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  1. Yahoo makes it harder and harder to find each year so I almost forgot League was renewed so if you were in last year - you should have gotten an invite to whatever email you use at Yahoo https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/survival/register/joinprivategroup?gid=22363&invitation_key=078af0d878c32c72 Link for those that would like to join Lets hope this last as long as last year
  2. If you were in the league last year - you should have gotten an email saying the league was renewed (I think you are already entered) If you would like to join https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/survival/register/joinprivategroup?gid=18992&invitation_key=07c03d3f98417524
  3. None of your fuckers reminded me to start this. Heck even Yahoo didn't remind me. Yahoo emailed everyone who was in last year's league (at whatever email address you use on Yahoo) https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/survival/register/joinprivategroup?gid=21297&invitation_key=a591adf65590ec25 If that link doesn't work - the Group ID is 21297 and the password is LIGER~! Usual reminder that - YOU NEED TO BE REGISTERED BEFORE THURSDAY' KICKOFF (I think this just applies to new folks) Pick wise I think you still get till Sunday 1 pm EST kickoff
  4. League renewed - Yahoo emailed everyone who was in last year's league (at whatever email address you use on Yahoo) https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/survival/register/joinprivategroup?gid=18402&password=LIGER~! For some reason it didn't email everyone who was in the league last year so you will have to re-enter on your own (unless I find the email thingy) Usual reminder that - YOU NEED TO BE REGISTERED BEFORE THE THURSDAY WEEK 1 GAME
  5. I see the league is renewed, do we have an idea for a draft date?
  6. 2018~! is the year of PCO~! and L.A. PARK~! and BANDIDO~! DEAN~! has no idea who DYLAN KAGE~! is! WCW SIN~! fucking WCW SIN~! A look at how the DVD 500~! sausage got made! FLAMITA~! RYUCHI KAWAKAMI~! RUSH~! SID’S HORRIFIC LEG INJURY~! and so much MORE~! http://deathvalleydriver.com/dvdvr182/
  7. http://deathvalleydriver.com/dvdvr181/ DUSTIN RHODES! and VADER! are really great at this wrestling thing! More DEAN~! from the RSPW~! archives! BAM BAM BIGELOW~! gets an extra M~! in his name! KONNAN~! loses an N~! DAISUKE SEKIMOTO~! wrestles in a weird place! And I~! don’t mean JAPAN~! YUJI NAGATA~! MARTIN STONE~! BRAZOS~! DERANGED~! THE DEATH OF WCW~!
  8. These were the things written in January 2018 DVDVR 3 OFF: Halloween Havoc 1999 DVDVR 4 OFF: King of the Ring 2000 1001 Matches: Celebrities 1001 Matches: Plain Janes 1001 Matches: HOFers 1001 Matches: Houston 1001 Matches: Medium One (Part One & Part Two) TICKLED MY FANCY: January 2018 (Technically posted the on Feb 1 but I am counting since I only had the idea the same day) Also site updates: 1001 Master List is Fully Updated (and I started cleaning up the original 100 selections and trying to find videos for them) ADDED: DVDVR Issue #1 ADDED: DVDVR Issue #2
  9. http://deathvalleydriver.com/4off_kotr00/
  10. http://deathvalleydriver.com/1off_ss96/ (Yup - just did the click here to continue reading bit)
  11. Okay - I have renewed the league again so if you were in it last year - you should have gotten an email. Otherwise https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/survival/register/joinprivategroup?gid=8507&password=LIGER~! ID is 8507 Password - LIGER~! If that link doesnt work - this one should https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/survival
  12. KING OF THE MOUNTAIN~! finally breaks RIPPA~! DEAN~! loves himself some BIG SWOLL~! CURTIS GRANDERSON~! is as good as being a special enforcer as he is at playing centerfield! DAMIEN WAYNE~! is a fucking man! WORLDWIDE~! DON MURACO~! LADY APACHE~! LOS GUERREROS~! A DEATHMATCH IN A HOUSE~! So many people with DEATH WISHES~! http://deathvalleydriver.com/dvdvr179/
  13. TNA~! created KING OF THE MOUNTAIN~! YOU~! now have to suffer because of it~! DEAN~! makes perhaps his wildest claim ever~! HARLEM BRAVADO~! is a great AMERICAN~! MR. 450~! JEFF JARRETT~! VIRUS~! KATSUHIKO NAKAJIMA~! POUNCE… PERIOD~! Cover spoiled due to size and if you hate butts. http://deathvalleydriver.com/2016/09/05/dvdvr178/
  14. I freely admit I should have re-recorded this one but I am lazy. And in case anyone missed the first one
  15. http://deathvalleydriver.com/2016/03/27/dvdvr177/ DEAN~! touches himself to EDDIE GUERRERO~! RIPPA~! touches himself to MARK HENRY~! YOU~! touch yourself to CHELSEA~! SEIYA SANADA~! MR. LEO~! HIROSHI YAMATO~! JOE COFFEY~! NAOMICHI MARUFUJI~! And, of course, TERRY FUNK~! Let’s all go to the MALL~!
