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  1. All Elite Wrestling: where the ring doesn't collapse from regular use.
  2. Both of these things can be true at the same time. To extend on what @NoFistsJustFlipssaid, I'll add that a rhythm of seeing hometown favorites lose, extinguishing their crowds, probably has a downstream effect of muting the enthusiasm of future crowds. Besides, it's not like the story of Ali and Mansoor desperately needed *this* loss, or set this loss up to matter more than any other.
  3. For a company that likes putting smiles on faces, it sure was dippy to job out Ali. In terms of smiles, there is also a case for bothering to hype Ripley/Jax before running it.
  4. There's an interesting nuance to this, which is 'change in show presentation' versus 'lack of audience'. I'm not sure about the latter, but for the former - Drew and Shayna come to mind, as well as the Mandy / Otis angle's derailment. This is a good take. If anyone wants a grim data science side project, graph the outbreaks two weeks after a WWE show rolls through a town.
  5. the phrasing here is unclear. Do you mean that "hopefully they aren't stupid and therefore have her pin RIpley" or "hopefully they aren't stupid and therefore don't have her pin Ripley"? TBF, wasn’t he was given promo time after that insult and got flustered after he said he was the best inside the three sides of the ring? Aaaaie, that was a painful slip to watch. Three ropes, four corners...
  6. 1. The little Madonna reference in the New Day's finisher is brilliant. (Midnight Hour - > Feel the power!) 2. Head of the Table Roman Reigns is a character that actively repels me from his parts of shows. Samoan supremacist - sure. All-smothering godfather figure, also good. Doing both at once connects them in a way that I think unintentionally positions the latter as a consequence of ethnicity, or as an authentic extension of the ethnicity, and that makes me really uneasy. Also the matches are plodding and the nutshot-kickout spot should be scouted by any subsequent challengers.
  7. The first episode of Off Her Chops, a podcast from Cassie Lee (FKA Peyton Royce) and Jessie McKay (FKA Billie Kay) will be available on Friday May 21
  8. Apropos of nothing - I'm guessing you're Canadian?
  9. Going by UUDD and her out-of-character bits on Youtube, she's old-school geeky enough to be a bridge to the G4/Syfy-type networks. Really hoping she stays visible somehow.
  10. For these three in particular: if they wanted this, I'm glad its happened and I wish them the best. If they didn't, DEATH TO WWE.
  11. As a big fan of Rhea and Asuka, that was a really off night for both of them. I'm guessing it's at least partly because it's Rhea's first night in Thunderdome (her finger-wagging at Asuka's back was ... not something that really made sense in this context, but it would have worked if there was more of an audience to play to, and it looked like she was not positioned correctly on the electric chair that worked - that was a bit more back-to-the-hard-cam than usual) ...but that doesn't explain Asuka's dropkick botch or the electric chair slip or the sliding knee going over Rhea's head or whatever happened with that Samoan Drop-Crucifix... thing.... ... the faceplant after the cloverleaf rope break was cool, at least? On a character level, it might have been tough for Rhea to grasp her motivation in the match?
  12. Ricochet, Mustafa and Cedric/Shelton could all be doing something.
  13. Asuka, the Horsewomen, Shayna... Nattie, Mickie? Possibly Rhea, Nikki and Mia?
  14. It's not a bad list but I'd add the Worlds Collide 8-man and Ripley/Gonzalez from Halloween Havoc.
  15. At risk of retroactive fantasy booking, the Sting / HHH match had what seemed to be a perfect setup just before Survivor Series. Sting's appearance set the Authority out the door for a few blessed weeks - why? The motivation I read into it was "the Authority is calling themselves a New World Order, and Sting cannot abide New World Orders. " And then the Mania match happens.
  16. I am really not a fan of Reigns/Uso. I don't feel that they've done enough to establish the 'tribal chief' thing, and it comes off kind-of racially charged. It was way too repetitive for my taste and I was glad it was over, as opposed to relieved.
  17. This overdelivered. I say this as someone who thinks that Ember-Asuka was a really great match - I really hope Ember's taken time to work on her character.
  18. Man, the Vengeance 2003 tag with Kidman and Rey against Haas and Benjamin was so good.
  19. I would characterize the issue more as "even with backstage permission, the performance of the act itself (lacking permission in the world of the show) is problematic. " We also don't know (and realistically, don't have reason to believe) that permission has been freely given.
  20. This is precisely a reason to dread the coming days.
  21. I'm of two minds on Sasha these days - I truly respect her dedication to the craft, but it felt like, in terms of being able to execute the spots in her match, she more-than-once wasn't quite where she needed to be. (In this case, the series of flips and rollups towards the end of the match - far too often it was just looking like she and Asuka were tumbling for the fun of it. )
  22. moreso than usual, they can literally do anything (given the pandemic/performance center era) ... and they did that.
  23. At risk of fantasy booking, I could see Io turning to Rhea as a counter to Gonzales (following the line of Charlotte helping Sasha against Dana and Emma in exchange for a title shot. )
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