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  1. Words can't describe how much I love how well they're leaning into Lee and Swerve being Shaq and Kobe. Like Gregg was saying, when the Acclaimed's music hit, I sat on the edge of my seat. And then that motherfucker Swerve had to come out and ruin it. Now THAT'S a fucking heel. If this were WCW in 97 you'd have people throwing shit at Swerve.

    If the Acclaimed win at Grand Slam, it's going to blow the roof off that place and likely steal all of the thunder from the world title match.

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  2. Something else people ignore regarding these signings and the start stop of everything is that so many people have been injured or otherwise or have been snakebit. Black had a hot start, got out of the Cody angle and then the feud with Death Triangle was a little too slow moving and a little too kiddie-ish at times with "we're the death faction!" and then Penta turning into Penta Oscuro and Alex turning into a warlock or something. Then unfortunately Black's back got worse, but he at least had Brody King and Buddy Matthews around.

    By the way, on the good signing tip, Brody King was a massive, no pun intended, signing. He rules so much.

    Adam Cole fucked up his arm and then got concussed twice. Not much you can do with that.

    KOR fucked up his neck and needs fusion surgery.

    Miro has been a great signing and the only reason he's been a little stop-start-ish is because he got hurt and then during rehab he landed a role in a TV series.

    Samoa Joe you could say is a fine signing, but he also landed a role in a TV series.

    Danielson has been consistently booked so there's no complaints there.

    Punk was looking like the best wrestler in the world again getting over simple shit like body slams, so why he felt the need to do a tope suicida is beyond me except for it being a big match. The weird thing is though, that he already proved he can be an incredible worker without trying to tap into who he was 10 years ago. I'm now counting this latest bullshit from him so I'll say that's been a great signing and it was only until recently that he became snakebit by injuries.

    Menard and Parker were both awesome signings even if they don't wrestle a whole lot on the main shows. No complaints there.

    Claudio was an amazing pickup.

    Ruby hasn't panned out and has nearly ended her career multiple times now and now she's paying the price for some of the bumps she was taking.

    Athena is overrated and I don't think her signing helps anything except for her gif worthy pop up behind Jade from a handful of weeks ago.

    I think Toni Storm is good, but also not very interesting, so I'm not sure if I can call that a win or not, but at least she's been there every week.

    Jeff Hardy is a mess and I can't think of anyone who thought that would be a good signing outside of the Young Bucks and Matt Hardy.

    There's more to list, but when you go through everybody they've signed in the last year or so, they've made the most of everything and a lot of dudes have just been bitten by the injury bug. 

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  3. I thought the show was really, really good and back to basics. Simple is always better. Like, we even got Ford wrestling on Dynamite again and she still looked good. She keeps improving. Now we just need the Bunny back.

    Trios tag titles match was awesome. Everyone was on point. Bummed that the Best Friends lost, but Death Triangle have been deserving of those titles for awhile now.

    All of the promos were good. Moxley has reached a point where he could tell me to run into a burning building and I would do it. Not sure what the finals are going to be, but I have a feeling it's going to be Darby vs Moxley. Re-visiting Darby and MJF would be pretty damn cool.

    Wheeler and Garcia are both so fucking good. I want Wheeler to keep leaning into being the new Shibata while Garcia leans into being this combination of MiSu and a Diaz brother.

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  4. 29 minutes ago, evidence said:

    Not sure how long Statlander is expected to be out but I wouldn't mind having Hayter be the one to end the streak of Jade Cargill if Stat can't. 

    9 to 12 months. Possibly longer depending on how rehab goes and how the ligament holds up.

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  5. Again, if you wanted even more proof of wrestling journalists showing how poorly they're handling this, after vague tweeting and building up big news on Wade Keller's show, all they said was to expect something between today and the start of Dynamite. Wow.

    And then on top of that, Sapp keeps saying "BUT I DIDN'T REPORT PUNK WAS INJURED! I ONLY SAID THERE WERE RUMORS OF IT!" Except yeah, dummy, you did. That's literally reporting something.

