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Found 2 results

  1. So, decided on a little side project for fun, perhaps. My intention, to watch (and half-assedly review) every major wrestling event available on the WWE Network, in chronological order. Right now, that list is All JCP/WCW PPV's and Clash of the Champions, all ECW PPV's, and all WWF/WWE PPV's, Saturday Night Main Event's, and NXT Takeovers. I'll add and go back to Territory supercards (AWA, Mid-South, World Class) if they pop up. This is nuts, and will take forever, but dammit, I'm gonna do it. First up, NWA Starrcade 83.
  2. Finally finding the time to start this new project. Like the WCW one, I have not seen most of these shows, with most of my exposure to them coming from the "Best of" set that came out a few years ago. #1 5/11/85 -From Uniondale, NY -Cyndi Lauper gives Wendi Richter some advice on beating Moolah. -Hulk Hogan will have Mr. T in his corner when he defends the WWF title against Cowboy Bob. -Opening video shows Moolah dropkicking a ref, which I find hilarious for some reason. -Hosts are Vince McMahon & Jesse Ventura -Vince runs down the main card, focusing on the WWF and Women's title matches, Jesse is excited for the six man tag and a match with JYD. -Match 1: WWF Tag Team Champions The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff and George Steele (w/Freddie Blassie) VS The U.S. Express & Ricky Steamboat (w/Captain Lou Albano) -The crowd does not respect Volkoff's singing of the Russian national anthem. The faces come out to "Born in the U.S.A.", which shows even then some people didn't actually listen to the lyrics. It takes a while for the legal men to be determined, and it's Windham against Sheiky to start. Windham completely dominates the early going, hitting a hip toss and a big slam before tagging in Rotunda, who goes after the arm before promptly tagging in Steamboat, who naturally continues down that road. Steamboat & Rotunda hit a double back-elbow to the chest, then Rotunda drops an elbow for two. Steamboat gets back in and hits a couple chops, but gets caught in an abdominal stretch before turning that into a hiptoss. The heels charge the ring, but get cleaned out in short order as we go to commercial. Back from break, Steamboat is still working on Sheik's arm. Steamboat hits a power slam, a missile dropkick (!), and a cross-body off the top for two, with Volkoff making the save. Volkoff tags in, but he doesn't fare any better, taking a double dropkick from Steamboat & Windham for two, then a double back elbow from the Express. Rotunda drops a leg, but Steele makes the save, allowing Volkoff to get a shot in. Rotunda promptly gets a roll-up and a backslide for near-falls before tagging in Windham, who gets a sunset flip, but Volkoff is in the ropes. Steele gets in and faces off with Windham, then when he turns to tag, the champs bail on him, allowing Windham to get a roll-up for the pin at about 6:19 shown. Surprised to see the tag champs basically get squashed here before the finish. -The champs attack Steele, who fight them off before getting help from the face team. Vince & Jesse have no idea what the deal is with Sheik & Volkoff. -Mean Gene gets words from the champs, who blame Steele for the turn, saying he wasn't tagging when he was supposed to. Steele wanders by and goes after them before being pulled away by Albano. The champs rant for a few seconds before Gene sends them away. -It's time for Piper's Pit with guest Paul Orndorff and the shortest pair of shorts a man can wear without getting a public indecency charge. Piper wants to talk about WrestleMania, which pisses off Orndorff, who orders Cowboy Bob to stand in the corner away from them. When Piper asks Orndorff to sit, Orndorff says "ladies first", and Piper actually obliges, but then calls Orndorff a loser for dropping the fall at 'Mania. Orndorff gets mad again, then in a cute bit yells "STAY!" at Orton and "SIT!' at Piper, which draws a big response. Piper blames Orndorff for getting pinned, while Orndorff blames Piper for not being there for him. Piper calls Orndorff a "piece of garbage", then says he embarrassed Piper, Orton, and Orndorff's own family at 'Mania. That triggers a fight, and as Orndorff gets Piper up for a piledriver, Orton blasts Orndorff with the cast. Hogan & Mr. T rush out to make sure Orndorff doesn't take too bad of a beating, and cement his face turn. -After a commercial, Gene interviews Hogan, who dedicates his match tonight to his mother (this show is taking place days before Mother's Day), and has a few words for Orton before taking off. -Match 2 for the WWF Championship: Hulk Hogan [c] (w/Mr. T) VS Bob Orton Jr. (w/Roddy Piper) -No "Real American" yet, as Hogan enters to "Eye of the Tiger". We go to commercial