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The best games what came out in 2016


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The year is pretty much over, so what's the best stuff you played?

Stardew Valley - My GOTY by a comfortable margin.  Combined Harvest Moon-style farming simulation with some shockingly good writing and characterization.  There was just a hint of darkness lurking beneath the surface, which was thrown into sharp relief by the cute, pixellated art.

Grim Dawn - It did Diablo 2 better than Diablo 2 did. Both deep and sprawling with a seemingly infinite number of potential builds and playstyles.

Stellaris - Did some things well, but didn't quite live up to the Crusader-Kings-In-Space hype.  Suffers from a really dull midgame and some weird difficulty spikes.

Firewatch - Best dialogue of the year.  The plot really petered out towards the end but it was a hell of an experience.

No Man's Sky - Super disappointing, but I still respect their ambition and I had quite a bit of fun with it.  I just wish they could have actually finished it before release.


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