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  1. We just upgraded from Win 2k four months ago at work, I don't know how quickly we'll go to Win10


    Wow.  Just.  Wow.  Win2k hit EOL 4 and a half years ago.  Your IT department has some balls.  Not smarts, but definitely some balls.

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    The action scenes in American Sniper were amateur hour and things like the morning of 9/11 were downright laughable. The dialogue was terrible. Also, firefight while wife is on the phone? Come on.

    The firefight with the wife did actually happen. In fact, there were two different instances where Kyle was on the phone back home when fighting broke out - once with his wife, once with his father.



    I read that it didn't and certainly not the way it was portrayed here. I'll tell you who I don't believe on anything. Chris Kyle. He lied and lied and lied some more.



    Word is lied about the lies that he lied about.


    I also have it on good authority that he even lied to his aunt when he went down South.

  3. The action scenes in American Sniper were amateur hour and things like the morning of 9/11 were downright laughable. The dialogue was terrible. Also, firefight while wife is on the phone? Come on.  Hell, they didn't even take the time to get a real baby. Cooper is holding a doll, which would be fine if it wasn't ridiculously obvious. It's dreadful that this film was even nominated for Best Picture. They created a fictional Iraqi sniper villain and treated it like we were watching the movie Assassins.


    Maybe Clint was doing some sort of meta commentary on how fictional the book is.  ;)

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    Have you ever submitted a continuity error to the 'Goofs' section of IMDB?  Don't watch it..



    LOL that is the best criteria.  I need to steal that.   "If you're a nitpicking, joyless douche, avoid this film." 


    The "goofs" section so ridiculous.  My favorite is in "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes," where one viewer posted about how the apes, while riding horseback and firing guns, never reload.  Jesus Christ.  This is a film where apes ride on horseback and fire guns, and this is the hill you choose to die on.  That lack of reloading, while APES RIDE HORSES and FIRE GUNS, was just a bridge too far.

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  5. I was listening to a podcast recently, I forget which, and they made a great point.  NXT really works best as a last stop before WWE for top indy talent, not a starting point (or near the starting point) for anyone.  As more awesome indy guys come in, the difference between them and guys like Breeze, The Vaudvillians, Enzo/Cass, etc is just laughable. 

  6. Weird/eccentric/asshole detective/doctor is another tv trope that needs to die.


    I started watching "Masters of Sex" and I'm really enjoying it BUT this trope is nagging at me like crazy every time I watch it.


    There was a great article about this somewhere recently illustrating how we've combined this trope with the "competence porn" trope.  We like watching hyper-competent assholes because we like to be told that while there are people smarter than us, they're socially inept, so it's okay.


    It's the football version of "first world problems."


    I'd have to agree, given that pretty much every major sports team in that metro area has won their sport's top prize in the last decade or so.



    Sure, that and the fact that there are teams that have been shit for so long that would just love to make the playoffs sometime.  "I once lamented I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet."

  8. Nobody said shit about Jeremy Shockey's meathead jingoistic tattoo -- huge American flag and eagle; all he needed was the Twin Towers and "nevar 4get" and it would be perfect -- that covered his whole arm, but somehow Kaepernick, with his sleeves, looked like a "convict" and there was much pearl clutching.  This is the difference in perception between whites and blacks in sports.


    Him wearing that face paint was awesome. But other than that, he is "guy who is really good at wrestling." I'll take Tyson Kidd as a "megalomaniac cat lover who is really good at wrestling."


    He's a nice, humble, sweet Irish guy just happy to be competing here in America.... until you piss him off. Then he paints up like a demon and fucks up your whole world. He's Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde. That's his character.



    Please don't tell Vince he's Irish.

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