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  6. Sapp continues making things worse and proving Punk’s point about these journalists being stupid as fuck. Sapp on his show said that he got a text at 5 am and a call at 5:30 am saying that Discovery was unhappy and Punk was expecting to be fired possibly at 1 pm today, and then goes on to say that this is all remarkably uncomfirmed. SO WHY EVEN SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT? Oh, it’s to get clicks and subscriptions, that’s why. Jesus Christ. All of these marks want to so desperately be a part of the drama. It’s embarrassing.

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  7. 9 minutes ago, TimLivingston said:

    I posted this over at PWO but this is how it is from the 10,000 foot view at this point:

    Everyone did this to themselves:

    -The Bucks and Omega did it because they’re the leakers to Meltzer and the like to sow the seeds of discontent with Punk. 

    -Punk did it because he reacted with the unheralded vitriol that made him leave the business in the first place and the first sign of malice was an opportunity to give into his worst impulses. 

    -Page did it because he worked himself into a shoot and it made things difficult to actually confront Punk about it because in his eyes, he should be the face of the company, worked it into multiple promos related to Punk, and then more or less did what his on-screen character did in the locker room. 

    -Tony did it because he grew up reading dirtsheets and thought using them as a vessel to drive “organic” interest in the product no matter how it actually manifests itself is worthwhile because that’s what got him interested in wanting to do this shit in the first place. 

    -And the sheets did it because they run a perpetual motion machine that when actually confronted with needing to report on something, show their collective asses because their sources are obvious and their behavior screams, “How can I get more clicks off this?”

    The ecosystem that allowed this to fester is something that won’t go away anytime soon, and the fallout from it is not going to be as interesting as anyone hopes. It will be sudden, it will be dumb, and it’ll end with whoever decides to take a side saying the other person did it. 

    Insert the Rock clapping gif here. Well said, Tim. 

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  8. Nothing in that screams Punk is going to be let go. If anything, this still sounds like the dumb as fuck "wrestling journalism" that is fanboys chasing their tails, clout chasing, or trying to type the most interesting wordz to get more attention than someone else. 

    Also, no part of me thinks this is a work. If I were to guess, Steel gets released because he fucking bit someone and threw a chair at someone else and he's not even a worker there. Punk, the Bucks, and maybe even Kenny get pulled into a meeting with TK and maybe Jericho too where they're told enough is fucking enough and this bullshit isn't going to happen again. Top wrestlers having been throwing hands at each other for what feels like forever now. Having Jericho be in the meeting would just be for funny irony purposes considering the amount of other wrestlers he's fought over the years. No suspensions, just a final warning that this bullshit can't continue. Punk gets told to never to go off on that in a scrum ever again and if he wants to talk about that shit then do it on his own time. The Bucks get told to stop doing their cutesy bullshit in BTE to not fan the flames.

    Everyone needs to get over the "but but but but he got into a fight with his bosses!" Nick and Matt aren't his bosses. The EVP designation is fucking meaningless. TK probably regrets the designation at this point. 

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  9. 40 minutes ago, TheVileOne said:

    Also, I'm sorry, I think Punk comes off like an asshole for saying those things about Cabana and his mother. 

    Not saying Cabana is faultless or blameless about this situation, but the man has never spoken publicly about his falling out with CM Punk. 

    Legally, I don't think there's much Colt could even say without guaranteeing that Punk's lawyers destroy Colt. It really makes me think even more back to Punk's family, well, the friends he wound up calling his family, saying that Colt was a snake. Sad as it is to say and I know Colt is liked, but you don't get away with saying literally everything they've said about Colt if you don't have a mountain of evidence to back it up and Colt can't even deny it publicly or privately. Some of the other shit though, like Punk saying Colt was jealous or envious, you could probably refute, but doing so just re-opens a whole can of worms where Punk and/or his lawyers could say will if you weren't then why do we have evidence of you doing all of these different things?

