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  1. There’s really no need for Battle of the Belts/Clash of the Champions/SNME anymore.  Those shows are from a bygone era where most WWF/Crockett TV was all squashes and name guy vs name guy was a treat to see on free tv.  Now Dynamite gives you a Clash quality show every week.  It’s redundant.

    Unless you’re using your specials to do something different format-wise, like a Battlebowl, round robin, etc., there’s no use for it.  

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  2. 19 hours ago, JLowe said:

    Jade doesn’t really know how to sell or bump. The crowd was turning on her some towards the end.

    Shit yes.  She took a brutally bad bump on a lung blower and there was one spot where time stood still as Starkz waited forever for Jade to get in position for a kick.  I know she pretty much only works squashes but can she not get some practice time in sometime?  Julia Hart has lapped Jade already.

    1 hour ago, AxB said:

    Ever since Alex "Scoops" Marvez was moved out of doing commentary himself, he has been preparing commentary notes for the people who are at the desk. It's been fairly clear for a while that JR never really reads his, but last night made it super obvious. He spends all of Julia vs Anna talking about what a big deal it is that Julia is wrestling in the main event as a 21 year old, she's the youngest wrestling in AEW, she's only 21... and is then nonplussed when Billie Starkz shows up being an 18 year old. 

    Literally everyone who knows who Billie Starkz is, knows how old she is. It's an integral part of her identity. And JR is surprised to be told that.

    It's remarkably unprofessional.

    I noticed that, too!  I literally said “ Billie Starkz is wrestling on the next show!”

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  3. 1 minute ago, JLowe said:

    He's been at multiple shows, and on All Access when they showed a flashback to Grand Slam he was in that same fucking spot with the same type of signs. That might have been when I said that Tony needed to come out with security, hand they guy his money back, and walk him to the cheap seats.

    YES.  I thought that guy and his fatheads looked familiar.  So yeah, I hope he's making money off this because 1) hold up sign, 2) look at phone to see if people on your chosen social media platform are reacting, 3) show your phone to the guy next to you, 4) repeat from step 1 is no kind of life.

    I saw something online yesterday that said "social media is just video games for narcissists" and that's amazing.

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  4. 9 hours ago, JLowe said:

    So, on Friday’s short notice Battle of the Belts VI we get Jade Cargill vs. Billie Starkz in a unique situation where the high school senior will be calling and carrying the match because she has more than 5 times as many matches as the second-tier champion.


    Holy shit, that's amazing.  You know, any time anyone accuses AEW of not being old school, you just need to point out the absolute carnyness of Jade's whole reign.  "Green, below average worker with a million dollar body and a catchphrase being carried by better workers every step of the way" is as pro wrestling as pro wrestling gets.

    1 hour ago, For Great Justice said:

    What would the 2023 love letter to the SS 92 main event be?


    Wrestling has changed...I can't name anyone on the card with obvious, uh, "personal demons" to play the Davey role of showing up "fooked" and getting dragged through a great match.

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  5. I sincerely hope the guy in the front row incessantly watching for hard cam time in order to hold up Busted Open Radio signs and fatheads has some sort of financial stake in that show and also got free tickets.  Because paying front row money and missing half the show to clout chase and ball-lick some shitty, boomer-ass hot takez pod is incredibly sad.

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  6. 2 hours ago, LF2 said:

    I wouldn’t be looking to Punk as a good judge of character. Look how many stories came out about him last year. And the Brawl Out press conference wouldn’t have happened had Mr. Professionalism himself not started it. 

    Yes Vince is a scumbag, and should be shot off in a cannon towards the moon (or wherever you’d like to send him), but he’s still entitled to sell his company to whomever he likes. Just like Dan Snyder is with the Washington Commanders. And to be fully honest I’m not sure Snyder isn’t just as bad as Vince, but he gets less attention since his football team is one of the 10-12 worst at the moment.

    Punk was just a douchebag mad because a bigger douchebag had the power over him.

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  7. 3 hours ago, EVA said:

    WHAT?? A wrestler interacting with the crowd to keep them engaged during a promo? What does he think this is, the 90’s?


    He should continue reading the script to silence like a true sports entertainer.

    I think there's probably a middle ground between reading the script in silence and stopping the whole flow of the segment to insult the crowd every time you panic about the fans quieting down.  Maybe he can gradually take off the "insult the marks" training wheels over time?  Go from five lame asides per promo to four, and then gradually to one or none?

