberg turns and beats the absolute ever loving fuck out of DDP. Hardcore blade job / injury angle / strip the title because DDP may never wrestle again. Goldberg is a murder death heel with no emotions (but DOES NOT join the nWo).
    • 4. Goldberg wins a tournament to get the title back and goes back to wrecking people for a year while DDP slowly relearns how to walk.
    • 5. DDP vs Goldberg for the title at Starrcade 1999 and you make alllll the moneies.

      It's pretty easy to come up with a story post streak. Just gotta have a plan and stick to it.
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  2. I'm pumped about the 2021 NFL Off Season Thread. When does it open? It should be open soon for fans of the Giants, Jets, and Vikings.

    Yikes Saquon's injury, really all the injuries yesterday... just heart breaking. I don't think The Giants are totally done yet. For whatever reason the passing game has looked pretty solid the last two weeks. Now that there's no sense wasting practice time on run plays we can really open it up lol. Also can The Giants pleaseeee trade away Golden Gator Arms Tate? He only had three or four targets yesterday and ever catch he went down in a heap like he got dusted by Thanos. His first catch there wasn't a player within 6 yards of him and he still went down without trying to get a single extra yard.

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  3. 19 hours ago, RIPPA said:

    Yeah - for what its worth - as Mavs said - whoever ESPN was using as their rules official was claiming that it would have been ruled a TD.

    But as Hammer noted - it is hard to challenge a play that goes in your favor.

    I mean I understand the logic in that you think "Hey my offense is still gonna score anyway". The problem with that logic is you need to have an OL that can protect for more than 1 second. But welcome to the world of no preseason games.

    Whoever the ESPN rules analyst was made a mistake or got confused or something then lol. By default every play that is called incomplete the whistle blows. Or else games would be 10 hours long because every incomplete pass we'd have to wait until someone chased down the ball and ran it in for a TD, just in case it got overturned to a fumble. If it's incomplete the play is dead and the whistle blows. And when the whistle blows you can't advance a fumble. A clear recovery can change who has possession on a challenge, but no forward advancement.

  4. 2 hours ago, MavsFan77 said:

    Joe Judge lost me after the second drive of the game. We got lucky, and recovered the fumbled punt at the 3. Danny Dimes fumbles the ball on second down, and one of our linemen falls on it for the touchdown. Any coach with a brain throws the challenge flag to get it called as a fumble, and a recovery for the TD.

    Nope. Stupid Judge and his readheaded OC stand their like idiots, and just let the refs get away with the incorrect call of an incomplete pass, and we settle for a field goal. I thought the top of my head was going to come off at that point.

    I'm a Giants fan too and I feel your pain. But the whistle had been blown for the incomplete pass already. A challenge would have been ruled a fumble that could not be advanced because the play was dead. So had The Giants challenged and won, they would have gained.... 1 yard. That's a waste of a challenge. The only way that play results in a touchdown is if they didn't blow the play dead and ruled it a TD on the field to begin with.

    The passing game looked surprisingly solid. The running game was worse that I could have ever imagined. Defense was about what I was expecting. It's gonna be a rough year. But I did really enjoy seeing them spread it 5 wide a bunch and run the hurry offense a lot. Predicting 6 wins this year. At least it's an improvement.

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  5. So I figured out the Retribution angle. It's the nWo backwards. All the over booked water down fuck finishes at first. Then maybe they will worry about getting someone over and weeding people out. And then it ends two years from now when..... The Young Bucks join WWE and Cena is the third man?

    Nah just kidding. Just the over booked watered down fuck finishes with no thought or narrative. Bonus points for legitimately making it unwatchable with 60 camera cuts per second.

  6. 3 hours ago, Niners Fan in CT said:

    I dislike when referees take ten seconds to count to 3.  Earl Hebner was the worst with his slow ass counts.  Some of the referees in NJPW are way too slow as well.  Just give me a nice smooth 1-2-3..  no hesitations..well paced follow through. 

    This is actually a specifically requested production technique in big WWE matches that the ref did the delayed three count. At least in older generations. The thought process was that the tension and anticipation grows the longer the count takes (if it's the big last count for a title change) and would lead to a bigger pop. It kinda defies kayfabe, but what doesn't in WWE lol.

  7. 4 minutes ago, nofuture said:

    Looks like the work around for the wrestlers on Twitch and Cameo is that they have to remove anything WWE related including their WWE name.  Most everyone have been changing their Twitch screen names to their real names.

