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  1. For some reason Encore showing both the Burt Reynolds "Heat" and then the Pacino/DeNiro "Heat" makes me giggle
  2. So A+E Networks had its up fronts and supposedly the History Channel will be doing something with Roots. They are calling it a "revival" They are also doing a series called "Damien" which is a sequel to "The Omen"
  3. Reminder - try to limit yourself to 3 gifs a post max. If necessary - use spoiler tags to help with the loading
  4. God - I forgot it was Friday let alone a new month I should probably pay rent..
  5. My wife and I have been watching bits and pieces of White House Down. Hoo boy... Normally - I am really really good at being able to ignore terrible Hollywood logic to allow their plots to advance but man... I have an easier time acccepting people outrunning frost in Day After Tomorrow than some of the nonsense in this movie.
  6. I am not sure when this was actually announced but for those of you who watch it - The Americans has been renewed
  7. For the sake of loading - let's try to limit ourselves to say like 3 gifs a post. And if you need to do more - maybe use spoiler tags.
  8. I made the mistake of searching for "April Wrestling" and it was nothing but April Hunter photos That was a horrible way to start the morning
  9. I am trying to think of all the shows I have watched the first episode or two and then just haven't found the time to keep watching Arrow and Parks & Rec are definitely the two more recent ones. I still need to finish the last season of Warehouse 13 and... oh shit... I still never finished Eureka I blame Microsoft
  10. I totally forgot until looking for an image for this month that the PWI year in review was always the March issue So I found the cover that always made me laugh Everyone else in their wrestling gear. Madusa in an insanely tiny bikini for 1988
  11. Y'all are lucky that February is such a short month... And some of you will be lucky to see the April thread
  12. Eventually I will watch movies again. Of course I say this knowing that I just signed up for the free month of the WWE Network. Sigh...
  13. Destination America Ahoy! Let's see if there is a 2016 Thread...
  14. Read more at: http://www.hitfix.com/whats-alan-watching/game-on-hbo-will-offer-standalone-streaming-in-2015 They're being sketchy on the details, which probably means they'll be some limitations and/or restrictions. Alan Sepinwall (television critic) notes that the HBO chairman didn't specifically mention the HBO Go service in this announcement, which seems intentional. The pricing will obviously be a big deal. Netflix has more options to draw from, so you would think HBO would have to be under their pricing numbers. Edit: On the heels of HBO's announcement, CBS has launched their own all access streaming subscription service. It's $5.99 per month. The subscription includes: -Full seasons of 15 current CBS shows. New episodes available the day after they air. -Full past seasons of 8 current shows -More than 5,000 episodes of classic series from the CBS library (Cheers, Twin Peaks, Star Trek, etc.) -No NFL games (Nice try, suckas)
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