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  1. I was getting a little excited for the WWE July 4 show until I realized that it would look probably exactly like every other WWE show.  The homogeonousness really needs to die.  I was catching up on Evolve over the weekend and the show I started to watch took place in a nightclub in New York.  The lighting and the building were completely different than their last show and it was awesome.  It's a weird thing but when wrestling shows look different like that, they seem more urgent, immediate and "real."  There's a sense of place that's non-existent when watching WWE which feels like it takes place in some bland, formless, neverending wrestling purgatory.  It's seriously some Twilight Zone shit when I turn on Raw and everything (with a few small exceptions), from the writing to the people to the look of the show, is the same as it was last week, last month and last year.

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  2. Somebody on commentary a few shows back had a good line about Mike Bailey.  Something like, "he looks like a kid whose mom dropped him off at the wrong building for karate class but he decided to stay and fight all these grown men anyway."

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    I didn't realize that Tyson Kidd's neck was so fucked up he was in a neck brace




    After seeing this, I kinda want to believe that most people kayfabed Dusty's funeral and wore either their wrestling attire, their ring entrance attire, or at least a suit made to resemble their in-ring attire.  Sort of like funerals in golden-age comic books, where everyone attended funerals in either their super hero costume, or put a dark suit on over top their super hero costume.



    Exactly.  You can't see it in this picture but Tyson has a giant tabby cat airbrushed on the back of his jacket.

  4. Random thought: This could just be me, but I want to see if Sasha can get something decent out of Dana Brooke. I don't want a TakeOver special match between them, but a ten-minute match on NXT. 


    I'd love to see Sasha call that match.  Over/under on the number of times she quietly whispers through gritted teeth "stop flexing and rubbing your armpit!"

  5. Road to Starrcade mode bitches.  We get all of the big matches from Starrcade 1983 to Starrcade 2000.  We start with Flair vs. Race in the cage and end with the epic...fuck that won't work. 


    Starrcade 83 mode with ultra realistic Gene Kiniski as referee who won't get out of the fucking way and ruins the match.

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  6. I'm in the same boat as Tromataker.  What's the point of booking an Iron Man match with no falls?  It seems like we either had two primadonnas who didn't want to job clean or somebody getting a little too cute laying out the match.  Either way, it was shit.

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