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  1. F1rst Wrestling does a pretty good job making an event a fun experience. Especially their Wrestlepalooza or other bigger shows. They’ll usually break the wrestling matches up with two different burlesque dancers and then either a band or rapper for the intermission. It really fits the scene here. Very fun.

  2. On 6/12/2024 at 8:17 AM, Log said:

    We used to go there a lot. Loved the double decker pizza. I was actually just telling my mom that we should go there next time we visit. 

    On 6/12/2024 at 9:51 AM, Curt McGirt said:

    Still the best pizza I've ever had. The bar-style square thin crust is good but a reheated Double Decker is unreal

    Holy shit. Double decker? I might manufacture this.

    There was a place in St Paul that had The Miracle On Slice. It was a deli sandwich with pizza as the bread. Their Philly Cheesesteak was so good that I usually went with that though.

  3. On 6/11/2024 at 11:04 AM, Log said:

    When I lived in Southern Illinois, there wasn't a ton of choice when it came to eating out. So, we'd end up at the Applebee's in Carbondale a lot. Some weekend's, it was our de facto bar, too. At the time, my wife and I were working at a TV station in the area. She was the weekend anchor, so a very minor local celebrity. We'd be at Applebee's with the main anchor (more recognizable) and, often, be pretty drunk. We always figured there were a lot of people telling friends the next day, "I was at Applebee's last night, and that girl/guy from the news was HAMMERED!"

    So, one night, my wife has had quite a few cheap margaritas and is having trouble controlling the volume of her voice. She decides to re-tell a dirty joke she'd heard that week. The joke is: Guy goes to the doctor and says, "Doctor, doctor! My penis has turned orange!" and the doctor says, "Stop eating Cheetohs before you jerk off." Something to that effect. The restaurant is fairly full, and there are a lot of people sitting close to us. She starts to tell the joke in her normal voice, but I suppose was planning on whispering the "penis" part. Instead, it comes out as "Doctor, doctor! My *says loudly* PENIS is *whispers* orange." Had one of those "record scratches and the whole room looks at you" moments.

    Lol wiener 

  4. On 6/11/2024 at 10:06 AM, Technico Support said:

    There's an Applebee's by me that I haven't been to since I got takeout from there during the pandemic because I had a gift card.  But I recall it was surprisingly decent.  Of course, I don't think APPLEBEE'S: SURPRISINGLY DECENT is a great tagline.

    Nothing against Applebee's or any restaurant from that casual dining tier, like Ruby Tuesday's, TGIFriday's, Hard Rock, etc.  I just eat out so infrequently that it never makes the list.  Actually, I did eat at a Hard Rock a few weeks ago on a work trip because it was the only thing open that late on a Sunday that wasn't so expensive it'd fuck my per diem.  It was also.........surprisingly decent.

    On 6/14/2024 at 7:36 PM, twiztor said:

    man, i don't know if everybody else's Applebees is better than the one in my town or what is happening here. Their food is the dictionary description of "eh, it's OK i guess". A solid 4 out of 10. There's nothing bad about it, but there's also nothing good. Very basic and plain. And smothered in butter to the point that it isn't very appealing. Luckily, the restaurant is on the exact opposite side of town, so not a place i need to go to often. The mozzarella sticks are a high point, tho.

    And it's not like i've got some high class tastes. Buffalo Wild Wings is my go-to, and i eat there regularly. probably too often. I am not taking questions.

    i am glad you enjoy it, Octopus. And everybody else too, i guess.

    Applebee’s is an existential treat of the beauty of the mundane. If a culinarily casually fried Andy Warhol and a dollar bottomless Norman Rockwell had a baby that grew up to be in your local highschool sports teams as an important bench player, but still beloved. It is not simply an American restaurant, but the American experience is ingrained in the fibers of not just the concept, but the foot and physical structure of the building. Is the idea of Applebee’s a lie we tell ourselves so we can keep living? Maybe. But it’s one that still brings a tear to my eye. Thank you, Applebee’s. Bless you and your $5 Blue Bahama Mama.

  5. lil Octopus has SuctionCup Tentacle & Beak Disease. Poor guy had a very tough night where his mouth hurt and was struggle to sleep. So the two of us stayed up laying on the couch (then I was smart enough to bring his mattress to the living room) and we watch Zootopia and Finding Nemo on repeat all night. 
    Last year he had bad Stridor and needed to be in the ER overnight. Father’s Day is cursed.
    My beautiful wife, Gazelle, is making pork chops though. So I’m tired but about to eat good.

