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    Has WWE ever done a 60 minute Ironman match with the divas? Because I would pay good money for one to occur between Lynch and Banks

    As much as I want to see that the last time Knox was booked for a 60 minute Ironwoman she got hurt before the match and was out of wrestling for several years.



    I didn't even know about this and just looked it up.  Holy shit.  What's the story behind her comeback?  Wikipedia doesn't go into that.  Did she just wake up one day like, "eh, my brain's fine.  Back to wrestling."

  2. It's gotten so much worse.  A few seasons ago, there was a partially/mostly/whatever blind woman on the show (it's debatable how blind she was but she did need help getting around) and I was like, "no way they're going to be so bald-faced pandering and at the same time cynical to actually book the blind girl to win."  And then they did.  I have no idea why I still watch, honestly.

  3. I know I've watched too much Masterchef when I can watch the first episode, where there's a cookoff to see who gets on the show, and call 90% of the winners before they've cooked anything.

  4. Graves' shots at Becky have always been semi-serious, if at all, ("I was flying into Portland and I saw she'd tweeted that I was a hipster. I nearly spilled my craft beer!") and he has always made sure to pair them with putting over her wrestling ability at the same time.


    I forgot that one.  I was talking about him saying something like, "you can't buy your persona at Hot Topic" or something like that, and he didn't pair it with any kind of praise at all, just outright talking shit.  I was like, holy shit...pot, meet kettle.

  5. Having talked non storyline-related shit on Lynch and Emma so far, it seems Corey Graves loves to shit on the women on commentary.  What's up with that?  Also, the grown man whose indy name was a ripoff of the Tool lead singer and looks like he fell into a vat of Hot Topic probably shouldn't be casting stones.


    Ring announcer pet peeve: If one member of a team has a first and last name and the other just has one name, announce the single-name person second so they don't sound like relatives.  IE "Emma and Dan Brook" sounds like a hot new tag team, The Brook Sisters.

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  6. Owens is the most compelling character in wrestling right now.  He's a chickenshit heel who is also a dangerous psychopath.  When he was going off on Zayn, there was a feeling like anything could happen.  That's something you don't see in wrestling anymore.  The dude is fucking amazing.  Unimpeded, he could bring that act to the main roster and be the next Stone Cold when he finally turned babyface.


    And just a reminder and I think it should be said every month:


    Jim Cornette thought Matt Morgan would be a 'Mania main eventer and saw no money at all in Steen and Generico.  Out of touch fucking hick.  More people need to shit on him for that like we shit on Bischoff for seeing nothing in Steve Austin.

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  7. I use unsweetened vanilla almond milk (store brand because I'm cheap and seriously fuck name brand almond milk, that shit is like a dollar more fuck yooouuu Blue Diamond) in protein shakes and when I very occasionally eat cereal and it tastes fine.  Not sure how it is in coffee because I drink my coffee black like a fucking man.  ;)

  8. I don't think Don wrote it. I think it was just a snarky coda to the series. Looked at that way, it's not too bad. If Don did write it though... yuck. Cynical isn't the word.



    Yeah I didn't get that Don wrote or imagined the Coke ad during mediation I think the dude was just real happy and at peace with himself for the first time in years.


    That's how I interpreted the ending.  I know it's some Joseph Campbell shit and some might think it's outdated, but to have to protagonist of your story undergo this journey of self discovery, only to return the the same old life, is ridiculous and unsatisfying. 

  9. He was also generic action guy in The Chronicles of Riddick. It wasn't until Star Trek that I realized he had charisma, and then Almost Human(damn you Fox) showed that he was an amazing talent and should be in better roles.


    He was so great in Almost Human and yes, fuck Fox for interfering, airing it out of order, switching timeslots and then cancelling when it couldn't "find an audience."

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  10. Listless, dull episode.  The perfect end to a listless, dull final season.  Maybe Weiner was getting all meta, like the aimlessness of this season was a reflection on Don's own aimlessness.  All the symbolism was just so fucking heavy handed and amateurish. 


    I didn't interpret the ending as Don going back to advertising and using his hippie experience to write the famous Coke jingle but it appears I'm in the minority.  If that's indeed the intended ending, that's awful.  Guy has a breakthrough about how he's wasted his entire life, only to return to that same empty life and make millions because the very place where he had that breakthrough also gave him a surefire idea?  Hippies give Don the only moment of actual truth in his life and then he uses it in an ad?  That's cynical as fuck.


    "I've learned so much and really grown....oh well, back to the soulless business of selling shit to people who don't need it.  I'll call the escort service so the hookers are waiting for me when I get back."

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  11. Like, I look on this board...it doesn't seem terribly different from any other group of guys in their 20s/30s/40s that watch other sports or anything else. 



    This board is not representative of the majority of wrestling fans.  Go read the comments on any wrestling newz site and you'll begin to understand that the majority of fans are fucking morons and that these network ad people are 100% correct.  If you're not the typical wrestling fan, congratulations are in order.  But you can't say, "well I'm not a dumb hick, so these network execs are wrong about wrestling fans!"


    Seriously, these people live and die by demographics.  It's their job.  They're not underestimating wrestling fans.  "Intelligent" wrestling fans are a very tiny minority.  If these ad execs think the audience for Physchic Bigfoot, Hillbilly Hand Fishin' etc is more attractive to advertisers than wrestling fans are, then odds are they're correct.

  12. Gym pet peeve: do not fucking ask me how many sets I have left.  You can ask if you can work in, but essentially saying "when are you going to be done with that so I can use it?" is some bullshit.


    The best part is that when this happened, I was fucking around and doing something different on chest day...doing as many reps as I could, taking 10 pounds off the bar, doing as many reps as I could with that, then just going like that until I felt like not doing any more.  So when I guy asked, I just shrugged and said, "I don't know." 


    Fuck em.

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