just after Hogan gets in the ring. The teaser reads UP NEXT: HULK HOGAN!!, so I don't like Cowboy Bob's chances here. Back from break, Orton tries a sneak attack, but it fails miserably. Hogan hits a backdrop and three slams before Orton bails. Orton hits a knee to the midsection and sends Hogan into the buckles, but he then misses a charge and rams his shoulder into the post, allowing Hogan to go right back on offense. Hogan bites Orton, and when Jesse objects, all Vince can do is deny the blatantly obvious. Orton comes back with a nice high knee to the face to regain control. Orton hits an atomic drop for two, and focuses on Hogan's face. To clear up a discussion on the board from earlier this week, Vince refers to Hogan as "the WWF champion" while Jesse makes mention of "the championship of the world". Hogan has enough of getting punched in the face, and drops an elbow for two. Hogan goes for corner punches, but Orton counters with an inverted atomic drop to regain control. Orton goes for the superplex, but Hogan fights out, and drops the leg, but Piper interferes for the DQ at 6:58. Not a bad TV world title match. -Piper & Orton attack Hogan, then beat T down in the corner. Just when it looks like Hogan might be mildly inconvenienced, Orndorff runs out to prevent that, and we go to break. -Back from commercial, Hogan, T, and Orndorff do Hogan's pose routine, and Vince gets REALLY into it. -Mean Gene is with Cyndi Lauper & Captain Lou. Cyndi says Moolah has no chance, then the topic changes to Cyndi's new video, "The Goonies R Good Enough". Gene doesn't know the song title. The video then airs. Piper enters, upset that his role in the video wasn't bigger. Cyndi objects to Piper's spitting on her while he talks. -After a commercial, Mean Gene interviews Moolah, who promises to win the title and keep it forever. Moolah is tired of interference in her matches, and has talked WWF officials into barring Lauper from ringside. -Mean Gene talks to Cyndi, who says she won't be barred, and that she'll make sure Wendi wins. Well that's kinda why she wants you barred. Cyndi harps on Moolah choking her at 'Mania. -Match 3 for the WWF Women's Championship: Wendi Richter [c] VS The Fabulous Moolah -Vince treats poor Wendi as a total afterthought in this upcoming match. Fink reads the proclamation from the WWF banning Lauper from ringside, which the crowd doesn't care for. Lauper is escorted to the back as we go to break. Back from break, the match has started, and Moolah immediately takes control. Moolah sends Wendi outside and keeps her there, but stops to taunt the crowd, allowing Wendi to dropkick her outside. Back in, Moolah hits a backdrop for one. They exchange punches to the stomach, then Wendi kicks Moolah down. Moolah tries to grab the ropes, but Wendi twice pulls Moolah off, and gets a near-fall. Moolah goes for a slam, but Wendi counters into a small package to retain at 3:19 shown. Was that a popular finsi at the time, or did Savage & Steamboat actually steal the finish from this match? Not much of a match either way. -Cyndi and Wendi dance to celebrate. -Mean Gene interviews JYD, who has his mom with him. Bertha Ritter is proud of her son. -Match 4: Pete Dougherty VS The Junkyard Dog (w/Bertha Ritter) -JYD immediately scores with a headbutt and a big clothesline. Dougherty bails, but JYD yanks his hair to try to bring him back in. Dougherty's shrieks of pain are...interesting. JYD no-sells some punches, and floors Dougherty with one punch. JYD hits some more headbutts, sending Dougherty outside. Dougherty tries climbing up top, but gets slammed down. JYD hits more headbutt and an atomic drop, before finishing with a powerslam at 3:12. Basic squash. One odd thing I've noticed about this show: no ring bell. -JYD & his momma get down. -After another break, we come back to Cydi Lauper's Mother's Day Party. Bertha is still proud of JYD. Shiek & Volkoff are sick of Albano. Blassie has a woman about 40 years younger with him as his "mother". Albano wishes all moms a happy holiday. Hogan has his mom with him, and Cyndi has hers. Moolah crashes the party, insulting both Cyndi and her mother. Cyndi ends up knocking Moolah and Gene into a huge cake to end the segment. -After a commercial break, Vince asks Jesse for his thoughts on the show. Jesse loved Piper's Pit, but not the world title match. After that we take another commercial break, only to come back for Vince to say good night and the credits to air over a replay of Hogan's entrance. Odd way to end the show. -FINAL THOUGHTS: This was...a show, with not a whole lot to it, and some weirdness with the presentation. Hogan & Lauper were definitely showcased as the biggest stars of the show by far, especially Lauper.
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