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  1. Top video is what I’m posting. Not sure why it’s connected. Kenny vaguely talking about Brawl Out while playing video games. Seems coolish with Punk and says he’s not really an EVP because he has no power. Maybe I should watch his streams. I find Omega to be an odd and interesting guy.
  2. I’m close to Robinsdale. Their water is a mix of protein powder and Gatorade. I went to Minnetonka. GO SKIPPERS! Kris Humphries went here. Yeah, that Kris Humphries. GO SKIPPERS!
  3. I didn’t see the full match but off of clips it looked wild
  4. Was Ready to Rumble based off of WCW 2000? If so, WCW 2000 > all promotions
  5. McGuiness hinted that he was ready last year but his potential opponent wasn’t. I think Danielson came back early from injury to do All Out against Starks when Punk was out.
  6. Wembley will have Danielson vs McGuiness and we will all cry from happiness.
  7. So what you’re saying is you like Triple H?
  8. There is nothing about Lakes in here..
  9. This world of Billionaires and Millionaires bickering and throwing shots at each other’s investments is so fucking stupid. Rule the world and fly to space, just give me sweet wrestling and affordable groceries, you fucking separate satanic heads of the same SeaBeast.
  10. I challenge you to BattleBots. You have one week to construct a robot to battle my mighty Khananator.
  11. Idk, it was the same in AEW. The first year or however long Punk was Mr AEW. Posting pictures with younger talent, hyping everyone up, saying he’s in a different mindset than he was before because of the changes to the industry compared to the last company he was with. Everything is the same. I hope it says on a good note but I wouldn’t be surprised one way or another if tensions rise and we get a similar fall out.
  12. I’ll ramble on this later, but I’m still uncomfortable with a lot of WWE based off the allegations. I’m worried they got rid of Sandusky but are keeping a room full of Paterno’s. Time will tell though, hopefully…
  13. Meh. Everything was dumb. Somehow I came out of this liking FTR more. Punk was physically more instigate-y but Jungle Boy was just finished being a sanitary napkin on the opener. Plus, we don’t have audio. This alone isn’t worth the firing and everything but with this allegedly being a continuous occurrence it’s best that everyone went separate ways. I understand the on paper reasoning to why they showed this. ~Control their narrative ~ that it is being hyped up when it wasn’t really a huge deal and maybe Punk was more aggressive than he implied in the interview. I don’t think that actually worked well for AEW though and this will be a moment in history of the many calamities of the whole unnecessary drama. I do think this shows TK as a bit out of touch. He’d hate the Waffle House. In a weird way, if Jungle Jack plays this up well enough, it could really add depth to what I generally find to be a boring character. I don’t think it’ll be achieved, but eh. This being now the heart of the FTR - Young Bucks feud is interesting. I think it’s dumb but arguably better build than their previous matches. Tony has said in the past (usually around Punk-Hangman which didn’t turn out well) that he thinks tension and real life distain for each other can lead to great television and matches. Bret and Shawn was the example on that. I think if this is his version of that, it’s fascinating to see his ideology play out. I’m just likely not going to be interested and openly thinking it will not play out well. You’ve invited your fans to chant the star of another company at your wrestlers. But this is the guy that thought calling Big Swole a bad wrestler on Twitter after she was no longer with the company was a good idea. So IDK. Give Schiavone a big raise. If he leaves in disgust then we should burn the whole company down. I can’t wait for the future TK-Conrad podcast episode on this.
  14. After my sabbatical I’m ready to watch AEW again.
  15. I’m done with AEW for a bit. Hit me up with uploads of a good Danielson match and I’ll watch match by match basis. Not keeping up to date on stuff for the time being.
  16. If I’m gonna have sponsored matches, I want it to be with my own stuff.
  17. Food is so cool. 10/10 would recommend.
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