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  1. It'll be interesting who fills the "Vince" role of having final say on all decisions. While Triple H seems to being groomed for it, let's not forget he has a McMahon for a wife, and she hasn't always been known to be the most rational person.


    Had to piss in my cornflakes didn't ya?  :P

  2. I legitimately can't wait for Vince to finally give up so HHH can take over completely.  Yeah, the guy has his own issues but nothing is as bad as Vince's straight-up lunacy.  I don't think HHH has anywhere near the self-loathing Vince has about being involved with "wrestling," for one thing.



    I say it every time someone brings him up, and I don't fucking care..

    I miss Big Johnny. :(

    Big Johnny vs Punk was the most obvious "Let's play to the Internet" deal. I loved Big Johnny.



    My favorite moment of that whole program was when Punk called him "Super Dave" lol, and the live crowd popped huge.  Everyone watching was already thinking the same think.  The guy had such a striking resemblance to Bob Einstein both vocally and physically.  It was uncanny



    LOL I think Punk referred to him as "Funkhauser" as well.

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  4. If you get the chance, you should really give Allagash Brewery's Saison a try.  Just a really perfectly crisp drink and not too hopped; I think they really hit it out of the park this year.


    Speaking of Allagash, I tried their stout (Allagash black) this past weekend and it was glorious.

  5. I just can't believe after lighting up crowds across the country, saving the WWE from the orton/batista disaster and carrying Mania on his back to a very respectable buyrate people are debating whether Bryan was just a bunch of smarks being smarky.

    I can't think of a more ridiculous talking point that routinely pops up.


    What's worse is that it's being done on a wrestling message board.  If you are on the Internet arguing about wrestling, you are by definition a smart mark.  One bunch of smart marks trying to act like they're somehow above some other group of smart marks is some self-loathing, weird shit.  It's like a bunch of Special Olympians sitting around calling each other retarded. 

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    That Briscoe shirt manages to look worse than a wrestling t-shirt. Wearing a shirt with the stars and bars on it out in public will get you a lot of awkward glares.

    Not where i live, where people fly the stars and bars and dont tread on me flags in their front yards and drive pick-ups with the flagg on their license plates.

    I went to high school with a jackass who had the stars and bars on the rear window of his truck. Fucker was born in northern Michigan, from a family that has lived in area for at least four generations...



    Was it a rural area of Michigan?  I ask because I've lived both in cities and rural areas of Maryland and I can tell you that being an ignorant-ass hick who proudly sports that flag is more a rural thing than a southern-specific thing.  Same with country music.

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  7. Speaking of the lack of backstories in wrestling, I don't think it's a coincidence that the last few wrestlers who got over in a meaningful way (Bryan, Punk, Ambrose and even...Ryder) had easily relatable stories from outside the WWE machine that added to their personas.


    Sorry but what "easily relatable stories" did WWE get across for Bryan, Punk and Ambrose?  I don't mean the guys' backgrounds that smart fans already knew; I mean what did WWE do to get these guys' stories across?  Punk started as a pseudo MMA dude whose "only addiction is competition."  Anything else, character-wise, he had to fight to get across for the longest time.  Bryan had zero backstory except, I guess, some conflict with his NXT veteran, and Ambrose was just a guy in The Shield, 3 dudes who came from nowhere with barely any gimmick except for some nebulous "hounds of justice" schtick. 


    All these guys were defined by whatever they did in WWE storylines after their debuts, not by any backstory that writers supplied them.

  8. Didn't Heyman flat out admit he asked for so much because he didn't really want the job, but would do it if they did something that would make it worth not seeing his kids nearly as much?  IIRC, he want X% ownership of the company.


    That's a pretty standard move I learned a long time ago from an asshole boss.  Don't want a job?  Quote it super high to run them off.  If they call your bluff, hey, you've just made a lot more money than you should have.

  9. I love the phrase "Scandal for dudes" and am really glad this show has avoided turning into that.  I watched one episode of Scandal and hated the sheer slickness of it.  I got the impression the whole show would be this hyper competent team of pretty people solving shit with witty quips and high fives along the way.  This show could have easily been that, with Ray and his wacky sidekicks being badasses and fixing things and, handled by a network like ABC, definitely would have been.