    Not sure if you saw, but WWE is claiming they own contracted talent's real names now too. The reason they are saying that is to force this loophole closed. Hence why there's a big swell of Fuck Vince posts today. They gave contracted talents 30 days to comply or be fined / suspended / fired.

  8. Because when I hire a plumber I definitely own the rights to his real name 🙄

    WWE is the most miserable environment in the professional wrestling industry. I hope this is the one that gets them to unionize. But it wont. Because they never do. Next Vince is gonna own 10% of all contracted talent's children's lifetime earnings.

  9. Raise your hand if you knew they were doing the ring collapsing spot because there were no trons on the post or apron. *Raises hand*

    At least there's some character progression for the first time in forever. Reigns & Big E have some momentum. Keith Lee got a good rub. Liked the finish to the Women's Tag Title Match. WTF was Nia's cringey celebrating shit tho? Totally unnecessary thrown together ppv, but it was inoffensive and mostly fine-ish.

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  10. 13 hours ago, J.T. said:

    You do if you are fucking sloppy.  In the US you usually don't work around a legit injury but if Chuck had suffered a real knee injury in the middle of the match, I'd expect guys as ring savvy as FTR to go after the leg as not to expose the business and still work light enough as not to further injure Chuck.

    I think Chuck's knee may have been a little tweaked as FTR elected to finish with a leglock on the ground that keeps Chuck from having to move around too much on a bad wheel.  If you are FTR, you definitely don't use your normal finisher on a guy with a bum knee as you don't want Chuck absorbing the bump from that fucking elevated codebreaker.

    I love love love that these guys are so legit that people bought into this. I almost don't even want to ruin the magic lol. But no, under no circumstances do you work over a legit injured body part (if said injury happens during that match). If a guy tweaks his knee and it's a partial tear (3-6 weeks out) then his opponent works on it, even gingerly, he could take the partial tear and completely tear it making the recovery time jump to 6-9 months. It's not worth the risk and majorly frowned upon. Now if a guy has a legit injury going into a match where they know the diagnosis and he's off to get surgery after the match (say like when Taker worked through a torn bicep to drop the title once), then sure it's possible they could use that for the story of the match.

    Also there were like 4 or 5 times during The Buck's portion of the tag where Chuck forgot to sell the knee lol. Total work, and the finish being a leg lock 1) protects Best Friends who still have a blowoff with Santana & Ortiz to work and 2) gets FTR over as old school guys that will work over a body part and win without a finish if it makes sense in the context of the match.

    Quick hits:

    -Loved The Bucks / Hangman story advancement. Lots of ways for it to play out.

    -Loved Brodie Lee's promo. The lawn mower shit was a big miss for me since I haven't seen this week's BTE. But Brodie is killing it in this role.

    -Sucks the show was running long and the tables match got the shaft. Rushed match almost entirely run during a commercial. And both dudes got hard way fucked up. There's just something about Sammy & Hardy's chemistry, total bad luck every time out. Good match for what they had time to work with tho.

    -Sucks they missed the Cassidy sprinting dive that destroyed the announcer set. Haven't even seen it on social media yet so they may not have even had a camera on it period. Wonder if that was a Jericho / Cassidy detail they didn't fill production in on because JR also seemed super salty about it lol.

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  11. 7 minutes ago, D.Z said:


    My personal production style preference is gritty and imperfect. I think I am going to absolutely hate this gaudy neon abomination. Hopefully the different squares on the LED boards with the fans on them can be less homogenized and pump in a little pulse to the stale production. But this video (and that ridiculous liability waiver) makes me think it's going to be the exact opposite. Eventually they will have the technology for LED ropes and an LED canvas too. At that point they will develop LED clothing and force all fans to wear it.

    "God damn pal we need every inch of the screen covered in lights. Blinking neon colors. We can make full bodysuits for our SUPERSTARS *TM* and cover their faces and insure no one ever blows up. We'll own it all pal. No one leaving for movies. No one leaving for UFC. Just NEON BODYSUITS with REPLACEABLE day laborers. God damn, at least until we perfect that WWE UNIVERSE CYBORG TECHNOLOGY!!!!"

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  12. I know I'm late to the party, but did anyone notice this week's Smackdown episode was rated TV 14? The rating bug wasn't present until they came back from break with Big E & Morrison in the back. Not sure if it's for the increased man vs woman interaction, or the violent themes of Retribution. But it's the first TV 14 show since what? 2008? 2009? Wonder if they are tinkering and testing short term or if there's a possibility Smackdown stays a little more adult in theme? Kinda bizarre to just throw it out there like that.

