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  1. I know I made the Omega 2021 analogy earlier but FTR right now really reminds me of that where the most talented act in the division is like “alright, I spent a year kind of fucking around, being a little hurt, and not being on top, but I’m gonna go on ahead and take this over now”. 

    And I know Dax in particular struggles with his weight but IMO the chunky Arn look works way better for them than when they try to lean up 

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  2. 3 hours ago, Hagan said:

    Yeah - Cody's promo was great but there's this weird disconnect where one of the selling points of AEW and, really, most non-WWE wrestling is the authenticity of the performers. Cody is selling authenticity (mentioning Liberty, his dad, dreams of being WWWF champion as a kid) but you can't shake the feeling that it's all bullshit. 

    Like...none of us know the real Roman Reigns. We know muh-muh-muh muh Tribal Chief but his character isn't trying to sell you his authentic self. It's a very comic book boss character. Most WWE characters are pretty one dimensional. Cody is trying to do the AEW presentation where we are supposed to be rooting for the real guy chasing his dream but I think the problem is that so much of what he says just feels so disingenuous and carny. 

    And it's pretty clear that may be just the kind of person he is. 

    Great post. I’m not sure how it’s going to work. All it takes is one Reigns or Miz or similar promo where they rightfully point out that 1) everyone has a dad, and 2) everyone wants to be WWE champion, and that Cody isn’t special. Like you said, it just isn’t part and parcel of how WWE typically presents its characters.

    But yeah, a Reigns says something like that, the fans go “shit, he’s right,” and then I’m not sure what happens.

    The good news is Vince can force the issue on the heel turn for when that time inevitably comes. 

  3. The Elias thing can be dumb wrestling fun if  it gets a little runway. Is Elias stealing Ezekiel’s identity? Did Ezekiel steal Elias’s? Where is Elias! Dumb vignettes with terrible CGI showing both at once to prove it isn’t him, etc. 

  4. I’m enjoying the recent WM niche of “celebrities that are more athletic than you think and prep hard for the match.” Bad Bunny, Logan Paul, of course Pat and Wee Man’s feat of strength were all great. Whoever it was earlier that said that WM should go full on HUSTLE is 100% right, and it’s trending in that direction. More Michael Cole encouraging his best friend NFL punter to beat an 80 year old’s ass, less AJ/Edge and Roman/Brock/Goldberg: Citizens on Patrol

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  5. 6 minutes ago, just drew said:

    If WWE isn't going to present quality stories or in-ring action, they can at least keep doing silly shit like that or big, over the top celeb moments like McAfee's entrance. That ruled ass. 

    This right here. I think I liked the overall show so much because other than AJ/Edge, this was an 8 hour Michael Bay movie that was very much intentionally written to be a Michael Bay movie. They got that right this year. Like I got a whole Criterion Collection of other stuff I love watching, but sometimes I love just a well done big ass explosions and shit action movie.

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  6. So I really dug Lashley/Omos. That was high intensity and “Lashley carries the match with his natural charisma and emotion” isn’t something you’d see written much 10 years ago!

    Jackass match was fun as hell. They blew the ending but who cares. Wee Man with the most over scoop slam since WM3. This match rules.

    Pat McAfee throws the best punches in WWE and holy shit did Michael Cole watch his Rumble 94 tape 10 times and put in a five star performance in this one. Theory has a job for life after that stunner sell. This also rules.

    Not as good as night one but both celebrity matches kicked ass. Pat McAfee is just the best. Pay him whatever he wants forever.

    This was a fun two days. Just a good time. Props to the Dallas crowd.

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  7. 23 hours ago, zendragon said:

    All the talk about HHH retirement got me thinking best HHH non gimmick match singles or tag?

    Not the best but I’m actually a fan of the WM22 Cena match. Just watched it recently and it’s funny to hear the Chicago reaction and the “you can’t wrestle” stuff given what we know now and the extent to which one of these legacies in-ring dwarfs the other.

    ETA: Thats actually a fun exercise. How many all time Cena matches do you get to list before you arrive at the first HHH match that matches one in quality. It’s gotta be 20+. 

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  8. I might be really naive on this, but what entertainment mediums outside of monsters like Marvel are growing? Feels like everything is a niche nowadays because of wide availability, and each independent audience is getting smaller as more and more niches are developed and take audience share.

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  9. 6 minutes ago, ThatTCGuy said:

    WWE signed a guy who made his name elsewhere, didn't try to change or diminish anything about him and he felt like a big star as a result. There's a lesson Vince and Pritchard could take from this that I doubt they will.

    That’s a super small list for sure. AJ, Jericho, Rey Mysterio and going back further Randy Savage, Ric Flair. 

    I’ll give them bonus points for actually rehabilitating Rey’s presentation after the end of WCW stuff. Maybe take away a point or two as a few months after debut Jericho was working Road Dogg and AJ lost clean to Jericho. They figured both out though.

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  10. Is Bianca the best Performance Center product ever, when you consider the total package? She’s an elite performer now. Maybe Charlotte (I don’t count Becky/Sasha/Bayley as they were on the Indy’s before), but Bianca connects with the audience more. 

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  11. Definitely best for everyone from where I sit. I’ll catch Cody’s Raw segments to see whatever weirdness he’s up to and I haven’t watched Raw in forever, and I’ll keep watching every minute of AEW because the show is more consistent without him and better for it. 

    I dunno what other win/win trades are out there. Jericho’s an easy choice but he’s doing a great job mixing it up with and elevating younger homegrown guys. Britt Baker maybe? Tons of new women to work with in a talk-heavier promotion, while AEW has a whole crop coming up and Jade as their mainstream star type.

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