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  1. In case I missed it while scanning through all the posters, are any of these shows/arenas in or near Cabo San Lucas? I'm gonna be there this month and hoping to catch a wrestling show.
  2. Speaking of Pentagon Jr. shirts, I went to this week's RAW taping and spotted one Pentagon Jr. shirt, an Alberto El Patron shirt (guy said he got it from the ROH site), a man wearing what looked like a bootleg Sexy Star mask, a few random lucha masks that I couldn't immediately associate with a particular wrestler, and of course my own Lucha World Order shirt. We got there late so if the Lucha Dragons were in a dark match, we missed it. But we were there in time to see Los Matadores.
  3. I'm generally low-maintenance and usually look for the bright side of things, but ... Triplemania just wasn't good. And I really wanted it to be. It was OK at best. Audio issues -- Eh, stuff happens. I don't know whose fault it was, so I'm not gonna be too mad at AAA about it. Sometimes you plan for perfection and things beyond your control just go wrong on the big day. I mostly watch AAA on silent or with the sound down real low at work anyway, so I'm used to not hearing it. Villanos vs. Psycho Circus -- It was bad, but everyone on the Villanos team is at or over 50 years old (I believe), so what did you expect? And it was a retirement match, so it was more about the moment and the tributes and less about the match. Blue Demon -- No opinion, just a question: Is he retiring? I don't speak Spanish so I couldn't follow the tribute, and all the announcers would say was that they were honoring Blue Demon, but with no explanation why. Was he retiring? Being inducted into the Hall of Fame? Was this a farewell or just a lifetime achievement award? Cage match -- Underwhelming. I think it would've been better without the Pentagon-Fantasma-Texano team. This was like TNA's Ultimate X match, and Texano and Pentagon aren't X-division types. I would've done Hell Brothers vs. Angelico-Evans-Fenix in the cage (one team of brawlers vs. one team of flyers works better) and then added a regular 3-on-3 match to the card with Pentagon-Fantasma-Texano vs. another group. Alberto vs. Brian Cage -- I liked this one. The interference was unnecessary, but otherwise it was solid and the right guy won. Tables have been a big part of their feud leading up to Triplemania, so I thought the table stuff in their blowoff match made sense. Main event -- Really good match, IMO. Great storytelling with Myzteziz turning to a brawling/striking offense when his usual stuff wasn't working and Rey having to adapt to that. With the post-match stuff, I don't see why they didn't have Lider-Averno-Pentagon surround Myzteziz and tease a beatdown, have Rey jump in to make the save, and then all four guys jump Rey, with Myzteziz leading the way. Unless the beatdown on Myzteziz was him getting "jumped in" to the new Perros del Mal or whatever it's gonna be called, it was unnecessary.
  4. I was trying to put this into context for a WWE fan base, and here's what I came up with: Imagine Randy Orton dying in the ring during a match with Steve Austin, with Hulk Hogan at ringside, on RAW the night after Austin had made his long-awaited WWE comeback at Survivor Series 2015. I've only been following lucha for about a year, but in that time I'd picked up that Perro was one of the top heel performers in Mexico. And while he may not have been in his wrestling prime at 35, he still had plenty of years left in the game. Rey is of course an iconic figure, the returning hero, and Konnan is someone who changed the business inside and outside the ring. And this isn't a hotel drug overdose, this is in the ring. This isn't Eddie Guerrero, it's Owen Hart, but if Owen had been one of WWE's top acts in 1999. Is that too much? Too little?
  5. This is my first year really paying attention to lucha, and Rush has been the guy who stands out most. So I'd vote for him.
  6. I've never been the type of wrestling fan who pays attention to TV ratings, but since Lucha Underground is a brand-new show, is this the kind of situation where low ratings out of the gate could lead to an early cancellation? I know that's more of a thing with network TV than cable, but even channels like USA and TNT have had shows that were pulled after the 1st season, presumably for low ratings. If I like Lucha Underground, do I need to start tracking the ratings and worrying whenever they take a slight dip, or is El Rey's model not as dependent on that?
