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  1. 1 hour ago, Cobra Commander said:

    how much does one get paid per year if they're in year 6 of developmental? living year-round in Orlando is probably pretty good in the scheme of things. Imagine how much the people who had to live in Louisville for developmental wanted to get out of there 15 years ago

    Guys in OVW used to occasionally mention that they don't make any money while cutting promos. Trailer Park Trash turned heel and cut a promo about how he could finally afford to move out of his trailer after he and Flash Flanagan won the tag titles. 

  2. Like a lot of the guys from this era, he was a better worker than you would think, if you were judging him solely on his push. Honestly, guys like Batista, Cena, and Orton were lucky, because they could have just as easily turned out like Damaja and Dinsmore and Conway. People complain about how guys like Ricochet and Black are used once they make it to the main roster, but the WWE has been doing shit like this for 20 years.

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  3. 38 minutes ago, PetrolCB said:

    Vince will think its the G1 (its been around long enough for him to know of it), will assume Woods jumped ship to throw his trombone in the trashcan and promptly fire him.

    But then he'll see Shane Strickland walking around backstage, get confused, and try to fire him again.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Hustler of Culture said:

    I've probably been watching puroresu before you were born and have actually been to the Tokyo Dome and Korakuen Hall.  


    1 hour ago, Hustler of Culture said:

    I'd guess that I've been watching puroresu before you were born. 


    37 minutes ago, Hustler of Culture said:

    I am in the AEW market.  I live 2 hours from their HQ and I'm in the key demo.  I'm the epitome of the person they should concern themselves with appealing to.

    Oh good, you're a gatekeeper, too. 

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  5. Getting back to the Iron Man match conversation, last night I got to the point in my Ohio Valley Wrestling watch where they ran a 30-minute Iron Man match on TV for the Southern Tag Team titles between The Revolution (The Machine and The Damaja, aka the Basham Brothers) and the Lords Of The Ring (Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway, aka Eugene and Rob Conway). It's not a bad match, as all four guys are much better workers than their main roster runs would indicate, but it's worked at the same sprint-like pace that literally every OVW match from this period is worked. And they rip off the Bret/HBK ending by going to sudden death after the match ends in a tie. 

  6. 1 hour ago, zendragon said:

    My view is that if a movie is going to keep me in the theatre for over  hours they better have a really good reason for doing so,(Scorsese,  Taratentino, Nolan ,Villeneuve can pull it off most can't) and I feel the same about a match that goes over 20 minutes.

    I just found out that there is a sequel to the original I Spit On Your Grave that is two and a half hours long. That seems a little excessive. 

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