    And like EVA said, the worst thing that could have happened to Punk was to get injured and be bed ridden for two straight weeks. Even still, when you have the family history Punk has, and the experiences he's had, you shouldn't go through life without a good therapist. And maybe he has one, who knows, but I haven't had nearly the amount of betrayal he's felt nor have I been sued for a million dollars and I can't imagine not having a therapist that I see once a week or once every other week.

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  10. 41 minutes ago, madl said:

    Another one?  Cole’s been out for while now because he suffered two concussions in the space of a month.

    No, not another one. Meltzer was talking about it on WOR and it didn't sound great for Cole, but then that led to a discussion about Danielson working and not Cole.

  11. To give you some background, the first guy, Nick whoever, asked at the last ppv scrum if CM Punk was the reason Colt was fired or relegated to ROH, to which Tony said, “no comment.”

    This was Punk remembering that shit from before and knowing that Nick and Colt did a podcast together and did other work together. Nick nervously tried to backtrack by saying he and Colt didn’t see eye to eye. But that’s what kicked everything off.

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  12. 12 minutes ago, Jiji said:

    Sheesh. Fans at the show talked about how Malakai was really emotional after the match. And now observer said he took a bow. Khan gave a no comment when asked about his status. That does not sound good. 

    Meltzer in very Meltzerian fashion said he's gone. Damn that fucking sucks. Nothing confirmed or official but taking the L, blowing a kiss and bowing to the fans, and Khan not confirming his status? Yeah, that sounds like he's gone. If it's purely a push thing with him, why not work with him on it and meet him halfway? Hopefully there's more to it than just that because it'd be ridiculous to let somebody that talented just walk. Better yet, he takes a break. 

    Maybe working away from his wife turned out to be too much for him to handle?

  13. 1 minute ago, Jiji said:

    If you thought Jungle should've won last night, injury aside, that's some baby brain stuff. Not wanted him to win, but thought he should win. You need Christian to evade him for as long as possible to build heat and gratification for when he finally lands on Christian, and takes his vengeance. That was 100% the right move. 

    I forgot to mention there has got to be a happy medium behind the over choreographed, contrived bullshit ladder matches wwe has been doing for the past decade and the gigantic turtle green shit messes AEW churns out (beyond Young Buck tags). What the fuck was that match? Andrade and Rush come off as dumb asses. Claudio a dumb ass for not calling an audible. Just terrible. The one that Hangman won for #1 contendership was good or at least better than the rest by a country mile. Just awful. 

    I think this is why I loved the finish to that match. Everything was such a poorly worked train wreck, so it was fun seeing a group of guys come out, fuck everyone up, and Stokely grab the chip because at that point, why not. Dante Martin did the same spot about 3 times over. Andrade and Rush are just so stupid. I don’t want to be like JR, but my god, Rush comes out and takes his sweet ass time taking off his gear while he’s about to lose the match. I would say someone needs to talk to Rush, but I could see that going over poorly.

    And speaking of JR, I’ve defended him in the past, but he has zero rapport with Excalibur and Taz. That booth when it was Ex, Taz, and Tony was so unbelievably good and then it took a step back when JR got there. At one point in the women’s titles match he goes, it’s like they’re fighting over a sale at a department store. Like, why?!?! Because WOMEN ALWAYS BE SHOPPING?!?! JR sucks.

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  14. Another thing about the scrum…

    Look, it’s one thing for me, a fan, to stupidly say, we’ll, they should have called an audible and put the Acclaimed over.

    It’s something else entirely when a “wrestling journalist” asks that during a media scrum. If you’re there to do your job then do it, but most of these people are fucking clowns and need to learn when to stop being a fucking fan. Lee, Swerve, and Tony all sat there with WTF looks on their faces and did their level best to give a decent response. 