  16. Sure why not... http://deathvalleydriver.com/2016/03/13/dvdvr176/ MR. GANNOSUKE~! is back! MR. GANNESUKKE~! is a guy Dean made up in his head~! We heart GENICHIRO TENRYU~! YUJI KITO~! has a weird career path~! The HART FOUNDATION~! will be here~! RYAN UPIN~! IRON MIKE SHARPE~! TOSHIYUKI SAKUDA~! Too much CRUSH~! According to CAGEMATCH~! this is DVDVR #176~!
  17. TOMOAKI HONMA~! WINS~! Wait… WHAT?!?!?!?~! VICTOR JOVICA~! bleeds by example~! DAISUKE~! has no last name~! DEAN~! still can’t spell Mr. Gannosuke correctly~! LUDARK SHAITAN~! BULL OF THE WOODS~! JUDY MARTIN~! KENGO MASHIMO~! LUCHA DEEP CUTS~! http://deathvalleydriver.com/2015/11/28/dvdvr175/ Dean kinda broke my spirit with the two matches at once thing so I will create a simple version tomorrow morning... and maybe attempting editing.
  18. First - if you didn't see the thread below, I am going to try use the new site design as a reason to generate some content in areas that don't really fit a traditional DVDVR issue. This first one is about guys I love now that it took me a while to realize their awesomeness. This could be just me but it Dean ever gets a bug up his ass about something - we have a better way to house it now. And a side note about that - I totally forgot that we used to have a DEAN HATES WRESTLING EMPORIUM page. God I wish I could find an old archive of that page. But yeah - don't screw Dean over on a tape trade. Anyway - reminder that you should put in your rotation the checking of the main deathvalleydriver.com link as I will continue to feed older stuff onto it along with potential new stuff. FAIR WARNING - IPB has upgraded the board again so at some point that means WE have to upgrade the board again. The reason I am mentioning this now is that this going to be a bigger upgrade and I already know that they said that things like board skins will not translate over. It promises "new features" - that terrifies me alone. I have zero idea when I am going to attempt the board upgrade (maybe during the holiday break???) but we will give notice when we are planning on doing it. Especially since I know how much you fuckers hate change.
  19. DRAGON LEE~! is RUSH’S~! brother~! TOM MAGEE~! suuuuuccccckkkkkssss~! PINK PRIDE NATION~! is the greatest tag team you never heard of~! DEAN~! fawns over TOMOHIRO ISHII~! TIMOTHY THATCHER~! KATSUYORI SHIBATA~! BRAZOS~! VILLANOS~! And MORE~!http://deathvalleydriver.com/2015/11/15/dvdvr174/ I am too tired and angry right to create a simple version. That will be tomorrow. Yeah - this is a DVDVR in about it's rawest form. Stupid Everything
  20. HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED~! MAIN EVENTS MANIA~! CHARLES LUCERO~! IS THE GREATEST WRESTLER YOU NEVER WATCH~! DEAN~! WATCHES ALL THE BIG JAPAN AND WE MEAN ALL OF IT~! LES BLOUSENS NOIRS~! DICK MURDOCH~! THE ASTEROID~! AND SO MUCH MORE~! HIT HEATH MILLER’S~! MUSIC~! FULL VERSION (ie: the one with embedded videos) SIMPLE VERSION God - I am so giggly and so very tired right now. I will let you process whatever you want and discuss it in the morning...
  21. (Cover By Pedro Boyd) BIG JAPAN~! is the apple of DEAN'S~! eye! RIPPA~! and BALTIMORE~! aren't on speaking terms! BLOOD~! so much BLOOD~! HARLY RAGE~! needs to buy a vowel! SHELDON GOLDBERG~! eats a sandwich! SERENA DEEB~! RAMPAGE BROWN~! MR. EXOTIC EROTIC~!?!?!?! ISRAELI PRO WRESTLING~! MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS~! FULL INTERNET BUSTING VERSION BASICALLY TEXT ONLY VERSION In theory - THEORY - all the videos so work but I am sure something is fucked up. I will fix it at work tomorrow
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