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Found 2 results

  1. The idea for this topic only came to me today. The topic title is taken from what The Joker says in The Dark Knight (2008) and yes, I had to throw a Batman reference in there :)! Times are so tough with the global coronavirus pandemic. We've all been affected by it, some more than others have lost loved ones. I lost my cousin and a family friend to it. For those reasons, I hope this thread of funny moments in wrestling history will raise smiles/laughter in this darkest of times. That's the hope anyway. Here's my two to kick things off: The 1992 Royal Rumble match. Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon are brilliant on commentary. Heenan's "dammit!" when Ric Flair enters at #3, "It's not fair to Flair!", "I have to apologise, I won't be my usual objective self!" "I'll never be bad again, just let Ric Flair win", "weasel yourself out, Ric" and a deluge of "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" as Ric Flair becomes the new WWF Champion. The full NSFW compilation of Mr. Brodie Lee and The Dark Order on Being The Elite. So many highlights. Mr. Brodie Lee using papers as a fucking projectile foreign object, "Why is it always fucking Silver?" Reynolds: "He's just a kid" and Silver says "I'm 29 years old!" Can't forget "Who the fuck is Griff Garrison?" The best of all is Sue. When that came out, I was crying with laughter. Still cracks me up. We miss you, Mr. Brodie Lee.I Thanks for reading.
  2. I thought that a MOBA topic would be a good idea. When my Evolve preorder got all messed up, I wound up buying into the Heroes of the Storm beta instead. I haven't had a chance to play a lot of it, but my snap reaction is that it's really good. It streamlines a lot of the MOBA bullshit and the WoW art style makes it pretty clear for what is happening on screen. It was also $40 to get into the beta. $40 got me 3 characters and unlocks a lot of the bullshit you would normally need to grind. This will wind up being free to play at some point so I'm not sure I can quite recommend anyone ponying up the cash to play something that will be free to play somewhere down the line. If I ever get invites, I highly recommend you guys give it a good, earnest chance. I would even say the $40 may be worth getting past all of the unlocking stuff. I played it on my laptop, which was an OK gaming laptop 4 or 5 years ago. Even on that, it played really, really, really well with the track pad and laptop keyboard. I would obviously prefer my gaming keyboard and mouse, but it worked surprising well on the laptop. The one thing that really struck me was the speed of the matches. So, you know when you're playing DotA and like 15 minutes in, you know you're not going to win because of whatever reason? And then you play that shit out for another 30 minutes to the inevitable loss? This is not like that. I think the snowball gets rolling a little too quickly and that's a balancing issue that can easily be fixed, but I do like that if you're going to lose, you're going to lose very soon. There should be more of an opportunity for a comeback, which there is, but the window is very small. Now, the flipside of that is that you don't need to fuck around in the early going. To me, DotA sometimes felt like it took awhile to get going, but the ramp up in HotS is a little shorter. Anyway, I'm already itching to play this more. I'll probably start putting more time into DotA 2 as well.
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