    I don't think MJF will ever get it, though, because I swear I made this same comment probably 6-8 months ago.  It's maddening because he has obvious charisma and can do some good, creative stuff.  But every time I'm like, "man, maybe I'm wrong and this guy is really good!" he bush-leagues his way through a promo and it's two steps back. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, just drew said:

    I think MJF was at least partially referencing Kanye interrupting T Swift, fwiw. It was only partially implied anti semitism. Fwiw, I really liked that segment. MJF’s promos are better when they aren’t driven by the desire for cheap heat…

    That was a cheap heat promo too, in a way.  He keeps doing this thing where every time the crowd isn’t reacting, he stops the promo and says something to or about the crowd to get them booing again.  It’s cheap and lame.  It’s like he freaks out and panics if he’s not getting “heat” at any given time and goes to the tried and true corny bullshit like a safety blanket.

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  9. Is there anything as weird as Googling someone you knew back in the day and finding out they died?  A few months ago I looked up one of my high school best friends, only to find his younger sister's obituary.  All it said was she died "suddenly."  So...accident or drugs?  That got to me, man.

    Last night I looked up an old friend from college who worked at the college radio station in the spot I ended up in when he left, and who helped teach me a lot of stuff.  At first it was "oh, he's not on LInkedIn."  Then "here's his Twitter, but he hasn't posted since 2020.  Oh no."  Then I see the obit and he died in hospice, just three years older than me, in August.  Fuuuuuuuck.

    Neither really tops the time I was heading downtown for work and I saw a guy wearing a shirt with the logo of the restaurant I'd worked at maybe 7-8 years prior.  The owner's son was a college friend who worked there and got me the job.  I said "do you know Mark?"  He said "who?"  I said "the owner's son."  His response: "I know the owners had a son who died of an OD a few years back."  That one still gets me and it's been over two decades since that day.

    Here's to all the ones we lost and didn't even know it.

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  10. 11 hours ago, Dolphman 3000 said:

    Well that explains why Scott Keith has been kissing Tony's ass extra hard recently - he even flew out to the Winnipeg taping last week

    Holy shit I legit had no idea Scott Keith was still around.

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  11. 28 minutes ago, Contentious C said:

    Is he one of those 5'6"/150-ish trainers, or is he legitimately a big dude?  Because there are a bunch of those short guy wannabe influencer types in my gym, and they probably all swear by it, too.  Like, sure guys, you *can* get away with saying nonsense like that works for you, because your cap is low.  I'm 6'2" and even though I've never topped 195 lbs. a day in my life, it still means my "1 gram per" number is instantly skewed upwards by just being a not-small person. 

    But I laugh it off anyway, because I know every single one of them would, if they could, trade every bit of strength they have to be as tall as me.  Genetics FTW!

    LOOOL nah, he's a cool guy.  Ran track earlier in life and at some point transitioned more into lifting and not looking like a runner 😄   Probably like 5'10"ish, maybe in the higher 100s.  He's got a lot of great, down to earth advice, but I guess we're all susceptible to some form of Bro Science.

    He's gotten me back into lifting heavy with the idea that more muscle = more energy burned at rest since my goal is actually to lose weight. I gotta say I'm really liking lifting heavy (4-8 reps per set) and I definitely feel it more in my core than I used to when lifting lighter with higher reps.

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  12. 10 hours ago, The Natural said:

    My neurologist said my body having Cerebral Palsy works four times harder doing the same task as somebody who doesn't. That shocked me. Have problem with my left knee and both hips. What do you do to rest/recover following a workout? I tend to ache the day after the most. Sometimes two days after. Thanks.

    Just think of it this way: that 100lb bench press is more like 400lbs, so you're technically the strongest dude here!!!  Sorry, I'm not converting those weights from Murican to British.  😛

    8 hours ago, Contentious C said:

    Honestly?  Just eat and sleep.  The only time your body truly recovers is when you're asleep anyway.  And it needs fuel, so if you can eat better - more protein, especially, and better sources of it - that's usually the best you can do. 


    The trainer I occasionally work with (just a half hour a month to keep on track; that shit is expensive) is amazing in every way except he swears by 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, but that has apparently been debunked.  I'm like bro there is no way I'm eating high 200s-300 grams of protein a day like John Cena in that old MTV documentary just buying hella chicken breasts.  I typically get somewhere around 200 grams.


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