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  1. 1 hour ago, Zakk_Sabbath said:

    I'm a fan of hers overall, but I can fully vibe with that criticism. Going a step further: was there not some newz recently that they hired a woman from WWE creative specifically for her (like a Rock/Gerwitz situation)? I mention this only to say that you (and others) may be getting that vibe because it's, you know, fully accurate...

    Nothing like hiring a wrestler who only knows WWE’s style of presentation, then hiring a writer — just for her — who only knows WWE’s style.  Shit, why not go for the trifecta and hire Kevin Dunn to direct her segments?

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  2. So I got a PS5 recently and just started playing FirePro.  It’s pretty great (I used to play 6 Man Scramble with a buddy back in 96 on his modded Saturn).  I’m working through the story mode right now as a heavyweight.  Can anyone tell me if it’s any different playing as a junior?  Thanks!

  3. 13 hours ago, tbarrie said:

    Probably, yeah. Except... Hangman is still active and, as far as we know, still obsessed with ensuring Swerve never becomes world champion. Narratively, he pretty much has to show up and do something at Dynasty if not before.

    Of course, no reason he can't try to screw Swerve at Dynasty and fail.

    Hangman will push Swerve down a flight of stairs before the main event at Dynasty.

  4. 18 minutes ago, JLowe said:

    My main complaint was Mercedes. She added nothing on commentary, and every single woman in the ring, and Julia afterward, made her their focus of attention. I’m about to start calling her Mercedes Pooche. Anyway, assuming Willow wins Dynasty and loses to Mercedes either at a PPV or next big Dynamite after, and the belt gets Jaded.

    Yeah, all this.  I’m sincerely holding out hope that she’s incredible in the ring, because everything she’s done so far just feels inauthentic and dull.  When the person working a supernatural spooky witch gimmick feels more like a fully realized human being than you do, something is terribly wrong.

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  5. 47 minutes ago, Elsalvajeloco said:

    Yep, that's probably the most famous example of that happening.

    It's funny we went from that to popular artists flying overseas to perform at birthdays for the kids of Saudi royalty and not a hint of controversy. 

    The shift in public perception of celebs doing commercials is like this, too.  Back in the day, celebs would sneak off to Japan to make that sweet, secret advertising money.  Today we have Oscar winners shilling everything in broad daylight.

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  6. Wrestling is far different from acting, of course, because of kayfabe.  Carrol O’Connor didn’t stay in character in real life, going around trying to convince the marks that Archie Bunker was a real person.  I don’t think any wrestler should get the protection of “I was  just playing a character” when called out for on-screen racism when they went out of their way to convince everyone that they weren’t playing a character in every other aspect.  You couldn’t just selectively kayfabe.

    When we see “our guest tonight is Joe Anoai, who plays Roman Reigns on TV,” then we can talk about wrestlers distancing themselves from their characters.

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  7. 8 minutes ago, AxB said:

    The thing is, Rick Rude was awesome. Rude could have a great match with a plank of wood. If Warrior's "he could have a good match if he wanted" evidence consists entirely of Rick Rude matches, that says nothing for Warrior Warrior.

    Yes!  The fact that he had three matches with Rude and only one was any good is the telling part.  I need to dig through the WWE network thread and find my notes.  Rude was so awesome and Warrior almost killed him at least twice.

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  8. Just now, Eivion said:

    Is it? I'm sure there is cult aspect for some, but in this case its more of that idea of how people who do the type of shit Vince did either do it outright and arrogantly expecting little to no consequences or present themselves as different people to others, only showing their full or real selves to few individuals of like mindedness. 

    I’m just saying Becky crediting Vince alone with all her good fortune in life is sad.

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  9. 39 minutes ago, JLowe said:

    Seeing some people on Bluesky advocating for AEW to sign Motor City Machine Guns. I’ve liked their work that I’ve seen over the years (hate their theme song though). But also I feel like the fact I’ve been seeing their work since the early 2000s is a big point against them, especially with the style they wrestle. Then again, they’re both in their very early 40s. Given the already very full roster, I’m not sure if I’d sign them.

    Exactly!  They’d be a great get 10-15 years ago.

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  10. 34 minutes ago, onelegbrynn said:

    My favorite match of the Warrior/Rude trilogy is SummerSlam ‘89. Rude just absolutely bumps his ass off and the crowd is just molten hot.

    I can’t remember which is which, but whatever the second match in the series was, was the best for me.  Warrior had his rare working boots on and never came close to fucking up and killing Rude, which is more than I can say for the other two.  Seeing the third match actually regress was depressing.

