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     He gets the bonus of only needing to pay his parking at Atlanta International and his plane tickets from Atlanta to Tokyo and back

    Airport parking is expensive though. $30 a day? Good luck with that!



    LOL I think it's kind of like making your stars dress nicely for appearances' sake.  NJPW makes AJ park at the airport to give the appearance that their champion is a successful athlete, because paying upwards of $30 per day is straight ballin'.  The champ can't be seen taking the shuttle no matter how economical it is, dude.

  2. I think forcing a tiny indy who never does DQs to do a DQ finish is really dumb, but fuck it, that's on PWG for accepting that stipulation.  Why they booked AJ for the show is another question.  PWG sells out regularly so it's not like they needed him to move any tickets.  In the end, does any of it matter?  I'm just selfish and hate seeing a shit finish on a show I'm looking forward to, especially when the shit finish is done for reasons I disagree with.  We can all agree to disagree on those reasons and still be e-bros. 

  3. I read it maybe 8 years ago, long after the Stephen King rose had lost its bloom for me (intentional Dark Tower reference?  Maybe).  I wouldn't sweat the lack of a coherent solution on some great mystery.  Just chalk it up to the fact that King couldn't write a satisfying ending if you put a gun to his head.

  4. @ringofhonor: Washington DC ROH Fans are you ready for ROH TV?

    ROH will now air in Washington, DC on WJLA, Sat night @ 1AM beginning 9/20/14


    Oh yea........


    That's awesome.  I moved from a part of MD that got Baltimore's Sinclair affiliate to an area that only gets DC channels about a year ago.  It'll be good to see ROH again and it sounds like they're picking up.

  5. You're right.  I should have said "one certain very narcissistic strain of Christianity" instead of "religious people."  There are religious folk who do their thing and don't necessarily believe The Divine Hand of the One True God is literally reaching down to help them in their everyday lives.

  6. RG3 apparently doesn't need surgery.  He was quoted as saying "He was watching over me."  Religious people drive me up the fucking wall.  Yes Robert, He wasn't watching over women and children getting beaten or the multitudes of players sustaining career shortening concussions yesterday and every week, He was just watching over one overrated player who can't even run without hurting himself.  SMFH.

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  7. Great point. 4-5 years walking around as campus celebrities and having a completely different set of rules than regular students turns these guys into sociopaths and narcissists.  How about we get rid of college as a minor league and institute a real minor league instead? 

  8. NCIS: LA barely has anything to do with the Navy.  The show revolves more around terrorism plots and trips abroad.  NCIS cases are mostly crimes involving seamen in some capacity.


    I thought Law & Order: SVU was the one that covered crimes involving seamen?

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  9. NBC did an interview with a  handful of present and former NFL wives and they've been showing it on the Today Show and on affiliate news segments.  It's worth a watch just to see what Stockholm Syndrome looks like right there on video.

  10. I haven't seen BOLA yet; all I know is footage from the preview videos for the shows.  The video for night 1 shows the ring entrances and Elgin doesn't have the belt.  AJ is carrying his NJ belt, though.  As far as precedent for ROH and PWG, I remember Austin Aries came out with the ROH belt sometime between 2009 and 2010 when he worked a handful of PWG shows while he was ROH champ, but I don't think any ROH champ has done that since.  I know Cole didn't.


    If the whole issue is all this pearl clutching over what the esteemed Tokyo Sports going to say, and how the fans will feel, than why limit it at jobs?  AJ wrestles in front of thousands in NJPW.  Won't pics of him working an American Legion hall diminish him and the belt, too?  I remember feeling embarrassed in 2004 looking at pics of Misawa, hailed as a legend on the message boards, working in front 300 people at a rinky dink Mike Modest show.  Did fans in Japan see those pics and have the same WTF reaction? 

  11. I'm thinking about finally picking up some PWG shows. The thing I do like about the promotion is that it's one of the more inexpensive indies to follow due to ten shows a year. I do not like their shipping cost, but that's a minor gripe.


    What is a good starting point at this point without spending too much to catch up? I was thinking of just either starting with the March or May show.


    If you only want to pick between those two, I'd go for the May show (Sold Our Soul for Rock n Roll).  The March show was Mystery Vortex II, which is what they name their shows when shit gets all changed up due to injuries, etc, and they don't even announce a card.  To me, MV2 ended up being a mixed bag and there was no intrigue in the main event because you knew they weren't putting the belt on Candice LeRae. 


    If you want to go back a little further, last year's TEN might be a good start.

  12. How would you want it delivered? Really, I'm interested.


    No problem.  In my own opinion, and YMMV, it needed to be delivered with no "style" at all, like a real human being just talking to you.  Less polished, more off the cuff, or how about do away with the script entirely?  Maybe it's my nigh worthless  mass comm degree talking but the way he did it came off as really phony.  There's broadcasting and there's talking.  He came off like a polished broadcaster just broadcasting some bit of info, not a real person expressing an urgent opinion on a very important subject.

  13. Whoever wrote that for James Brown is a winner.


    Exactly.  Between his reading style and TV voice, it came off more contrived and scripted than a WWE promo.  Something like this didn't need to be delivered in the same style as today's lineup updates.

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