    Between that and the dumb shit that set off all of the Punk stuff, it would be better to not even do these media scrums and just do it like NJPW and give folks a platform to cut a promo to the media without talking questions.

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  15. 20 minutes ago, sabremike said:

    Has anyone besides Bix noted Punk essentially admitted he either (depending on how you interpret it) considered or threatened to no show the PPV with the "He nearly ruined the biggest gate in company history" comment?

    I believe Punk was referring to one of the final promos Hangman and him cut on each other before their match. I don't believe he was referring to All Out. At least that was my interpretation, given the timing of everything.

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  16. I'd like for this to be the only thing I'd have to say on the matter, but someone else is probably going to say something fucking stupid and I'll get dragged back in or have to put someone on ignore. For the millionth fucking time, and I just fucking said this the other day, put yourself in the other person's shoes and try to empathize with them so you can try to understand them instead of just saying, "wah, fuck CM Punk, blah blah blah."

    The fucking guy says it near the end of that interview when he's talking to Alvarez. He says to Bryan, "you watched that video and said I went to business for myself" and Bryan responds with "and that's why I also said that you would defend yourself if that wasn't the case." Punk's response was that when you defend yourself you come off as defensive and you have to eat shit and none of this should be happening anyway in 2022, almost 10 years after he stopped being friends with the guy, because people can't let it go. If I'm putting myself in Punk's shoes and I've been a good soldier for years and not said a fucking word about Colt only for in the last month or so for it to blow up in Punk's face to where everyone is thinking he did something he didn't do all because Matt, Nick, Kenny, or Hangman went to whoever and leaked bullshit and it's against someone who tried to sue him, yeah, I might be more than a little triggered that I'm again having to deal with that bullshit. It's fucked up. Calling Punk a whiny bitch or whatever is stupid. Again, put yourself in his shoes and everything he's gone through and yet here you are still having to deal with it. And not only that, you have Hangman of all people who started this shit. I love Adam Page, but if you think about it, he shouldn't have said shit about shit. It wasn't his place.

    Plus, look at Punk's demeanor right as that scrum starts and as it starts nearing the end of his segment. His adrenaline is pumping after a hell of a match, he's hurt as fuck, and all he probably wanted to do was talk about the match and the first thing some dumb fuck had to bring up was Colt of all things.

    Now, should Punk have gone off like the guns of the Navarone? Probably not, but again, I can't imagine what my state of mind would be after dealing with a bunch of bullshit over the last two months, having my name dragged through the mud, busting my ass in a wrestling match, going into a media scrum, and then getting asked about something from fucking years ago. The best thing for the guy to do would be to not even attend the scrum and just eat his cupcakes backstage somewhere, but we can't go back in time and re-do that decision. But if you're Kenny, Matt, Nick, or Hangman and you're saying this or that to whoever and it's bullshit, then yeah, you probably deserved getting called out.

    As much as I like the Bucks and Kenny and Hangman and a bunch of others in AEW, I also think they have their own growing up to do. It doesn't make them bad people, but they took a situation that was a total nothing and blew it the fuck up in ways I don't think they saw coming. And then if the rumors are true that they want to walk because they got called out on their bulllshit, then I don't know what it says about them.

    Going forward, I don't know what you do, but I'd start by getting Punk, Omega, Nick, Matt, Hangman, TK, Schiavone, and Jericho all in the same room to hash this shit out. Explain why you did or said what you did or said, apologize if it's waranted, and move on to go and keep making money. Everyone handled the situation poorly to some degree.

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  17. 6 minutes ago, (BP) said:

    My first thought was that Tony looked like a teenage kid who came home stoned in the middle of the night only to walk in on the  final argument in his parents’ marriage. 

    YES! That's the look. Thank you.

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  18. Jesus. Tony Khan looks so fucking uncomfortable. This feels like such a moving target though. How could any of the EVPs been responsible or what were they responsible for? I don't quite get it. Or is Punk conflating Hangman as being an EVP?

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