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  1. Jack's stuff in pwg entertained me more than ajs stuff in New Japan or roh, plus there's a bit of patriotic pride going on. Zack for me.


    Basing it purely on PWG, Zach had an awesome showing at BOLA while AJ had two shitty matches that included an awful botched finish in one and downright putrid booking in the other.  There was seriously no reason at all to book him on those shows.


    Completely wrestling unrelated, ever since I heard a podcast where AJ gave the most dogwhistle racist bullshit rant against Obama, I just can't stand watching the guy in anything.



    That is actually exactly how I thought Crowe's debut would go. I've never really been a fan.

    Would you care to elaborate? What did he do on the indies that made you think "this guy will never succeed in the WWE?"

    I just didn't get it. I checked out a bunch of his matches when people were hyping him up and I didn't see anything in him. It doesn't help that I think he has a terrible look and that's 90% of getting over in WWE. (At least in their minds)

    But in the spirit of March Madness, I'm more than willing to watch some recommendations. And trust me, I'd love to be proven wrong.



    He had a GREAT series of matches in PWG vs Drake Younger if you can track them down (Mystery Vortex 2012, DDT4 2013 and All Star Weekend 9, Night 1). 

  3. I've seen him wrestle a lot so I don't mind the gear or hair.  That fucked up splash/headbutt was just lame.  The stretch muffler ("Crowe Bar") would have been awesome, especially the one where he grounds it and kicks the everloving fuck out of the dude.


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    Did anyone read the post about DeMott calling a seminar attendee every racist term for Middle-Easterners under the sun? It included him allegedly telling the guy to "quit wrestling and go back to making bombs." Man, what an absolute piece of shit.

    I like how you say "allegedly", but still call him definitely a piece of shit. Don't get me wrong, you're probably right, but still, made me laugh.



    Well I don't want to get sued, man :D

  5. As an aside,the further wrestling has gone into the corporate culture the worse it has gotten. I think that is difficult to deny. 


    Could you explain this part?  I work in a corporation and I have sweet health insurance, paid time off, and nobody here is allowed to smack me or call me a faggot. 


    Times change and considering wrestling a separate culture that rightfully polices itself through bag shitting and physical abuse only enables people like DeMott; small men who abuse it to make up for their own insecurities.   I think the days of laughing about this kind of stuff, "wrestlers' court" and other frathouse bullshit, like, "oh hah ha oh you wrestlers, you lovable scamps" should have ended quite some time ago. 


    It's not the early days anymore.  Wrestlers don't have to stretch trainees to gauge their toughness, rough them up to make sure they "want it" bad enough or beat up, belittle or otherwise shit on those who would threaten kayfabe.  Everyone knows this is fake already.  Guys who are insecure about playfighting in their underwear will just need to find some other way to feel tough.

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  6. It's a fucking tv show. Do you watch whatever else tv show you watch and expect the main character to be called by the actor's real name? Very few wrestlers have used their real names. Blame that on whatever, but pro wrestling is still a tv show with actors and parts and scripts.

    Not once during Monk's all 8 seasons did someone call him Tony..


    By the rules of pro wrestling, if you meet Tony Shalhoub in real life, you should refer to him as "Monk" because knowing his real name is frowned upon.

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  7. This Demott thing is indicative of the larger problem in wrestling today where the people in charge of the business just refuse to acknowledge that times have changed.  They're in love with the in the romantic notions of the territory/kayfabe era and all the weird attitudes wrestlers carried around then.  Treating trainees like shit, to the point of physical abuse, is fine because of the old school mentality that this is what you're supposed to do.  Vince McMahon came up in the kayfabe era and Triple H longs for those days where it was all a big con on the dumb marks, so things aren't going to change.


    Shit, even younger guys who are supposed to be "different" still cling to the stupid old rules.  Look at CM Punk, who famously gets pissed at fans calling him "Phil" of even "Mr. Brooks."  That's some stuck in kayfabe shit right there.  Because "marks" with "insider knowledge" are presumptuous assholes, right?  Never mind that kayfabe is long dead. 


    In short, this shit's not going to improve because the people in the business treat it like it's 1974.  Everything is different now but somehow, in wrestling, it's still okay to call somebody a "faggot" and try to injure them because, fuck, man, Hiro Matsuda did it back in the day so why not? 

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  8. What about shows you try to watch and just give up?  My latest was Orphan Black.  The main character was just unlikable and it was just not well-executed.  I watched 2-3 episodes and just pegged it as a good idea in search of a better show.

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