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Found 20 results

  1. Right firstly I know this isn't a 1980s project but I wasn't sure where else I should post it and after another board member suggested I put it here I've gone ahead and done it since most of the folk who might be interested in this would visit this section of the forum anyway. I'm attempting to put together a master list of all the pre-1970 footage from various promotions currently available in the trading community or at least known to exist including CWC/WWWF, ITV Wrestling/World Of Sport, EMLL, JPWA/JWA, IWE, AJW and many more. I realise this is a hefty project and that's why I've decided to put it on DVDVR in the hope others might wanna contribute. I'm gonna begin here with the WWWF, there's not an awful lot floating around out there right now so this is a fairly short list, I'll put where the footage source comes from where I can and will be adding stuff to the list if and when any more becomes available. I'll also be adding stuff from the other promotions that I've come across as I go along too, I'm not sure if I'll be adding those to this thread or making a seperate one for each promotion yet. I'm still working on the Capitol Wrestling Corporation list so for now here's the list of all existing WWWF pre-1970 footage which I believe is is complete - World Wide Wrestling Federation (1963 - 1969). 1964 1) Freddie Blassie -vs- Bobo Brazil (October 10th, 1964 - Best Of The WWF 2 & WWF Biggest, Smallest, Strangest, Strongest). 1965 1) Heavyweight Wrestling (May 9th, 1965). 1966 1) Heavyweight Wrestling (January 6th, 1966). 2) Heavyweight Wrestling (January 13th, 1966). 3) Heavyweight Wrestling (January 20th, 1966). 1969 1) Bruno Sammartino -vs- George Steele (August 9th, 1969 - WWE Network). Misc 1) Lou Albano -vs- Tony Angelo (1960s - WWF The Life & Times of Captain Lou Albano). 2) Women's Battle Royal (Late 1960s - WWF Most Unusual Matches).
  2. The next two months are going to be Gallagher's coming out party. So giddy Already shared but - here is the qualifying match (in full) vs. Dean's boy Dean Allmark vs. James Drake
  3. Board wouldn't let me move the other thread for some reason so I made a new one. For use in like 30 minutes
  4. http://www.wwe.com/wwenetwork/new-2016-programming-global-cruiserweight-series-28703671?sf21027710=1 HHH interview about it - http://www.channelguidemag.com/tv-news/2016/02/16/paul-triple-h-levesque-wwe-network-series-global-cruiserweight-series/
  5. Just because it was asked for. Here are all the matches that were taped during the Quarterfinals tapings that appear to be used to just fill time. So yeah - technically these might show up as filler at some point. Also during the 2nd round tapings they did also have the following Dark Match: TM-61 def. Sean Maluta and Mustafa Ali
  6. The last of the taped episodes Tonight has Zack Sabre Jr vs. Noam Dar (Winner faces Gran Metalik in one semi) Rich Swann vs. TJ Perkins (Winner faces Kota Ibushi in other semi)
  7. Advertised for tonight Ibushi/Kendrick Tozawa/Metalik Let's see if anything else is shown
  8. The last show of the 2nd Round Lince Dorado vs. Rich Swann Drew Gulak vs. Zack Sabre Jr Johnny Gargano vs. TJ Perkins Also a reminder that they are taping the quarterfinals this week so spoilers will be out there
  9. It appears they changed the taping order up a little. At the very least they are advertising Akira Tozawa vs. Jack Gallagher Brian Kendrick vs. Tony Nese It is gonna be really hard to top last week but three of these guys I feel totally comfortable in
  10. Reminder - tomorrow is only a two match show (the rest of the 2nd round will be 3 matches each show) Tajiri vs. Gran Metalik Kota Ibushi vs. Cedric Alexander One would assume that will so much time they are longer matches but who knows
  11. Final Show of the first round Remaining matches are Gargano/Ciampa Gallagher/Aichner Dar/the other Bollywood Boy Swann/Lee
  12. Just having this done so I don't have to worry about creating a thread after the show and go straight to bed.
  13. I just got home and since I am sure I will fall asleep during the show I am starting the thread now. WWE.com says this is what should have aired Akira Tozawa vs. Kenneth Johnson TJ Perkins vs. Da Mack Lince Dorado vs. Mustafa Ali Tajiri vs. Damien Slater
  14. Stupid mixing and matching the matches So aired tonight was: Mettalik vs. Saez HoHo Lun vs. Daviari Alexander vs. Petiot Ibushi vs. Maluta
  15. I made this it's own post just in case folks were even trying to pretend matchups didn't exist before seeing them (They also don't technically get revealed till 9 PM)
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