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  1. More likely someone who didn't like JTG stooged him off to Cena.  I wonder if this conflict ended the whole "CTC" angle.  Or maybe not, as I seem to recall hearing that it ended because of Cena not wanting to delute his character and/or give away his heat by being part of a team.


    I know about Reks, but there was somebody else.  It'll come to me.


    Still not as good as the Biff Busick/Chris Jericho stall story.

  2. On a whim, I watched 48 Hours (1982) over the weekend.  Damn, it was not as good as I remember, but give me a break; I haven't seen it since I was probably 10 years old.  It was actually quite boring and unfunny.  And holy shit, the casual racism of Nick Nolte's character, who was supposed to be the protagonist and the guy you're rooting for, is  fucking insane looking at it in 2015.  It sure was a different time, man.  At one point, in the span of maybe a minute, he refers to Eddie Murphy's character as a "charcoal-colored loser" and then straight up calls him a "spear chucker."  Did we think that was funny back then or just accept that that's how people talked?  Was this supposed to be some Archie Bunker, lovable bigot shit?  God damn, it's mind blowing.  Yeah, there is some turnabout as Eddie schools an entire redneck bar, but it makes no sense why the same character didn't shut down Nolte's bullshit sooner. 


    On the plus side, we got some good bit part, "hey it's that guy!" players in there.  A Warriors reunion of James Remar and David Patrick Kelly in key roles (of course, since Walter Hill directed both), as well as Brion James (Leon from Blade Runner), Sonny Landham ("Indian Dude" from Predator), and a very young Jonathan Banks (Mike from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul).  And Annette O'Toole in all her 80s hotness.


    Still, recommendation to avoid except for historical curiosity.  Show it to your kids when they start wondering about how fucked up things were back in the day.

  3. In reference to JTG and Cena hahaha that reads like the start of some amaaaazing slash fic. There is no possible way that story is true.


    I read it the same way.  Glad it ended before the angry yet undenaibly passionate lovemaking. 


    "This can't go unpunished," Cena breathed angrily in my ear, never breaking eye contact and barely able to contain his rage.  I then heard his jorts fall to the cold tile of the bathroom floor, the sound echoing across the empty expanse.  I knew it was time for an "Attitude Adjustment" and I was powrless to resist.


    I'm drawing a total blank here and it's driving me crazy.  Somebody made a podcast appearance recently and discussed a Cena confrontation, maybe related to a guy using a move similar to the FU or STF?  

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  4. The perils of saving strange image files, and then spending some time cleaning out an old external hard rive.




    I hate to admit that I spent way too much time trying to find this online last week. This clipping is just insane.  Small Gorilla and 7 Colored Boys.  Because 8 colored boys would have been unsporting.


    Also, "Small Gorilla and 7 Colored Boys" goes on my shortlist of band names, up there with Nice Guy Todd and The Nazis.


    People using "SJW" as some sort of derogatory term for those who stand up for what's right can eat a dick.


    There's a difference between people who stand up for what's right and people who engage in self-congratulatory indignation and bigotry witchhunts. Look at the people misconstruing odessastep's quote as if it was pro-domestic violence as an example of the latter.



    Well sure, but who gets to be the arbiter of which person is one and which is the other?  It's such a strawman.  You're assuming a lot about someone you don't know,  saying, "I think you're a SJW because I doubt you really feel that way!"  You're attributing disingenuous motivation to people because you disagree with them.  It's unfair and demonizes someone for having an opinion contrary to yours.


    Let's look at the opposite.  When I hear someone decry "PC," all I can think of is "this is a person who really just wants to be able to say "nigger" in conversation.  But that would be assuming a lot.  Same as when you call someone a "SJW."

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    I have a Wyatt family t-shirt on, but I am wearing a buttoned shirt over it.

    Well, now you've just ruined your shocking heel turn. Thanks.


    I gave an employee a write-up, today. Now I wish I'd told him "Run" as I was bringing him into the office.



    I'm trying to figure out how to offer the guys who work for me a "unique opportunity" (with air quotes and Spanish accent) at review time.

  7. The only time Vince ever saw Baywatch, or any other show, was when he caught maybe a minute of it here and there between sets of benches and curls while it was on the TV at the gym.  The guy is a workaholic and I doubt he ever sits down to watch television.  He has psychological issues to the point where he won't even let himself sneeze; I can't even fathom the self loathing that would stem from wasting an hour to watch TV.

  8. Speaking of looking dumb in a mask, I'm not a fan of Son of Havoc's look at all.  Matt Cross is not a big enough star to the point where he had to wear a hood or else everybody would know him, especially since he didn't have the massive beard during his one time of major exposure, Tough Enough. Motherfucker looks like Charlie Brown from Outta Town in that hood.  And that voice alteration thing is god awful.  Actually, the whole gimmick is just bad.  How many bikers have six pack abs, no tattoos and are gymnasts?


    They should have run with a Crossfitting lumbersexual hipster gimmick for him.  EDIT: Holy shit.  I just looked him up on image search and he's actually rocking the Hitler Youth hipster undercut.  They really missed the boat on a very contemporary gimmick.

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