  11. 13 hours ago, BloodyChamp said:

    Warrior could work when he wanted to just like Hogan could. Mfer just never wanted to, just like Hogan didn’t. Yes I know there were like 8 more times Hogan wanted to work. That doesn’t make what I said a lie. If the list were stretched to 10 most important matches it would go on it IMO. 

    I’ll respectfully disagree with both points.  

    I fairly recently re-watched every WWF PPV up to maybe 92 and I have to tell you that Warrior was awful.  He had three marquee matches with Rude and two were terrible.  His match with Savage was a triumph of storytelling overcoming poor work and seriously, fuck kicking out of 5 flying elbows.  That’s not work, it’s spectacle.  His match with Hogan was a miracle rooted in lots of planning.  

    Hogan could and did work.  I dislike the narrative that Hogan was lazy in the U.S. It’s often peddled by people amazed that Hogan did maybe three more moves when working in Japan.  Yes, after 86 he transitioned into more of a routine worker but shit, Flair was a routine worker too.  Hogan got by on charisma and a routine but the idea that he couldn’t or didn’t also work when he was in the ring is just wrong.

    I feel like a lot of wrestling criticism has its roots in Meltzer’s writing in the 80s, where guys who worked a technical style were just automatically seen as better workers.  Which is pretty funny if you think about it; smart fans were getting worked and believing the “scientific wrestler” gimmick.  It was shocking, rewatching all this stuff, how so many wrestlers considered “bad” by conventional wisdom (typically big guys who worked a more power or brawling style, Hercules Hernandez for example) were really competent workers.

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  12. 4 hours ago, zendragon said:

    Bruno’s 1st title win

    Hogan over Sheik

    Hogan/T over Orndorff/Piper

    Hogan over Andre 

    Austin over HBK

    All this but swap Austin/Bret double turn match for Austin/Michaels.  Maybe honorable mention to the screwjob, too.

    Also, it’s wild that maybe 97% of the matches mentioned so far are Attitude era and earlier.  Almost nothing WWE did after killing all their competition matters at all, it’s just content.  Some real Ozymandias shit, nothing left to conquer.

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  13. 4 hours ago, tbarrie said:

    I probably shouldn't speak for everybody, but I doubt many people are complaining that FTR were ruined by the loss or anything. The complaint I've seen is that it just doesn't make sense for FTR to get a first-round match in the title tournament while the team that just beat them doesn't even get a "wild card" match. It's a reasonable complaint, in my opinion.



    3 hours ago, Go2Sleep said:

    I guess we could argue about whether this should've been addressed on TV or not, but I feel like this is answered well enough with Mox and Claudio declining the invite for health/family reasons. A quick pre-tape from BCC or even Danielson off-handedly mentioning it during his screen time would make for optimal continuity, I'll agree with that. Just seems like such a small thing to worry about because only people who watch every second of AEW TV would catch it anyway.

    Yeah, this is the thing.  There needed to be an explanation of why BCC wasn’t in the tournament after beating FTR and apparently becoming the top team in AEW on the last PPV.  Because sure, FTR wins the tournament, but then BCC shows up like, “well you never beat us, though, and we’re the best!”  but then there’s the gaping logic hole of, “well why weren’t you in the tournament then?”

    It’s like Hogan and Andre being inexplicably left out of the Mania 4 tournament and then showing up on Superstars the next week to challenge Savage.

  14. 3 hours ago, Zimbra said:

    This is the way to go.  I started losing my hair at 18, which obviously wasn't great, but I won the bald guy lottery by having a normal-shaped head and light colored hair so I've just been buzzing it to the scalp for 20+ years and didn't waste years with increasingly-awkward cover ups.

    One of two good pieces of life advice I got from Maxim magazine.  The other was that if you're not drinking coffee or booze drink water; don't fuck with soda or juice.

    This and this.  The exception being booze with zero calorie soda🤣

  15. 5 minutes ago, odessasteps said:

    Yeah, people can be forgiving when you say you idolize/cosplay as the “right” people.

    for most people… Bret sycophants are good and the ones for Shawn are bad. 

    I can't stand any idolize/cosplay gimmick if it's just pretty much 1:1.  I've already seen Bret, Shawn, Tully, Arn, etc. the first time.  In person, multiple times.  I need something more than "hey remember these guys!  You liked them, right?"  Hate the Bucks all you want but when they were doing Rockers cosplay while at the same time stealing the clique's gimmicks, they were trying to be annoying.  FTR is the Force Awakens of wrestling.

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