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And lasts until I get bored...

In the main discussion thread - the subject was on Dolph Ziggler's selling and a few GIFs were posted.

And I started thinking about which Dolph one was the goofiest

And that started me thinking about that time when Dean was running daily polls about which wrestler was better (All I remember is that somehow during the Step Up Phase Jushin Liger lost and I hated you all)

So I decided to start something similiar to that.

Two GIFs face off (I am starting with two Dolph GIFs just because that is what start of it. Ideally that will be the last we see of Dolph) - winner of polls keeps advancing.

If it survives 5 days I retire it to.... something... that part I still have to figure out.

We will see how long it takes before you ruin it

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