    I think Ray Donovan the show has gone out of its way this season to be the exact opposite.  It's no accident that one of the first cases we saw him go on in season 1 has resurfaced (the stalker) and has shown Ray as a failure.  This whole season is about making sure we see that Ray is in control of absolutely nothing and it's awesome.

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    One thing that amazes me is this new wave of "smart" fans' hatred for Meltzer.  I guess young dudes want to find their own way and eschew the last generation's things on principle.  I know I didn't like my dad's music when I was a kid but, turning 40 soon, I appreciate it now. 


    The thing is, they're still getting all their news from Meltzer.  When I stopped subscribing to the WON site, I stared getting my news from sites like Wrestlinginc.  Their comments sections are full of guys just like EN090 who shit all over Meltzer.  Yet they flock to these secondhand grapz newz sites who mysteriously get scoopz every Wednesday and sometimes after Meltzer's podcast appearances.  Funny how that works.  These sites' only business model is "rip off Dave Meltzer a day after he does a story" and their audience is too dumb to know it.

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  11. I do. The party ep was pretty good


    Everybody hated everybody and it kept getting worse.  Then when you thought it was over, there's Darryl destroying the Lincoln. 


    The show's doing an amazing job turning the "supremely competent, badass alpha male" trope on its head.  It's good that the character is changing; if this was big 4 network TV, he'd still be the same guy he was in episode 1.  Ray has zero control over his life, everything's going to shit, and he can't even keep some lame ass stalker away.  This season is great.


    First, they were heavy as shit. My brother pulled a Montreal Screwjob in one of our matches which I told him I didn't appreciate so he whipped Brutus Beefcake at me and the sucker left a bruise like I got hit with a baseball.


    You could kill a man with the King Kong Bundy figure.

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    This amount of delusion is almost admirable.

    Funny, I was just thinking the same thing about EN090.

    What's admirable is how people will accept, as fact, just about anything that Meltzer spoon feeds to them.



    Yeah because a guy who has been the journalist of note covering this business since before many of us were born has no credibility.  Holy shit. 


    People believe negative reports about TNA because the company is a joke.  What's more likely:


    1) Dave Meltzer is consistently wrong about TNA


    2) This company, which has proven time and again that it can't find its own ass with two hands, has fucked up again

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  14. m80do3.jpg

    I remember being home from school sick as a yute, and my mom bought me a couple wrestling magazines to keep me occupied. In the back of one of them was this ad, which I flipped about. I then demanded my mother go to KB Toys and get me Bam Bam Bigelow, One Man Gang, the Hart Foundation, Killer Bees and Demolition Ax. She returned later that night with Tito Santana and Bruno Sammartino. A river of tears followed. I was an ungrateful little shit.


    Oh man, "The Wrestling Ring."  I remember their ads and their mail order catalog, and I definitely got DiBiase and HTM from them as a youngster.  Good times. 


    Don't blame your mom.  From what I remember (and this was, what, maybe 87 or 88?), this line of figures was dying out by then and the only place to find the new ones was through specialty outlets like this.


    I keep wondering why Dixie wants to stay in the business (or, at least, why Bob Carter wants to keep her in wrestling).  I wonder the same thing about Stephanie McMahon, but that's more understandable.  Steph was raised in and around the business, probably wants to keep the company in the family, married a wrestler who is now working in the front office, etc.  Dixie isn't a wrestler, doesn't have any prior ties to the business (that I know of.  Correct me if I'm wrong), no family obligations.  She went to college and, at least on paper, has a solid resume (aside from running a floundering wrestling promotion).  It doesn't seem like she would need to rely on whatever salary she draws from TNA.  Nor does it seem like TNA will be her ticket to fame and fortune like the McMahons. 


    The Carters seem invested in keeping her in TNA even if the company is sold.  But... why?  It seems like she should have other options.  Better options, at this point.  Unless she really loves the business or being on camera (which she's done relatively little of until recently), I don't get the attraction.  She doesn't strike me as a carny, so...... why not go back to something that's more mainstream?



    Maybe she started out with good intentions but it's rather clear now she likes being a TV star. Not sure why else her parents turned down a perfectly decent offer from Toby Keith because he refused to keep her as an on-air character.



    AND she wanted to still be the kayfabe owner of the company.  Not just in the storylines, either.  She wanted the new owners to essentially let her pretend to everyone that she still ran the place.  This amount of delusion is almost admirable.

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