  7. I was watching a shoot interview with Marco Corleone (Mark Jindrak) that was taped after he'd left AAA and before he'd returned to CMLL. At the time he had just gotten started with Lucha USA or Lucha Libre USA and they had a TV deal with MTV. I wasn't watching lucha at the time -- and I think this was also during my hiatus from watching pro wrestling in general -- but I do occasionally watch MTV and I have zero recollection of Lucha USA. What was the story behind it, and how long did it last?
  8. It looks like TNA's Bound for Glory will be a crossover show with Japan's Wrestle-1. Matches include MVP vs. Kazma Sakamoto, EC3 vs. Ryota Hama, etc. I don't follow Japanese wrestling so I don't know who's who, but it does sound like an interesting card just from a novelty perspective. The whole thing brought up a question: If TNA or WWE did a crossover show with CMLL or AAA, how would you book it? Seth Rollins vs. Rush? Bobby Lashley vs. Alberto Del Rio? Perros del Mal vs. The Hardys or The Usos? What would your dream card (using available talent) look like?
  9. With Alberto Del Rio and Myzteziz coming back to Mexico from WWE recently, and perhaps Ray Mysterio Jr. on the way, who do you think is the next luchador to go from Mexico to WWE? Who's the best fit for WWE style that would be a realistic option? (Young enough, big enough, may have some desire to leave their current promotion, etc.)
  10. I've caught a few TV matches involving Delta (CMLL) and I like his style. What are some Delta matches I should seek out online?
  11. Anybody know if AAA has filmed or aired its post-TripleMania show yet? To put it in U.S. wrestling TV terms, I'm looking for the RAW the night after the PPV where they address and expand on the events of the PPV. (BTW, I'm still new to lucha so I don't have the filming/TV routine down yet. Right now my lucha exposure is catching what seems like random CMLL shows on Spanish-speaking DirecTV channels and random AAA shows on YouTube.) If AAA has run such a show yet, where can I find it?
  12. What did you all think of the show? Like I said, this was my first time really diving into AAA after only seeing a few matches here and there. Overall, it was pretty good. Every match brought something to the table, with only one noticeably bad match IMO. * All of the stuff with Alberto Del Rio was great, from his opening promo to the final brawl. Even if you knew nothing about AAA or WWE, you could tell the guy is a star. My biggest complaint with ADR in WWE is that for the last several months they hadn't bothered giving his character any motivation or storyline; by the time he left he was just being thrown out there to have random matches. They were usually good matches, but the U.S. crowd isn't going to care about you if you don't have an angle. Now in AAA, from Day 1, Del Rio is given an angle and he proves he can deliver a money performance. * I'm surprised by how much AAA is toeing the line with WWE's legal team: They played ADR's WWE music, the English-language announcers (Hugo and Vampiro) called him "Alberto Del Rio" (switching between that and "El Patron"), they name-dropped Vince McMahon and called him "a monster," and the ring announcer used terms like "Money in the Bank" that are surely copyrighted. I'm not sure about the specifics of a no-compete clause, but it seemed like ADR did enough in the ring to violate it. But with the announcers making such a big deal about him violating it, plus all the other WWE-related stuff, I was actually starting to wonder if this no-compete business -- maybe even this whole getting-fired thing in the first place -- is a work. Like maybe WWE has made some investment in AAA and sent Del Rio there to be the headliner. * The cage match didn't work for me, mostly because of the format with the escape-only rules. It had no flow and all the blood wasn't enough to save it from being boring. And apparently we'll never see the best part of the match, as Chessman did some crazy dive off the top of the cage through a table (according to Vampiro), but the cameras were all focused on Blue Demon's entrance and none of them caught it. Or they just didn't bother showing a replay. Jeff Jarrett being unable to show up must have really thrown off their original plan, because everybody looked like they were unsuccessfully trying to wing it. * The main event was a good combination of high-flying spots and bloody brawling, with even some mat/submission stuff thrown in. * Hugo and Vampiro were kind of terrible on commentary. They sounded unprepared and maybe a little drunk, and for Vampiro to be a former pro wrestler who lives in Mexico, he sounded like he barely knew anything about the sport. He kept asking Hugo, "What would you call that move?" Some moves he was just making up names for, and others he was calling the wrong name. Both of them would go on weird tangents about stuff and they had some awkward interactions. To their credit, they did a good job of selling the importance of hair/mask matches to a new viewer and did a good job making the Del Rio stuff seem like a big deal.