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  6. 4 hours ago, Log said:

    Sounds like something an Applebee’s viral marketer would say. 

    **looks suspiciously at Octo**

    Trust me. I wouldn’t lie. And if push comes to shove and I was under oath, I’d  truthfully plead the fifth.

  7. Love me some Favorites vs GOATs lists. The one I did last night was more GOATy. I shall ramble a Favorites List I heat up a Jack’s Pizza.

    1. Mick Foley’s personalities - especially the other personalities. There was something magic about them. The three faces each hit something in me that makes me so happy. 

    2. Ultramantis Black - I still go back and watch Neo Solar Temple promos. What a funny yet universe fitting character. 

    3. old man Kenta Kobashi - chop chop chop

    4. Super Dragon - aura. I’d watch fan made YouTube MV’s of him repeatedly. 

    5. Samoa Joe - cool, dominant, mean. 

    6. Andre the Giant - He was just perfect to me. Such a figure, it’s hard not to love him.

    7. Eddie Kingston - Before even really watching his matches I’d deep dive his CHIKARA (and other indy promos). I really fell in love with his character rising up AEW. I showed people at a bonfire his AEW debut promo. Lol, I rarely talk wrestling with non-fans but he got me to!

    8. Eddie Kingston’s best friend, Penta - the epitome of fantastical. I just want to watch him be him. On paper, I’d likely not like what he does, but he does it so perfectly that he transcends everything you’ve ever known or believed in. It’s like the end of a Hallmark movie when you realize the lumberjack who loves hot coco and volunteers at the Christmas orphanage is a better boyfriend material than the cold lawyer for the Guillotine factory.

    9. Bryan Danielson - the GOAT. I truly think he’s the greatest. I also find him teasing Ryback to be relatable and funny. 

    This ten spot is tough.

    As a kid, alongside Mankind, my favorites were Ken Shamrock and The Rock. As a teen getting more into Indy wrestling I’d say Low Ki or Mike Quackenbush. As a man I want to include Terry Funk. Each one has made me very happy over the years. But I’m gonna round this off with…

    10. William Regal, the podcaster - lol, I loved that. He was such a tough person to answer straight questions, but just let him ramble endlessly and you’ll have a great time.


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  8. 2 hours ago, Robert S said:

    Serious question: is Claudio doing any better now than he did in WWE? To me it seems that he is about on the same level of push and overness as he was in WWE.

    Wrong thread. The questions go elsewhere, but that’s fine.

    I was literally talking about appearing more comfortable as a character. I always thought he was awkward in WWE and he has a groove to him in AEW. Not about card placement.

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  9. 7 hours ago, Log said:

    Is our buddy Octo really just a long-game viral marketing stunt by Applebees!!?!? 

    Like, someone at the company was like, “What if we ingrained posters are various niche-interest internet message boards, had them charm the posters there and then BAM! We hit them with the ads and they think it’s just their pal chatting about his dinner!”


    2 hours ago, Technico Support said:

    It could be some real 4d chess, though!  If he were too slick and didn't make these mistakes, we'd think it was marketing for sure!

    I can confidently state that I do not have the class or talent to be a part of the Applebees employment team. But I can say that with each visit, when I am there, I feel like family. 

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  10. 3 hours ago, Technico Support said:

    Evidence against that: he keeps using Olive Garden's slogan for Applebee's.  🤣

    I’m pretty sure Olive Garden’s slogan is:

    ”Olive Garden - come for the bread sticks, stay due to the debilitating diarrhea.”

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  11. If my main man @Matt D can be brave enough to derp it out I’ll ramble it. (Btw, WOAH Tenryu raised for you!!! If I recall, Fujiwara too!)!!!!!

    Going off the dome. I was doing GWE and making notes but switched over to my personal GME. So I need to derp out a more solid wrestler list. But here goes: (not checking notes. Going by heart 4 beers in , started adding olives to the beers) 

    1. Bryan Danielson

    2. Terry Funk

    3. Negro Casas

    4. Kenta Kobashi

    5. Mitsuhara Misawa

    6. El Satanico

    7. Nick Bockwinkel 

    8. Andre the Giant

    9. Akira Hokuto (will likely be higher for me but I need to see more)

    10. El Hijo Del Santo


    hmmmmmm. I’ll post this

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