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  1. I think the biggest question mark out there is what does Tua get.  He's obviously good, but last year was literally the first complete year of healthy play.

    So, everything I've seen on Dolphins blogs/twitter says they're desperately trying to get him to do an incentive based mega-deal, rather than just pony up the (probably) 50+ per that he'd get all things being equal.  Plus if there's some flexibility with the number he commands, maybe they won't have a ridiculous cap hit if it all falls apart. 

    There were some rumors he was going to hold out of training camp, but that doesn't appear to be the case. 

  2. Feeling down n' dirty, feeling kinda mean!

    It's Double or Nothing week, which means we get a pretty stacked card...  (for Dynamite?)


    Hey, is that Saraya?  And she's actually wrestling???  It's a Memorial Day miracle! 

    Fill my eyes with that double vision, no disguise for that double vision!

    (Why does Bryan Keith look like an RDR2 character you have to team up with but betrays Arthur halfway through a mission?)

    Oh I'm getting double [or nothing] vision!


    Enjoy the long weekend y'all!


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  3. During an interview Charles Barkley told Anthony Edwards he hadn't been to Minnesota in about 20 years.  

    Ant's response was "Bring ya ass."

    BringYaAss.com now brings you to the Minnesota state tourism site.  🐺

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  4. 13 minutes ago, EVA said:

    I actually think Jey would be the perfect guy to feed to Bron right now. He’s mega over but has also clearly maxed out what he’s capable of being as a singles guy. If you’re serious about using Bron straight to the top, Jey is the perfect springboard at this moment. Like feeding Jim Duggan to Yokozuna in 92.

    Only issue with that is, there's a lot of money to be made by that match, and the next massive PLE is only about 10 weeks away.  If Bron is gonna rip shit apart like I expect him to, he'll be destroying guys like Tozawa and the New Day by next month.  Letting him annihilate Jey at SummerSlam may frankly be too soon. 

    Now, opening in Cleveland, Bron vs. Braun.... that could be a LOT of fun.  Then feed him guys like Jey, Owens, Zayn, Priest, Sheamus, etc.

    Hopefully they can hold off on Bron's coronation til Vegas when he gets a big name veteran champ (thinking Punk, Seth, or Cody - I'd say Roman too, but I think they're starting to build to Roman-Solo).  

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  5. Well, we're a few days away from not only Memorial Day weekend, but a new King AND Queen of the Ring!  

    For their thoughts on the matter, let's go to semi-finalist Tama Tonga!  


    Well said Tama.   The only thing I can think of to say for y'all this week is to just keep on going. Hopefully you too can be more than the king (or queen!) of wishful thinking!



    Enjoy your week!

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