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Action Figures on Your Desk

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I guess a mod can consolidate this with the general thread, but I thought that this specific was good enough for its own topic. 

Here goes:

Finn Balor as the Demon: Why? Because I'm Irish and Balor as the Demon is cool as fuck. 

Superst*r Billy Graham: I am showing my age and my stubborn resistance to the facts which are that the man couldn't wrestle a lick, was probably the worst WWWF champion of his time rivaled only by Stan Stasiak for his ability to drag anyone down to a ** match. Still, Superst*r was fucking cool, I guess you had to be there, but without Superst*r Billy paving the way there would have been no Hulkamania, no mainstream expansion, nothing. Superst*r Billy Graham saved wrestling despite being simply bloody awful at it. 

Roman Reins: Why just Roman and not the rest of the Shield? Simple, I couldn't find figures of the other two and I was already getting the stinkeye from Mrs. OSJ for buying "toys". We have this discussion every few months, her take is "Your sixty years old, isn't that a bit old to be buying toys?" My response is that "These are not "toys", these are action figures, mass-produced works of art meant to be displayed and admired, they are on display, so it is up to you to get with the admiring part. A helpful hint is that when properly admiring my displays, silence is golden!" Things usually do not well after that.

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