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  1. On 10/5/2022 at 10:32 AM, RIPPA said:


    Re-reading this, I think the news that came out is a bit more procedural than anything else.  But the Hutchins family has dropped their lawsuit against Baldwin.

    He remains charged with involuntary manslaughter.  (Charges were dropped and then re-filed in January when he was indicted formally.) His trial will begin in July.

    The movie's armorer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, was found guilty earlier this year and is currently serving an 18 month sentence in prison.

  2. 2 hours ago, Cobra Commander said:

    Jericho going on a dumb rant about how he was also denied a shot at the Olympics, so Caitlin Clark should keep her chin up and work on her defense, would have worked better than whatever the fuck that corn talk was about

    It sounded like the random fact he memorized because he watched one YouTube video as he was trying to get a farmstead tax exemption on his mansion.

    But then got upset because the state requires you to have two different kinds of farm animals also.

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  3. Two baseball teams, each alike in dignity, in fair New York City, where we set our scene....

    From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.


  4. For the first time in ECHL history, we have a threepeat champion.   

    That Paul Maurice's kid on the call.  As he put it in his presser, he's been in pro hockey for 2 years and already has 2 rings.

  5. 24 minutes ago, hammerva said:

    I am willing to bet that Rodgers tells people what this "important event' is because he  can't help himself and actually thinks that it is more important than going to training camp.  

    Took about 2-3 months longer than I expected, but the "NY Sports Media Turn" has begun:

    He'd better hope he passes for 5000 yards and 50 TD's (and wins 12+) because otherwise...  oh this is gonna get fun.  

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  6. So this story gets the official King Bookah  "WUT THA HELL???"

    Scott Hansen confirmed that he was not involved in a crash but witnessed it, and was recording the guy who's filming taking stuff out of the car... for clout? 

  7. A glimpse of summer's heatwaves in your eyes... You did what you did to me....

    We're deep on the road to Forbidden Door.  So let's see where we are....

    The main AEW champ is probably an underdog against his challenger... The main NJPW champ is probably an underdog against his challenger...  The main AEW women's champ is probably an underdog against her challenger...  Awesome.


    Now it's history I see, here's my comeback on the road again, things will happen while they can....

    Well, I am being a bit cheeky... all those matches should be fun.  Meanwhile, Jeff Cobb needs an opponent!  But you know who doesn't?   Zach Sabre Jr!  I'll bet Orange makes him mad at some point by sticking his hands in his pockets! 


    I will wait here for my man tonight, it's easy when you're big in Japan.

    Only 7 matches for Forbidden Door?  Tsk tsk Tony.  You need more than that!   Let's see how this week goes.



    (lol, like I'd use a good Tom Waits song on you guys  👼🏾

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