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  1. I could have done without the "Dre and Cube are still of the people" intro.  I guess Cube took a few minutes off from filming Are We There Yet part 3 to film a quick promo.  Nice job keeping their security detail out of the shots. 


    Or even more underhanded, they're all extras and this was shot at the same time as the movie.  ;)

  2. Wow, Goldberg was a huge dick during that interview. I think that's just his personality, though. 


    I'm having a hard time remembering what was particularly dickish about it.  I mostly recall he was just a guy who got into wrestling to make money and wasn't markish or hung up on wrestling's stupid "traditions."  I thought it was funny that he refused to give up the front seat of the car to Raven.


    Technico Support from the January thread: 


    Has anyone seen "Predestination" yet?  It's a closed loop time travel story so, by its very nature, it's absurd.  Still, I think it's worth a look.  It's certainly different from anything else you'll see.  I won't say much more about it yet; don't want to give anything away.


    Saw it last night.  You're right, it's an extremely contrived story, but it's good.  Ethan Hawke's foray into genre films is paying dividends.  It's funny, he's going to be starring in another movie this year called "Regression", and I know I'm going to get it confused with this one.


    The stuff with the baby was the most difficult part to wrap my head around - at first I was thinking "Noooo, that must be some other baby."   But when I thought about who the parents were, it actually makes sense... sort of.



    Glad you enjoyed it.  What got me was the ending.


       He became the bomber to lure his future self to find him because he was lonely and wanted to be back together with the only person he ever loved.  And then the film ends with him in the past saying something like, "I miss you terribly," so he's destined to become the bomber again and again.

  4. Lethal isn't terrible or anything, but he's never done anything for me.  While he's capable of being in solid matches when he's in the ring with someone better, there's nothing memorable about his ringwork.  The Lethal Injection always looks contrived as hell and most of his offense never looks like it actually hurts.


    I can't take him seriously as a heel either.  He always sounds like a kid trying to do an imitation of a professional wrestler.


    This is honestly the best summation of Jay Lethal you'll see IMO.  Just nothing special.  I FFWD past his matches unless I like his opponent.  His style is very early 2000s indies and light as a feather in the worst possible way you can take that.  Aside from developing some great impersonations, I don't think he's improved since 2003. 


    The Lethal Combination (weak STO backbreaker into an equally weak Downward Spiral) doesn't look like it could break an egg.  The Lethal Injection is great as an out-of-nowhere counter but really really stupid as a straight-up finisher.

  5. I'm pretty much late to the party on everything but I highly recommend Nightcrawler to anyone who hasn't seen it.  Great performance by Jake Gyllenhaal  that brought to mind Travis Bickle and other weird loner types who are just a little off on the human interaction front.  A very good film and a fun little indictment of TV news' "if it bleeds it leads" culture.

  6. NFL MVP awards by position:

    QB: 37

    RB: 18

    DT: 1

    LB: 1

    K: 1


    I honestly don't have a problem with this.  The nature of the position itself is that the QB has more on an impact on the game than any one defensive player. 

  7.  I would love to hear why the things Cesaro is missing seem to be more important than the things Reigns is missing.



    Cesaro is strong but Reigns has more muscle mass so he looks strong.  That's more important to Vince.


    Cesaro is bald, Reigns has flowing lustrous locks not seen since the heyday of Kevin Nash.


    Cesaro has a funny accent that Republican Vince can't get on board with.


    Cesaro is kind of weird looking.  Reigns looks like a Lorenzo Lamas and gives Vince a chub.

  8. there probably isn't a concrete standard for talent and non-WWE porn/fetish film careers, but i'll note a potential WWE signee (recently tried out in Orlando) who you could figure out on clues was in some POV wrestling films, some of which mysteriously aren't being sold by that provider any more.


    Shhh....the less said about One Night in Steen, the better

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