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  1. I am starting the offseason thread now since news is already starting and probably will come hot and heavy by this evening Teams who need Head Coaches Rams Jaguars Bills Broncos (If reports are to be believed) Niners (if reports are to be believed) Other possibilities Bengals (Marvin Lewis may or may not be retiring) Chargers (That Browns loss isn't doing McCoy any favors) Jets (All reports say Bowles keeps his job) Browns (Jackson SHOULD keep his job but these are the Browns) Saints (more because of the constant rumor tha
  2. To piggyback off of something @piranesi brought up - is Norman Lloyd the oldest person to appear/work in a film/tv show?
  3. Maybe I should just renamed this @Curt McGirt yells at cloud thread
  4. RIPPA

    MLB 2017 - JUNE

    Mr. Met fired for giving a fan the middle finger Yup - when it goes South for the Mets it goes South
  5. Time to over-analyze the new opening
  6. I knew there was a thread I forgot to start. As Mark mentioned
  7. I was kinda disappointed with Sleight. For an R rated movie, it sure is a Nickelodeon-ish version of a crime drama laced with some superhero stuff and a fairly pedestrian soundtrack. Jacob Latimore has tons and tons of chemistry with Seychelle Gabriel and has charisma to burn and is arguably the best movie big brother ever to his little sister played by Storm Reid. Dulé Hill is also fairly awesome as a pure bad guy. The story is just so cliché ridden and simply isn't there to support these characters. JD Dillard's loose direction for Dope was fucking awesome (GO SEE DOPE RIGHT NO
  8. Deadline says that a 6 episode Roseanne return is in the works with Rosanne Barr, John Goodman and Sara Gilbert already signed on and negotiations with Laurie Metcalf and Jonathan Galecki are in negotiations. Apparently ABC and Netflix are in a bidding war for it I can't imagine if ABC gets it - CBS being thrilled about Galecki doing it
  9. RIPPA

    MLB 2017 - MAY

    Through some miracle - I actually had Anthony Rendon in my starting lineup yesterday
  10. Reminder Takeover tonight TV Tapings on Wednsday The tapings will really give you a strong sense of who is or isn't getting called up
  11. @S.K.o.S. says you should watch The Discovery which just hit Netflix The more Robert Redford the better
  12. Nothing to see here outside of Matt Taven almost dying
  13. The first trailer is out for the Starz! series adaptation of Neil Gaiman's American Gods.
  14. Just gonna start the thread now since stuff has trickled out DDP (via PWI) is saying he is going in this year PWI is also saying the Rick Rude is also going in this year Now y'all can spend 3 months saying how no one is qualified to make the WWE Hall of Fame
  15. I realized this as I was doing my ballot for the GOAT poll Robert Redford is one of my all-time favorite actors. I just never connected the dots until I was realizing how many things he was in were doing well on my list. I mean like I have even watched shit like Legal Eagles way too many fucking times
  16. So Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that Jack Swagger has not been released yet and when he is - he has a 90 day no-compete clause http://www.prowrestlingsheet.com/jack-swagger-not-released-90-days/#.WLm--hIrJE4?platform=hootsuite Mind you - the UK fed that is run by Paige's family tweeted out today that Swagger was wrestling Alberto Del Rio on March 11
  17. Netlfix dropped a couple of teasers for upcoming shows Mindhunter GLOW
  18. Fuck you March - I am gonna fake it till I make it
  19. WWE.com has announced for tonight's show AOP vs. #DIY - Tag Titles Asuka vs. Peyton Royce - Women's Title
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