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  1. One thing I thought was odd though:


    The dude that stayed up in the ship while Coop and Brand went down to the water planet...He was up there 23 years and said he studied all he could from the black hole and took a couple of long naps...Seems like when they returned he would have gone a little nuts. You're not sitting up there in solitary confinement that long without going a little nuts.




    I felt like that part of the movie was solely designed to shock the audience and no thought was put into how that would actually work and the effect that would really have on a person.  Because what you said about going a little nuts is exactly right.

  2. Watt is a mook who speaks in dumb footbaw cliches and I refuse to believe he wasn't actually created in a lab by Gregg Easterbrook types who wanted a great white hope to save the sport from "thugs" and "glory boys."

  3. I don't know who is more inconsolable:  Me after the Steelers loss to the Saints or Rippa after the Giant's loss to the Jaguars.


    Probably me since this loss will probably kill our postseason hopes and the rest of the schedule does not look friendly.


    Man, I had to watch my team (The Ravens, I know, I know) lose by one point, too.  And I knew it was coming.  At some point in the game, the announcers touted this stat: "San Diego is 7/7 on 3rd down conversions."  It was obvious to anyone that the vaunted (and overrated) Baltimore defense was shitting the bed all day, would have been blown out without two very lucky turnovers, and was going to lose the game for us.  Even up by 10 with 5 minutes left, I knew it was over.  I'd rather be blown out, turn this shit off at halftime and enjoy the rest of my day than stick with it for almost 4 hours and just be pissed all night.  The NFL, man.


    And now Cincinatti will probably win the division because of a tie.

  4. Hoffman was really amazing in The Master, an otherwise forgettable movie.


    I finally sat down and watched 70s classic Pumping Iron over the weekend.  It sucks knowing that it was a docudrama and that parts were staged, which makes it a little hard to take seriously and calls pretty much the whole plot into question.  Still, it was a very cool look into the bodybuilding subculture of the era.  Arnold was amazingly charismatic and it's easy to see how he ended up with the film and political careers he did.  I felt bad for Lou Ferrigno, who came across as just the nicest guy with a dad who was up there with any stage mom you'd see on Toddlers in Tiaras.  I'd recommend it for any late pass dudes like myself who haven't seen it yet, though it was pretty much just an average film IMO.

  5. Does this game also have a contrived reason why there are no regular citizens in the city?  I loved Arkham City but at some point they're going to have to stop with the "closed sandbox" approach.  It's worse than GTA's "broken bridge" tactics.






    On Halloween night, Scarecrow threatens the city with his newly created strain of fear toxin and bombs planted throughout Gotham, forcing the evacuation of the city's six million civilians.





    Way to make a joke about woman beating.  They think woman beating is so acceptable that they are literally beating women with women...despite being a part of a goofy fake sport that is widely known for being goofy and fake and is often goofy and fake just for the sake of being goofy and fake.  Sometimes, just sometimes things are done for fun, and the only statement they are making is "this is a place where we are going to do stupid things for your entertainment.  DON'T TAKE ANY OF THIS SHIT SERIOUSLY."   



    This is all very problematic.  Check yr privilege kthx

  7. Here's why they use the evil authority figure character.



    I understand why it works but after over 17 years of the same tired plot device, one GM character after another, it's long past time to do something different.  If the babyface needs adversity, put him up against a group of villains out to destroy him a la The Heenan Family or The Dangerous Alliance.  Bad guys on the same level, not the face's boss.  If fans need something to relate to, there are more storylines in our lives than "grrrrrr my boss is an evil prick." 


    Remember when we had wrestler vs wrestler storylines and we only saw Jack Tunney when some really heavy shit was about to go down?  We need to get back to that.

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  8. Let's bring back the anonymous GM because these writers only know how to write wrestling one way: with the crutch of authority figures to drive the plot.  Fucking amazing.


    WWE has been nothing but variations on Mr. McMahon for going on 17 years now.  Just let that sink in. Close to two decades.  The creative inertia of this company is astounding.

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  9. No problem, man.  Definitely get one.  As Rukered said, it's plug and play.  It's also extendable, so you can buy more of them if you want more wired connections.  IMO, wireless is unpredictable as fuck and should only be used as a last resort.  My own wireless router has a setting in it that makes it weaker ("good neighbor policy") and that shit was enabled by default.  WWWTTFFFFF


    If NAT is an issue, you might be able to give your Xbox/PS3 a static IP and specifically allow it through.

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  10. Ok since ive tried everything that i know to try with my router issues (upnp, port forwarding, DMZ) and they dont seem to work does anybody know about the wifi boosters. My xbox is 2 floors down from my router can anybody tell me if that will help the signal in the basement?


    I think I missed this, but are you using your Xbox/PS3 wireless or wired?  If wireless, why don't you switch to wired with an Ethernet over power solution?  I've used a Netgear powerline system (http://www.netgear.com/home/products/networking/powerline/) for years and it's awesome.

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  11. That would have been pretty awesome.  Better than Luger, that black hole of charisma.  This was pre Vince going nuts with trademarks, too, so he probably would have kept his name and look. 


    Has Sting or anyone in his circle ever explained why he never jumped?  I sort of think I remember hearing that he was just comfortable with the company that gave him his break but I could be wrong.

  12. There is no "may have".. Did people buy Starrcade '97 to watch Goldberg vs. Mongo? I would hope not.

    Kerry Von Erich drew in Texas. Sting drew a nation. I'd say there's a little difference.


    If one hot PPV is enough, than everybody on Team WCW from the Invasion PPV should be in. 

  13. Sting was never really put into a promotion where the booking around him was solid enough to draw.


    Oh well then. 


    You can't let a guy in the hall of fame based on what you think would have happened if something or other had been different.  Somebody in this thread even said that Sting would be in the HOF if he'd gone to the WWF.  Wow.  Just...wow.  That's the argument to make?  Why don't we just go ahead and say Barry Darsow should be in because I really feel like he would have been awesome and a huge draw if somebody would have just booked him as a top guy?


    These arguments are ridiculous and pointless because they're pure speculation and can't be proven either way.

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