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  1. just watched Shingo-Naito. in the top 3/4 of the G1 so far. great chemistry and all the early work was entertaining and told the story of their familiarity with each other, even if it wasn't focused or "logical". At first I thought a Shingo who isn't a dominant sadist bully might have his nuts cut off but he's also a super battling underdog too.
  2. Ishii definitely giving a win back to Taichi on the last day, sadly
  3. super crowd in Osaka for today's show. they popped when Tanahashi cinched in the Cloverleaf. very appreciative. great show. maybe the best one of the tour?
  4. I'd stick the title on Moxley if he plans on sticking around.
  5. Lucifer currently expanding the circles of hell for "people who enjoy Iiconics comedy bits"
  6. Shingo is probably the new Kojima. Outsider (sort of), lariat, orange skin.
  7. Okada v KENTA was very good. Hot take on Okada - I think he's getting better.
  8. Juice v Ishii was top class. Marked out like I did at a Grunt'nGroan Bros show at Pontins (age 7) for the Tiger Suplex. Bit behind otherwise.
  9. Cobb looks like 30lbs over. He could shed that, get through the matches, and still be horse-strong.
  10. I really liked Okada-Ospreay and maybe it was the best of the tournament so far, and I'm probably enjoying this tournament in a holistic sense in a way I never have before, but I haven't thought anything was as instantly AMAZING PERFECT BEST MATCH EVER as quite a few from previous years I could name.
  11. sometimes think if you're not going to win then it would be more productive to having a losing streak in the G1, providing you bring the fire in the matches. Ishii only got 2 pins in G1 23 (beat Goto by forfeit, I think he might have lost that), Honma in 24/25 got 1 win total, then the last go-arounds for Tenzan and Nagata (and presumably Kojima) were great stuff.
  12. I think what surprised me most about Ishii-Moxley was after all the smoke and mirrors, the match in-ring was super too. Take for instance someone like Jericho - he comes in, great character work, big fight feel, brawl around, pose, get the heat, do some shit, big WOAH spot, but if you pick apart the work after halfway it is kind of south side of fine. I have no need to see Jericho's last three NJPW matches again. Mox worked really well with Ishii. This might sound like a no-brainer but Moxley doesn't pattern his matches like NJPW regulars do and his style makes him look a bit more like a fighter/brawler (which is what he was going for in WWE and failing) who isn't there to work your pretty wrestling match boy. And yet it all just fell into place. And I got the feeling he loved it, I don't think him putting Ishii over in the promo was a false note of flattery.
  13. good main event between Okada and Ospreay that I feel some will rate higher than yesterday's main, breezy show and I can't majorly fault anything, that's my key word for this year, "breezy", everything feels so easy, last year got a bit laboured and intense around day 6. maybe it was the big gap between day 1 and 2.
  14. I'm not doing star ratings per match or posting up the DAVEs (no sub) but I am finding this year extraordinarily breezy and yet good quality. The basic assessment after 6 nights is both blocks really good, the good on paper matches deliver, and the less enticing ones hit home more often too. It feels different to the last few years because of Moxley, Shingo, KENTA, Ospreay and even having Archer back in his new guise feels like a positive reboot. Plus Jay is just such a better character 1 year on.
  15. so that was definitely Moxley's best match in years and one of Ishii's greatest moments, right?
  16. Looooved Tana-Zack. Hardly any bumps but pure pro wrestling.
  17. had he fully recovered Aprongate?
  18. I think Mox was justified in getting the table out. He's a babyface asskicker. You try and jump him then he's gonna fuck you. I think he'll get to the final and put someone over, but there'll be a WK big match booked along the way. Jay White is killing it for me btw.
  19. to be fair to Mox he hasn't been in any marquee matches. If he doesn't deliver against Ishii this weekend then I might start to call problem. What I like is that he brings a big superstar energy and wrestling style that feels unco-operative and anti-smooth, in a way more 90s New Japan than 10s. the Umino stuff is A+ too.
  20. watched Jay-Ishii, up with Tana-Kenta for MOTG1 so far
  21. ok threadsters, I have to throw myself into my work for the next week or so - going to miss today and the Korakuens. if I could have a general list of the matches that I need to see for storyline or entertainment I would be grateful.
  22. I loved it. They brought out Shibata on comms just before which gave it a nice little piquancy, Tana did his subtle heel thing though the crowd wanted him to win. It was a great G1 main event while suggesting they could do more.
  23. enjoyed today! I was in and out of watching it closely but even the big lads did a solid job. around **** for all the last 4 matches, give or take. really enjoyed EVIL firing up near the end of his match. first time the guy looked like a CHAMPEEN to me.
  24. don't try and 'get' Yano artificially, just let it happen. saying nothing about the show on now but tracked back to see TANAHASHI + LIONS vs KENTA + US LIONS and that was extremely my stuff.
  25. show 2 in the books, really enjoyed it. - Shingo v Juice might be forgotten at the end of the tournament, nay, I guarantee it will be, but it was really great. The slightly more serious Juice is something I'm buying and the little spots they did to remind you Shingo is a jr were top. - Mox v Taichi was a good brawl. Mox is over as hell and Taichi wasn't just chopped liver in there. The little ECW/CZW mannerisms that Mox does work here, I don't get it, but it does. Hope this isn't going to be the standard layout though. - Yano v Naito was a good Yano match, you could see they were both loving it too. - Cobb v Ishii was a quality big boy bash, maybe not as intense as their pull apart would have you think but epic enough. - Goto v White was a deserving main event. White's reversal sequences are hitting the poetic levels, and it's important that he keeps winning those sections. When someone gets the wood on him it'll pop Honshu. Enjoyable stuff and Goto looks set for his classic great half a G1 before sliding into knackered doughnut oblivion.
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