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  1. The absolute dumbest Emmy argument I saw today was a butthurt GoT fan saying, regarding Breaking Bad, "I hate shows that win it all AFTER they have gone off the air. It doesn't seem fair to the rest who are still in the trenches." 


    Wait, what?  So if a show airs its last episode ever between Emmy ceremonies, we should just forget it?  smh

  2. I'm about 70% through JJ Dillon's book and it's really good. Actually doesn't talk much about his time with the Horsemen as it's really heavy on his earlier career as a wrestler. There are some interesting stories about his time working in the offices and booking JCP/WWF/WCW.


    Could you please let me know how wrestlers are like seagulls?  I often wonder it but am too cheap or lazy to read the book.

  3. They were getting pops and singalongs long before the Rusev angle, though.


    In retrospect, it's probably a good idea to stay away from politically-based angles when it's likely to piss off half your fanbase.  Stick to easy, clear black and white angles designed for kids. 


    The Zeb/Swagger angle, with them supposed to be heels, is even more ponderous considering Vince's political leanings.

  4. I have no clue regarding the validity of this, but it's being reported that TNA's gotten an offer from some channel called Velocity, for a whopping 25% of what they were getting from Spike.  This channel, which I've never even heard of, is HD only and is in 48 million homes.


    Master negotiator, indeed.


    She'll spin it as, "nobody wants to be in standard def anyway!"  :lol:


    The Carters should have sold the company when they had the chance.  It's mind blowing that the deal breaker was that the new owners wouldn't let Dixie stay on TV pretending she was still the owner.

  5. I have the network.  It's fine.  To me it's worth $10 per month to save myself the trouble of torrenting to see the one or two good matches from the PPV, all of NXT and whatever else I want to watch on a whim.  I wish I had more time to watch more stuff but it's cool to know I have an easy option when I do feel like watching some wrestling.

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  6. How does whatever 'The Normal Heart' is get six nominations for the actors, and not get nominated as best show? I mean, if you had a terribly plotted, terribly shot show littered with continuity errors and with a story that made no sense, BUT it had six of the best acting performances all year, that would still be a great show, yeah?


    imdb says it's a TV movie.  Still, your point stands.

  7. McConaughey raised the writing up with his performance in my opinion.  All that cringey dialogue wouldn't have worked with a lesser actor.


    That's not an argument for Rust over Walt necessarily, but I wouldn't be surprised by either taking the award.


    That's a great point and one I recall from a very good review I read as well, that Cohle's dialogue, handled by a lesser actor, would have been laughable.  They need a special category just for actors turning chicken shit into chicken salad.  The "polishing a turd" award, as it were.

  8. I started to turn the corner on AJ when I heard Meltzer and Alvarez interview him a little while back.  He came across as just really nice and, dare I say, intelligent.  Far from "THE GAY COMMUNITY?!?!?!?" AJ of old.


    But I just heard him on the latest "Talkin' Shop" where he pops off on Obama "givin' money to people who don't work" and, nah, his just the same ignorant cracker I always figured him to be.


    On the "Ross is a miserable human being tip," I think the dude needs a ton of professional help.  He makes  a lot of references to his dad taking him to the woodshed and holy shit, the story about his father making him drown a bag of puppies was fucking horrifying. 

  9. RUST VS WALT is too much!  Always so many great performances to chose from in the acting categories.  I still think Michael Sheen was snubbed a little bit, but who do you take off?



    I really enjoyed True Detective but, to me anyway, this isn't even close.  McConaughey was fun but so much of the role was based on dazzling the audience with a  bunch of flashy-sounding but shallow freshman dorm-level philosophy bullshit.  Cohle is a fun but ultimately one-note character.  I think Cranston was better in a single episode (Ozymandias) than McConaughey was in the whole season.

  10. The problem with the No Holds Barred stip is that WWE doesn't have any kayfabe banned moves, just shoot banned ones...


    I need to see a "No Shoot Banned Holds Barred" match where dudes steal the rest of the card's finishers and exchange Tombstones for like 20 minutes while Locker Room Leader Undertaker looks on disapprovingly.

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  11. Vince is old and really just needs to go, and take that badger-looking sycophant Kevin Dunn with him.  At some point they need to stop relying on past stars and move forward.  Summerslam 2002 was 12 years ago.  By Vince's current mentality, a Sammartino vs Zbyszko rematch should have main evented WM8.


    I don't necessarily think Reigns is the guy but Rock definitely isn't. 

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