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  1. I was reading an interview that Jericho did recently and it really stands out how big of a douche Punk is. 


    (From Jericho's interview with Alvarez)


    "We used to talk quite often and not really about wrestling stuff. ... We always had great chemistry and he's one of my favorite guys to work with. And then when he left the WWE he never talked to me again. I never heard one peep or squeak or anything from him again. I reached out to him a couple times just about, you know, 'hey, I'm watching The Clash from '78' or whatever and nothing. That's his decision, and it's kind of a drag. I understand professionally not wanting to be open but kind of leaving your friends behind?"


    It seems that Punk is handling this whole thing in the worst way imaginable. 


    I heard that podcast this morning and thought the same thing.  Between his brief appearance on Cabana's most recent podcast and hearing about him being a dick to a fan who recently asked for an autograph at a Blackhawks game, he really does come off like a miserable, joyless asshole.

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    I said, and I quote:




    Management and corporate says you're out of your fucking mind and get back to work. They know what works, and you don't, and that's why they're up there, and you're down here. They know what is best for business, regardless of what you can prove to them.



    That's a pretty cool idea but if you're truly assuming that's what WWE writers are going for -- an accurate representation and/or spoof of corporate culture -- then you are giving them far too much credit.  I sincerely doubt anyone is thinking too far past, "well they are evil authority figures out the screw the babyfaces."

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  3. Don't think McGillis looks bad so much as she just looks her age.


    Exactly.  It's Hollywood, though, and the chick from Top Gun is still supposed to look like the chick from Top Gun 30 years later.  Men, on the other hand...


    And I watched Blade Runner: The Directors Cut. I hadn't seen Blade Runner in so long that I forgot how trippy a lot of it was. Gonna move up to The Final Cut when I get a chance to see how much of a difference there is.

    Don't expect much difference.  The two cuts are basically identical in terms of content.  The Final Cut just cleans up a few little mistakes and shaky visuals from the original, changes like two words of dialogue, and that's about it.  It's still the definitive cut and easily the prettiest-looking remastered print, but it's still essentially the exact same movie as the Director's Cut.  



    No Voiceover, No Peace

  5. I watch Halloween 3 every year; it's a guilty pleasure and probably wouldn't be so reviled if it wasn't called Halloween 3.  The chick in the movie is bonkers, though.  "Hey, I know I'm mourning and shocked and investigating my dead dad's murder but I really want to fuck."  But I guess that's par for the course with 80s horror chicks.

  6. Safe Haven was amazing.  I watched it through disreputable means and my copy somehow didn't have any subtitles, but the lack of subtitles took nothing away from it.  That's how well done Safe Haven is.  Oh, and I'll second JT's assessment of the rude titties.


    I checked out Deliver Us from Evil over the weekend.  It was thoroughly average; nothing amazing but not terrible.  It had some good ideas and at least gets some points for being a horror film not based on a haunted object or house.  The story is about a New York cop (Eric Bana) investigating a series of paranormal-related crimes linked to Iraq war vets.  The guy from The Soup plays the sidekick, which sucked.  The Jesuit priest on the edge character is played by a dude who looks like a male model, so there's something for tha ladiez.  There's a good exorcism scene at the end, but it has to be the fastest successful exorcism in cinematic history, spectated by a stereotypical AW HELL NAW black guy.  In the end, you'll shrug and say, "eh, it was allright, I guess."


    I tried to read the book, which is supposed to be the true memoirs of a cop who helps out with exorcisms and hauntings, but the cop in question is so incredibly religious that it was a turn off for me and I only got maybe 50 pages in.  Luckily, the movie only used the book as a general idea and the creators of it elected to make the film as a sort of prequel to the book, where the cop has not yet been born again.


    But anyway, check it out if you have nothing else to watch.  Not great but not the worst thing I've seen.  YMMV.

  7. Since I don't get Showtime, I was wondering if or how they deal with James Rebhorn's passing.


    So far, pretty much not at all.  Carrie's sister is taking care of Carrie's newborn and had a throwaway line about how "dad's not helping out with the baby as much as you assumed he would" but that was it.


    Also: Duck from Mad Men shows up.

  8. Anyone here subscribe to the theory that Bob was a member of Terminus sent out to bring back people to eat? He was the last in that line at the trough so there wouldn't have been anyone left before they cut him loose. Maybe he had become connected to the group/Sasha and he was feeling regret about what he had become before his time with the group.


    Also, I'm assuming the priest had locked himself inside the church out of fear and wouldn't let the parishioners in when they needed help.  


    Well I don't think the writers of the show plan that far ahead...Bob's been around for a while.


    Point 2:

    You got it. Well, that's how it went in the comics, anyway.

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  9. I'd assumed he was bitten as well, which would mean they're taking from the "Fear the Hunters" storyline in the comics that happened a while back.  Rick's group was being stalked by cannibals (no Terminus or Gareth in the comics, just a group of dudes who were cannibals) and they kidnapped and started to eat Dale, who had just been bitten and had walked off into the forest to die.  It's pretty much the same scene, where Dale comes to and their leader gives him a speech about how "a man's gotta eat" and Dale starts laughing at them because they're eating "tainted meat."  Nothing really came of it, though, they just spit the food out -- just a gross-out scene with no other consequences.



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