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  1. Stolen from reddit in case you don't feel like listening to five minutes of Cena's monotone Wonderbread bullshit.  Honestly, a nebulous wall of text is the perfect personification of this goof.  Sorry for the delayed reaction, but I legit spaced out listening to it due to his delivery, and only really comprehended it when reading this.


    "I don't think it's complicated to talk about. It's complicated to listen to. That's why I don't necessarily put a lot of time and equity into it. There’s still a long way to go. I can say this, I’m a big advocate of love and friendship and honesty, and communication, in the same breath, I’m also a big advocate of accountability. If someone's behavior lies so far outside of your value system that the balance shifts of, 'I can't operate in a world where this works.' That's the end result of being accountable. Right now, I’m gonna love the person I love, be their friend. 'I love you, you have a hill to climb.' There is the saying of, 'You don’t know who your friends are until shit hits the fan or your back is against the wall.' That doesn't make any of what's going on any easier to swallow. Just telling someone you love them, it’s a hill to climb, and we’ll see what happens.' That's that. It sounds so cliche, but it has to be one day at a time. I've openly said, I love the guy, I have a great relationship with the guy, and that’s that. It's largely my construct of operating with honesty and communication. Those are strong leads to handling any problem or achievement. The whole thing is super unfortunate and it sucks. It deals with an individual I love and an entity I love. I want everyone to have the experience that I have," said Cena. "Not only do I tell a friend that I love them, but I switch to the entity and say, 'How can I help?'"

    Just telling someone you love them, it’s a hill to climb, and we’ll see what happens

    Sweet zombie Jesus tapdancing Christ.  His boss raped and trafficked multiple women, and this fucking human equivalent of cream colored paint on an apartment wall, this walking talking plain chicken breast made with no spices on an ungreased Foreman grill, is talking in terms of what a challenge this is going to be for his friend who he loves.  

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  2. Normally, a respectable tattoo artist won't go above the neck or maybe below the wrists so as not to hurt anyone's future employment prospects, social standing, etc.

    Darby walks in and the tattoo guy is like, "yeah, no problem."

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  3. On 2/16/2024 at 2:55 PM, Dolfan in NYC said:

    Realized we never created one of these for this year.   Anyway....  the industry continues on it's glide path for re-inventing cable TV:


    I dub thee PARACOCK

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  4. 8 minutes ago, Cobra Commander said:

    Considering Barry was gone a month later, wonder how much of the length of the match was Barry knowing he was about to leave the company.

    as for Sting/Reed. Fortunately Doom helped Butch Reed’s stint stand out compared to the other guys who arrived in 1989 and left in 1989 (Orton, Kendall, so on)

    Man, what a rough show this was.  The Horsemen had just breathed their last gasp (for the time being) with JJ leaving after Tully & Arn had left a few months prior, so they'd morphed into The Yamasaki Corporation, which was a complete popcorn fart.  Barry is on his way out (thanks for the reminder!).  MX vs MX gets a blowoff match that includes one guy who was never in the feud to begin with because Condrey left before the show.  The Michael Hayes singles push, which was trash, as he wrestles a masked Dave Sheldon.  Sting trying to find his footing as a singles wrestler and getting no favors being asked to go 20 vs Reed.  Road Warriors vs Varsity Club B team of Sullivan and Williams.  Woof.

  5. 17 hours ago, Cobra Commander said:

    Flair feels like the first one wasn't long enough. I would have chopped 5 minutes off of Hayes/Assassin and 5 off of Sting/Reed and given it to Flair/Steamboat. But it feels like WCW shows had a consistent theme down to the squashes where the first hour squashes would be a few minutes too long and all the second hour squashes had to wrap in 3 minutes or else

    There's not really a logical reason for Michael Hayes/Russian Assassin to be longer than Luger/Windham or Roadies/Varsity Club.

    So I suspect Flair might have been trying to make up for Chi-Town Rumble with a Clash card where only 2 other matches went past 10 minutes so that Flair/Steamboat could go 55 minutes.


    Flair and Windham got 23 minutes, which is a decent length for my own tastes.  I'll have to go rewatch the others but I seem to recall feeling like both guys were getting a little repetitive and dragging out the proceedings.  Maybe I'll watch all three and write something about them in the WWE Network thread.

