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  1. I would say 8 months, not 12 IMO. Revolution was a high note, and you had sme clear direction there with Wardlow as your Next Big Thing and closure with Punk/MJF.

    Shortly after that it all unraveled, a lot of it self inflicted. I’ve posted this a lot but I put a lot of blame on the Owen and the ROH stuff, which just completely ripped massive chunks of narrative out of the show in favor of matches for the sake of matches. 

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  2. Man they need that AEW Network ASAP so I can get more Sting and Darby in Fear and Loathing in Venice Beach. Like real grimy black and white road trip episodes where the Darby stops to jump off of shit and skateboard while Sting stops to identify fixer uppers at below market asking prices. Some real Jackass meets Chip and Joanna shit.

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  3. 15 minutes ago, Matt D said:

    One of the big disappointments of the year for me, though I'm sure others might disagree, was that they didn't lean hard enough into the "Sports Entertainer" thing. In general, past changing some names and synchronized clothing choice, Sports Entertainer was really just another word for being a cheater. I would have loved to see more of the WWE style in their ringwork in some sort of clever parody that they could pass in as somehow kayfabe effective, like the idea that the Worm somehow hit especially hard or provided a certain level of confidence or worked as a mind game that threw people off. Something creative along those lines that could have made for a real contrast with what the BCC was doing.

    The only wrestler who really, really seems to be embracing the idea of this currently is Anna Jay, who is wildly down the rabbit hole (no pun intended) of throwing kisses all over the place and posing and shouting out her catch phrase in the middle of matches and making faces and just being totally committed to the idea and the ideal of sports entertainment.

    I mean I would have preferred the Bunny too but I do hope she leans hard into all of the shenanigans and amusing goofiness in the middle of an otherwise hard hitting match tonight.

    Jericho talked about this on his pod a month or two ago, and went into some pretty specific details acknowledging the ideas around things like doing crazy camera cuts and zooms during their matches, WWE-style commentary, precisely-positioned entrances etc as part of the JAS act. But he was against doing that, because in his view once you overtly acknowledge the parody aspect of it, you become a joke.

    I dunno, I definitely would have loved to see them lean in to it more.

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  4. 8 minutes ago, SirSmellingtonofCascadia said:

    Watching main event champ Jarrett or main event champ HHH is a wash. Both those guys have good short TV matches, but put them in a PPV and they're total snooze-fests. 

    Id never thought of that but you’re absolutely right on this. HHH PPV matches and 20 minute TV promos range from boring to horrid, but his TV matches were generally excellent. Jarrett had better TV vignette stuff and also had excellent TV matches, but was a channel changer as an in ring promo and his PPV main events. They’re very similar in that regard.

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  5. Maybe a minority opinion but I don’t think there’s much material difference between doing the screw job and taking a more traditional approach of e.g. Bret dropping it to Taker before/after HIAC and simply walking, without all the on-screen drama. You still get to Austin at Mania, and I think you still get to McMahon as the lead heel even if the story of Vince letting Bret walk is referred to more so than explicitly shown on camera. 

    A bit of sound and fury signifying nothing as the big transformative wheels were already in motion. 

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  6. 3 minutes ago, JLowe said:

    I know the mods here don't like just gif posts so imagine Michael Scott saying "Explain it to me like I'm 5" because I'm not catching your drift.

    I think they are setting up Regal to turn on Mox to give MJF the win

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  7. Also not sure about the Joe turn? Like Joe rules but that seems rushed? You had a nice and easy path of Hobbs/Wardlow and Joe/Cage THEN the turn…now it’s, what, Joe/Hobbs/Wardlow in a three way? I mean that will rule but what’s the rush? 

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  8. Boy howdy that main event was the shit

    And I’m not the worlds best pro wrestling sleuth but methinks something stinks in Boston with Regal being out there for Mox’s promo. Maybe it’s too obvious, but the past month has certainly set it up.

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  9. So Dubba J gets his old WWE job back in AEW. And he and Road Dogg have the same job on competing shows.

    Look say whatever you want about Jarrett but my boy has a uncanny ability to get the bag

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  10. This is a great gimmick that CM Punk is working where he does all this awful shit, is a complete clown, then his catchphrase is, inevitably, “what have I ever done, Dave?”

    Don’t know if he realizes that’s his gimmick yet, obvs.

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  11. Just now, DreamBroken said:

    Stokley sucks. go away heat. Deflating ending to an otherwise good show. I was having flashbacks to the Dark Order destroying the Elite. No intrigue added to what should be a big time main event by having midcarders beat them up.

    Opening tag was great, finish came out of nowhere, wasn't expecting Claudio to just straight up pin Jericho like that. Riho's always gold. Awesome tag contenders match and Bryan/Sammy ruled. 

    Angle could have been far more effective IMO with MJF paying off some some GCW mercenaries in the role of The Firm rather than Ethan Page and Big Cass. Like let Nick Gage and Homicide play Matsunaga with MJF getting carved right the fuck up tonight. 

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