  13. I didn't watch. So I don't have an opinion on this week's episode.

    But I do have an opinion on Raw being good vs being bad / DVRing & FF. So like a few people have said, Raw is impossible to watch without a DVR. Being able to fast forward through the stuff you don't dig goes a long way for helping you enjoy the things you do enjoy more. Ultimately the problem is something that can't be controlled. It's the 3 hour format. The reason why there's so much complaining about the bad content, is because there's so much more of it. Raw as a two hour show had bad content sometimes, but it usually had at least equal good content. Now since they switched to the 3 hour format in 2012 it's been riddled with extra filler to pad out the shows. All of the filler is obvious. And it makes the bad content out weight the good content every single week.

    That's my theory at least. Raw & WWE in general are viewed as mostly bad shows these days because the ratio of good vs bad content has changed. USA will never let them go back to 2 hours. But I really do feel like that would significantly improve the show and tighten things up.

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  14. Definitely not my cup of tea. But I can give them credit on this, when was the last time a Raw thread went 5 pages? It has people talking. Which means people tuned in to check it out. They accomplished not having the lowest rated show of all time for this week. It'll probably have a better than average number too.

    But man... a few people have brought up this point already but you REALLY can't do "real fighting" on a show about "fake fighting" without breaking the 4th wall. With 10 minutes of actual thought why couldn't they have given this a structure and rules that don't break the normal matches in a kayfabe sense? Punches are illegal in pro wrestling. Say that underground fights have legal punches. No ropes because there are no rope breaks. No five counts. There are no pinfalls. Give the viewer a sense why these matches are structured different and end quicker without saying, or the very least alluding to the only rationale being real vs fake. There's different rules so there's different strategy and that's why the fights look different than matches.

    But no. They just throw Shane out to be the face of it with zero explanation. In theory this concept *could* work. The Bloodsport shows are proof of concept. But they just Vince everything up, and give you vertigo with all the ridiculous camera cuts. Slick perfection is boring man. Gritty & real is what draws. Whoever posted that old Raw intro video... it's like a whole different genre. That had a pulse. This generic straight to DVD Fight Club rip off is not how you get the pulse back.

    And also didn't they hype up a new faction debuting? Full on bait and switch. No new faction showed up. Tozawa's ninjas showed up twice. And they were throwing fire at the power grid for some reason... what... ohh... those weren't the ninjas? Are you sure? How am I supposed to know that? They wore the same fucking outfits. Short sighted ass ideas as usual lol.

  15. I haven't seen this belt issue talked about much here. A couple years back I was listening to a Conrad podcast of some sort and they talked about how Savage had velcro on his WWF Title. It blew my mind. As a kid I always noticed how tight of a fit he got, but I never saw the actual velcro deal until I heard that podcast and watched Wrestlemania 4. The strap of the belt is significantly smaller than a normal title.

    So fast forward to Rollins winning the Universal Title. He asked for velcro. For whatever reason Vince went all Vince with it and now EVERY WWE & NXT BELT are velco. They all look so cheap and fake with the snaps replaced by velcro. I hate it. And I also hate how no one ever seems to talk about it. Am I going crazy? Has no one really noticed? Or have people noticed and just don't find it as off-putting as I do?

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  16. Heels & Faces are an archaic trope.

    That's not all encompassing. But pro wrestling could be well served to dip it's toe in the real world more often. Was Punk really a heel at MITB 2011 in Chicago? Nope. To that audience he was the face. I don't see an issue with guys being real live three dimensional human beings instead of one dimensional characters. As far as audience participation and investment, to me at least, that's how you hook and engage people. Is it really that hard to keep a consistent character motivation while their moods ebb & flow from week to week / opponent to opponent?

  17. I've said this a couple times, but current day WWE is a turn off for me. The presentation has no life. As others have said, over produced super sterile. Perfection is boring. It's the same overly scripted format, with the commentators shouting the same overly repeated specialized Vince language. I grew up on 80s & 90s WWF & WCW. If you showed me the current product back then it would have bored me to tears.

    The pulse is in the moments of reality that show through. 80s & 90s promos, while yes being directed to tell the story the promoter booked, were largely dudes who created their own characters riffing on the story in their own words. Hulk Hogan didn't say 'sufferin succotash'. Macho Man didn't say 'WWE Universe' 100 times. Ric Flair didn't talk about 'championship opportunities'. Yes wrestling is worked, but it was still real people saying real things that came to their brain. Same with ring work. You'd have agents that just passed on what type of finish to go with, and make sure finishes weren't repeated back then. Now a days you legit have agents scripting what camera to be facing for each big spot, & calling spots through IFBs to the refs who make the wrestlers do those spots whether they want to or not.