  13. What are you most looking forward to at TripleMania? Most of my lucha exposure so far has been CMLL, with only a few AAA matches on YouTube, so this is my first time really diving in with AAA. Who/what should I watch for?
  14. WWE Spanish announcer Hugo Savinovich says Rey is trying to get out of his WWE contract so he can finish his career in Mexico.
  15. I'm assuming the 90-day wait is some kind of WWE non-compete clause. But if that's the case, does that still apply if WWE fires you? I can understand if a wrestler quits why WWE doesn't want them immediately showing up in another promotion. But it doesn't seem right that WWE can force you out of work and then not allow you to earn a living for 3 months. Also, does WWE even consider CMLL or AAA competition?
  16. With the news that Del Rio has been let go by WWE, what are the chances he comes back to Mexico to work? Would you want to see him back in lucha?
  17. Newbie question about masks: In Mexico, does anyone go back under a mask after they've lost it? Or is it a case where once it's gone, it's gone for good? I ask because even before I took an interest in lucha, I thought it was weird that Rey Mysterio Jr. went from masked to unmasked (and back again, I believe) in WCW, and then in WWE when he was under the mask they acted like it'd be this life-ending catastrophe if he were unmasked, even though fans knew what he looked like from his WCW run. I could see where in America it's not taken as seriously and may simply be a case of going from one company to another signaling a fresh start, but with guys like Rey and Psychosis who've been unmasked in America, if they went back to Mexico to work some shows would they do so with the mask or not?
  18. Like a basketball player of triple-jumper, I think years and years of jumping and landing will lead to knee and ankle problems down the road. That is the one element of lucha that seems more problematic long-term than your WWE-style wrestlers. And of course if a dive goes wrong there's always the potential for bad injuries. But as far as night-after-night, high-impact pounding of the entire body even if everything does "go right," it still seems like somebody like Randy Orton is more likely to develop a painkiller dependency than somebody like La Sombra.
  19. Also a fan of Alberto Del Rio in WWE. What was his best Dos Caras match in Mexico, or a real good one I should find online?
  20. In my short time watching lucha libre (2-3 months of mostly CMLL and a bit of AAA), it appears that luchadores punish their bodies less than wrestlers in the U.S. and Japan. Maybe I'm wrong, and please correct me if so, but considering: * The high amount of trios matches, meaning an individual isn't in the ring as long as a wrestler who works primarily 1-on-1 matches; * An overall looser style of wrestling; * Fewer weapons, chair shots, tables, fire, barbed-wire, etc.; * I read somewhere that the ring surfaces in Mexico aren't as soft as in the U.S., so therefore luchadores don't take as many high-impact bumps on the mat; Now I can't speak for how many days luchadores work -- if it's more or less often than your average U.S./Japan wrestler -- but from what I've seen so far it seems that a luchadore's job isn't as taxing on the body as it is for wrestlers in other parts of the world. Which brings me to the question: Do luchadores have a longer careers, longer life expectancy and a lower rate of drug-related deaths and illnesses than other wrestlers? If I'm right and wrestlers in Mexico don't put their bodies through as much punishment as others, is there a noticeable correlation between that and their future quality of life?
  21. I'm pretty new to lucha libre -- just started watching shows on DirecTV's Spanish-language channels a couple of months ago -- so this forum has been great as far as getting familiar with the top names and best matches to find online. I was wondering about Manik and Tigre Uno in TNA. Do either of them have a CMLL or AAA background? If so, what names did they wrestle under in Mexico and which matches of theirs should I seek out?
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