    Looking at the card on Wikipedia, holy fuck yeah we absolutely didn't need 15 minutes of Hayes/Assassin and 20 of Sting/Reed.  Sweet Jesus.  I would have given Lex and Barry at least 5 more.  10 for those two feels criminal.

  6. 4 minutes ago, Cobra Commander said:

    Random bit of drama for me watching Chi-Town Rumble today

    Seeing three consecutive finishes where the referee had to raise an arm to clear up the winner (Rick Steiner pinning himself, Windham/Lugar back suplex, and two pinfalls at the same time in Road Warriors/Varsity Club), and forgetting if the first Flair/Steamboat match also had a back suplex almost a double pin finish.

    The first one didn't have that finish.. I was thinking of the Clash match which had that finish, a card i'll probably watch sometime in April.

    The schedule for me watching shows on the Network will likely change once Spring Training starts up and I start spending lots of time with the TV on MLB Network as the Phillies and Tigers play each other yet again in the Grapefruit League.

    Maybe I was just kinda tired when watching it but I found the Flair-Steamboat series decreased in quality in chronological order.  1 was really good, the 2/3 falls one was overlong and booked weirdly, and the third felt played out.

  7. Thanks, guys!  Yeah, my key issue is that the lower the squat gets, the more I bend and transfer the load from my quads to my lower back.  Like half the exercise is really a back extension.  I’ll research all these suggestions.

    Re: running, I do have a big front porch but not as big as it used to be!  I’m 6’2”, low 260s right now but I was like 310ish last year at this time.  My cardio is pretty great despite my build.  The only thing that stopped me from going 10 miles yesterday was my legs getting sore after maybe 6.  But I’m really happy with it as I was over 5 mph the whole time, even on one section that was mostly uphill.

  8. Hey guys, quick question.

    I absolutely hate barbell squats.  I don't know if it's my build, but doing them really deep (like I guess I'm supposed) to just murders my lower back.  As a dude who had a horrific disk injury a few years back, anything that strains that area is  a strict no no.  So I still do barbell squats, but with less ROM -- maybe 50 - 60 degrees at the knee, trying to stay as straight as possible without bending too much.  Is this okay or would I be better served going with the hack squat machine instead?  I could do leg press but (not humble bragging, really) I seriously don't feel like putting all those plates on.  I feel like I'm not squatting "correctly" if I'm not going lower.  Maybe I'm just in my own head.  Let me know.  Thanks!

    Also, after some holiday slacking and trying unsuccessfully to figure out outdoor running in the cold before getting the hang of it, I got more disciplined a month ago, dropped 6 pounds, and managed to run 8 miles yesterday, which is great.

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  9. On 2/19/2024 at 12:46 PM, SirSmUgly said:

    All the cleaning simulators are comforting podcast games for people (like me), who enjoy scraping gunk off of things and making them cleaner, but not to the point that we want to actually get up and do it.

    LOOOOOL I totally completed Power Wash Simulator while my actual pressure washer sat unused and my deck sat in desperate need of washing.

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  10. 21 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:
      Hide contents

    I think the hint was that Captain Prior did it when he moved the body as a warning. Or maybe he was just a sick fuck. A supernatural explanation does not fit given the friendly/non-malevolent spirit presences in the show. Anybody else got a theory?

    EDIT: Whoop. I forgot to mention we got "time is a flat circle" again.

    EDIT II: Oh and all of this of course had to happen on the cusp of and during a New Year. The metaphors were pretty LOUD in this season.


    Not sure about the theory of Prior putting the tongue there.  Annie K was murdered long before episode 1.  That's a long time for a tongue to sit there on the floor.  😄

    Quick question for everyone who watched:


    Am I reading the ending right, that Navarro walked off to her death like her sister did?


  11. 23 hours ago, Elsalvajeloco said:

    I get that from the point of view Jack explaining how Cornette wanted it to be the Gangsters and Jack was like it should be the "Gangstas".


    That's like Marty & Shawn explaining to Verne that they wanted to be called the Midnight Rockers, and Verne thinking it was a rocking chair reference.

    19 hours ago, Cobra Commander said:

    "I wish to protect the Environment"

    (fans prematurely cheer)

    "From the international bankers seeking to destroy the Ozone"

    (cheering ends)

    That reminds me of Chuck Taylor's "whitemeat southern babyface who also happens to be antisemitic" idea.  He's doing a post-match promo like, "I love y'all!  Thank ya for supporting me!  I fight for all y'all and I love y'all except the Jews thank ya'll goodnight!"

