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  1. I thought it was a good show and probably the perfect balance between in ring action and skits.

    Killshot look decent too me. Isn't killshot from Baltimore?


    You're thinking of Rich Swann.  Shane Strickland (Killshot) is from Tacoma and looks like Dumb Donald from Fat Albert in that mask.

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  2. What is this unwritten rule that wrestling promoters have to be outdated culturally by 20 years?


    You know the funny story about how Shawn Michaels told Verne Gagne that they wanted to be called "The Midnight Rockers" and Verne balked at it because he thought everyone would hear it and think of rocking chairs?


    Vince is Verne now.

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  3. I disagree with using the term "politically correct" as a pejorative in general, and what is "PC" about actual Native Americans being offended by jokes made at their expense?  What's so horribly PC about this situation?  Sandler invited them to be extras in his movie, they arrived and saw that the movie was crass and offensive to their culture, and they left.


    I'm seriously curious.  Because typically "PC" refers to people (liberals, I guess?) acting offended for another party.  This is an actual group being essentially insulted to their faces and electing not to stand for it.

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  4. LOL this was amazing.




     I personally have no idea how he makes it back over the border. If I was a border agent and I saw him walking through my line I would get employee of the month certificates flashing in my eyes. Is there a bigger win for a border agent than to flag Cage? That's like a TSA agent seeing a middle eastern man, overdressed for the weather, carrying a damp sack. It's such an easy lay-up that you probably wouldn't even have to fill out paperwork afterwards.
  5. It was really disappointing.  Sorry, I watched it so long ago that I can't remember specifics, just that it was definitely not good.  It strays from the "true story" as well, as the cop in the movie is not religious at all and converts after the exorcism.  In the book, he's super duper religious and stays a cop while pursuing "the work" on the side.


    On a side not, I started to read the book that this film is based on and just had to put it down.  There were three possible conclusions to be made from this guy's tales and none of them were favorable.  Either:


    Ghosts, demons, etc are all real and this is a 100% true account (unlikely)




    This guy and every single person whose homes he exorcised are all insane




    This whole book is a work


    Watched Edge of Tomorrow/Live Die Repeat (which I really really enjoyed)

    I don't know which I am more frustrated by


    People saying it wasn't a success because it "only" made $100 million domestically (it made $269 worldwide) or the fucking name change for the DVD release because people are stupid or something.


    Also - are there people who are still all "I won't see a Tom Cruise movie because he is bat shit insane"?


    My daughter loves this movie and I also think it is pretty great.  Have no idea why they did not keep All You Need Is Kill as the title.  Americans are dumb.




    Because "All You Need is Kill" is just senseless Engrish word salad and the only people who like it are Japanophiles who think anything Japanese is automatically cool.

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  7. Great takedown of the XTREME 90s Joker via AV Club




    Also, he got them on the needle of a tattoo artist, who spent untold hours with the chaotic, volatile supervillain sitting patiently in his chair while he applied Joker-themed ink all over his body. “Well, I like to laugh,” Joker told him. “What about the words ‘Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha’ all down my left side here, and a smiley mouth on the right side?”
  8. He called Pentagon a "no limit soldier"

    Fuck that


    He referred to Baal as a "B-Boy" and Cisco as a "Lil'Cholo," which I enjoyed in a smart mark sense.


    Other thoughts:


    You can't unmask Puma, as he's a black dude portraying a Mexican.


    Why is a wrestler called "Texano" billed as hailing from Baja, California?

  9. Doing a presentation for a Japanese culture class on puroresu and Japanese MMA and how they are intertwined, was wondering if all you kind folk could help me out with some of the most quintessential puroresu and JMMA photos. Like Kobashi getting back dropped kind of stuff. FMW, Pride, Joshi, all that good shit.


    Misawa taking a backdrop is absolutely essential if you want to make a solid point about how they take it way too seriously over there.

  10. Killing ourselves with shitty food is a God-given American right.  Look at the garbage we celebrate at state fairs (HURRR DEEP FRIED TWINKIES BACON HURRRR).  Obama was already black and considered a Communicst Socialist black Fascist wife of an illegal black Kenyan Muslim black president as far as middle America was concerned.  She was starting 3 steps behind the blocks and fighting against something everybody loves.  It was a dumb battle to pick.

  11. Sorry, that's what I meant.  Not that she was against the war, just against Glen going off to war. Her throwing out her kid's toy gun over it was a first year creative writing metaphor, was my point.

  12. I love The Devil's Rejects.  The protagonists are monsters, it never shies away from that fact, but it puts you in a position where you feel for the anyway, at least a bit, because the torture scene is so damn raw and brutal.


    Great fucking flick.


    The only bad thing about The Devil's Rejects is that I'm still trying to figure out how to work "Consider me fuckin' Willy fuckin' Wonka! This is my fucking chocolate factory! You got it? My factory!" into a conversation.

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