    Now don't get me wrong WWE is making record breaking profits, I get that. But the quality of the shows are the worst of all time. It's cookie cutter guys doing cookie cutter scripted promos, rinse & repeat. Until they drastically overhaul the process they use and the format they force, this is just what WWE is. It's a show at a theme park. The script never changes. Just the employee saying the lines & doing the stunts that day. 6 shows a day. Same thing every time. No life. No art. No pulse.

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  18. 5 minutes ago, Andy in Kansas said:

    Should have brought back Bash at the Beach to counter-program. 

    Cody owns the Bash At The Beach trademark and Dynamite already ran a Bash At The Beach episode.

    I think Capital Combat The Return Of Robocop is available tho. Let's burn through every WCW name during the quarantine era lol.

  19. I'm a die hard Giant's fan (as you can probably tell by my avatar lol) and... I have no idea what you're on dude. Dak is good. Real good. Is he going to get paid? Absolutely. The Giants haven't been relevant in a minute so maybe it's just residual heat for a division rival. But Dak should get paid, will get paid, and I have no idea what you're even arguing about.

    Jerry Jones is a dumpster fire of an owner & GM, but I'd take him any day of the week over Gettleman. How you pay your number one player big money then trade him away immediately is beyond me. Gettleman legit said he didn't think he could draft as well this year because he couldn't physically be close enough to smell the players due to the virus. Uh whuuut? The Giants have their own shit to worry about instead of accepting Dak is getting paid and probably going to kick our ass 7 out of 8 games ever 4 years.

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  20. 5 minutes ago, Elsalvajeloco said:

    I wouldn't be so sure about that given that we don't know how the company has been affected by the pandemic. Things are little be too crazy to using an AFAIK. I don't think anybody here knows.

    Fair point. I did read on one of the news sites somewhere that Impact was still paying all talent through the pandemic. But it's never come from anyone official so it could be BS.


    5 minutes ago, Elsalvajeloco said:

    Well, don't put the title on her. It was their bright idea in the first place. Again, I don't see the utility in doing content with a person who isn't going to be there. And judging by what's been going on as late, probably wasn't going to be much longer anywhere.

    Another fair point. I agree, they should not have given her the title. But I've had plenty of jobs where the boss asked me for things I didn't see the utility in doing it, but I still had to do it lol. Yes, ultimately kind of pointless to promote a match she knew she wasn't going to do. But again takes only 30 seconds to film a mailed in BS promo. She could have worded it however she wanted and not specifically promoted the match. Just cut a generic deal putting herself over just to comply and help them fill air time like they asked. I don't think that's asking too much. Especially for a company that had her back during a scandal (which again I don't agree with them doing).

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  21. 5 hours ago, Elsalvajeloco said:

    Does she really need to do that in person over Zoom or Skype? You can just release a kayfabe statement from her.

    I get the thought process here. But she's under contract. She's still (as far as we know) getting paid a downside guarantee while not working tapings. If your boss asks you to send a video since it's not feasible to be in person, is that really such an over reach? Like it's your job, they're paying you, and you can't film a 30 second cell phone promo? It literally couldn't be easier to shoot your own content these days.

    Plus it sounds like they already had Josh Mathews film the wrap arounds throwing it to her promo, so they had to redo all the wrap arounds. That has got to be super annoying that your stuck up racist champ can't take 30 seconds out of her day and talk into her phone. And you have to re-tape a bunch of stuff because of it.

    They both look bad here. Impact should have called an audible when her racism allegations came out. But they stuck their head in the sand like they always do on behavior issues. It's 2020, Impact is at best the number 5ish national wrestling brand... and they're still pulling TNAs everywhere.

  22. I'm not getting the uneasyness of the crowd brawl or the pull apart spots. AEW tests everyone for Covid before they go in. Everyone in the building is confirmed to be negative. If none of them have the virus, lumberjack matches, pull aparts, crowd brawls... it's all relatively safe and unassuming. I'd get it if they were just doing temp checks like WWE had been. But everyone gets legit tested. So where is the danger?

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  23. 4 hours ago, Hagan said:

    If I'm an independent company I'm putting a wall between performers and fans. No more merch tables.

    That's never going to happen. The merch tables are where workers make the majority of their pay. There's been nights where I made 600% of what my pay was at the merch table, and I'm a nobody. The bigger name guys, the people that make indy wrestling an actual living, need that merch money to survive. If a promoter takes away merch tables, guys will take other bookings over you. It's no longer economically viable to work somewhere that gets rid of merch tables.

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