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  1. AJPW The Onita match breaks the PWF rules of AJPW. Not sure if they will do more of those deathmatchs after. The building seat 2000 fans. https://twitter.com/alljapan_pw/status/1619866937571540992 The size AJPW is looking for trainees is 175 cm to up. They don't want anyone under that. To me that's good. Will be press conference for AJPW vs NOAH/Kongo guys later.
  2. Bushiroad will lift the ban on vocal cheering for NJPW and sister group Stardom, starting with the NJPW show on the 30th. The capacity and time restrictions will be removed.
  3. Still Money in the Bank. Could book Cody to lose at one of the nights of WM and win the MITB in July, to take one belt off Roman or Sami.
  4. Cody posted a picture of the Winged Eagle again. I guess he will try to get the WWE title from Roman and hopefully bring back the Winged Eagle.
  5. Seems Kaito's new Tiger Driver is 変型タイガー・ドライバー Heteromorphic or Transformed Tiger Driver. Anyway current NOAH is a promotion with old NJPW and AJPW elements. Some of those element's are neither to be found in current NJPW or AJP. Kaito the Ace is basically Muto and Misawa mixed up in his own way. He represents the current NOAH. Go's style is more of the last decade's NOAH style.
  6. DDT doesn't really have an active Ace for now. Because Takeshita is in AEW and dual contracted for now. So it's Yuji Hino's time on the top for now. I know they want to do more of big man pro wrestling these days, height and/or weight. Endo bulked up recently at 220.462 pounds. And they have that giant Yukio Naya feller. Higuchi is the Symbol of strength for DDT, and he is tall and weights 242.508 pounds. Jun still helps train people for DDT. Someone could argue DDT has the other parts of that Royal Road that brother brand NOAH doesn't have, the training and size and weight mattering. Giant Baba was a size and weight guy. Nothing against NOAH but lot of their not so old guys are small height wise (below 6 foot).
  7. Cody Rhodes drank some Mountain Dew Pitch Black. His father preferred Mello Yello.
  8. Ice Ribbon Aiki who is a member of the underground idol group CERISIER, made her in-ring debut. She wrestled with her injured hand in her debut. She sorta looks like Natsupoi and she did the Natsupoi hand thing backstage.
  9. Few AEW Dark taping spoilers. Please don't click below if you don't like spoilers.
  10. Should be noted Bray is sloted in as SD's No 1 Babyface. He wore Undertaker inspired gear at RR. Some fans online think Uncle Howdy is Bray's brother Bo Dallas. The glove thing.
  11. DDT Yuji Hino won the KO-D Openweight Championship from the Strongest Higuchi. They did 220 chops in the match.
  12. Mountain Dew Pitch Black match Photos https://www.wwe.com/shows/royalrumble/2023/gallery/bray-wyatt-vs-la-knight-mountain-dew-pitch-black-match-photos
  13. Bray about Taker Undertaker been giving Bray advice for awhile.
  14. Zelina Vega's Street Fighter 6 sponsored gear. Juri.
  15. Nix Jax has a new shirt, so she's staying. Chelsea Green was mentioned by several newz sites that she signed with WWE some time ago.
  16. Good replacement for the Great Muta
  17. Elimination Chamber PLE could still have another title shot. So split Roman's belts up.
  18. Press Conference Weird embeds work again
  19. Men's Rumble: Bobbo got Brock out! Nice to Booker T in a WWE ring again. Cody WON ahhahahahah. Based. The Moutain Dew Bray match: Interesting visuals. Bray sure has lot of gimmicks. I've recently read the Fiend is forever dead. The Belair wins again match: spoopy Bliss is coming back. Women's Rumble: KANA! Ugh Nia Jax. Disappointed Liv lost. Roman winning was obvious. The beatdown of Sami was something special.
  20. Lazarus Planet stuff The Jon Superman is electric Supes. So capes won't work. Powergirl's post TNGA history and origin is that she from her old destroyed universe and survived her Krypton's destruction. Everything else is vague for now. Her new power is being Psychic. Have to separate her fron the other Powergirl who came from NU 52 Earth.
  21. On the kickoff show, they confirmed more of the men's entrants, so 27 men are known. 18 women are now known.
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