    19 hours ago, Elsalvajeloco said:

    Secret Jewish person Michael Hayes debuts and trades in the stars and bars for the Star of David. It writes itself.

    All I can think about is the ignorant-ass T shirts in the early 90s when the Malcolm X hats were hot...the shirts with the confederate flag that said "you have your X and I have mine."

    13 hours ago, The Great ML said:

    I mean how many times did he and the Birds headline the Hanukkah Star Wars from Reunion Arena?

    "Star (of David) Wars" was right there!

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  12. 22 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

    Okay now. I still haven't watched the last episode, and we're almost to the LAST episode. SPOILERS please.

    If you mean my post, it's not really a spoiler, just a cool thing that was pointed out by uber TD nerds when the ghost's wife mentioned his full name.  He was only featured in an early episode and his identity hasn't had any bearing on any important plot points for the season.

    A far worse spoiler was perpetuated by Max themselves, starting an episode with a suicide trigger warning when there's only one character on the show that was really likely to take their own life.  It didn't ruin the ep and I understand the need for such things, but still.

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  13. 21 hours ago, Contentious C said:

    I hate to bring it up, because it sounds stupid - it sounds doubly stupid on such a badly male-skewed place as this - but I was just thinking last night how, if there is any double standard in the world that is actually unfair to men instead of women, it's 100% the mental health domain.  All the other double standards that exist, women definitely take the L, let's just get that out of the way.  But men...well, women may get labeled more frequently as crazy, it's certainly meant more as slander towards them as a gender, but FSM help you if you tell someone you're struggling and you're a dude.  "Active shooter" "dangerous" "violent" "lone wolf" etc., and those are probably the nice ones you may hear.   Granted, the VKM sewer parade elsewhere does justify quite a bit of the worst of it, but...oof, if there aren't a lot of us bearing the brunt of the pieces of shit who get away with the worst.

    Annnnnnd it's not just the whole "a guy with some issues is a guy who is probably going to shoot the place up" stereotype.  It's everything else, too.  All the toxic horseshit that society puts on you as a man.  Now, disclaimer, society puts an equal, if not greater,  amount of shit on women, too.  But talking about guys right now...a man is supposed to not be vulnerable, to be able to take care of shit, to not complain, to not talk about feeling awful, or lonely, or anything like that.  A man is supposed to provide and never complain about being needed all the time.  I'm not supposed to be a self-loathing mess who is amazed I got through the day and somehow have a half decent life that I'm not so sure I deserve. 

    I'm really happy men's mental health is gradually something people discuss seriously and without stigma.

    In general, I just hope we can evolve as a human society to understand that men don't need to be some certain way.  And women don't need to be some certain way.  We're all humans and we're all different, and expectations and comparisons rob us of joy and make life horrible.

    Anyway, thanks for writing what you wrote, and thank you to all you lunatics for being bros.  I'm right here with you.

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  14. I haven't seen it yet but Sammy has been reckless for a LOOOOOONG time, just throwing himself hither and yon off things like "welp, I hope you catch me."  Shit, his twisting senton off a ladder is in one of the shows' opening packages, maybe Rampage, and that shit was just dangerous as fuck.

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  15. 37 minutes ago, The Natural said:

    Trigger warning:

    In a bad depressive spell. Yesterday and today particularly bad with crying spells. Mental illness is brutal. The urge to self-harm which I haven't, to have suicidal thoughts. Sick and tired of feeling this way. The Cerebral Palsy making my body work four times harder doing the same things as those without. I know I need to start doing Gym, Swimming, Pilates regularly again but when it's hard to get out of bed, feeling low, in pain, it's bloody tough to. Not sure the increased Trazodone 100mg is working out. Shame you can't bottle up when you start taking Trazodone 50mg as you feel great, only had it once or twice after. These stomach pains and headaches giving me grief as well. Feel bad/guilty dropping my depression on my Dad, my Sister, Aje, Alyson and the DVDVR MB when you've got your own things going on. Sharing is caring as the saying goes. I hope people don't get tired of me as I am. Thanks for the support here. Love, Paul xxx.

    Shit, man, I'm so sorry to hear this.  It's such a fight every day, believe me I know it, and anything I want to say just sounds like bullshit platitudes.  Just know there are people here you can DM if you need to talk, and please do your best.

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