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  1. 19 hours ago, BobbyWhioux said:

    In a related story, you know who my favorite currently active WWE women’s wrestler is? Dana Brooke. I think she’s an excellent professional wrestler. Underrated talent. I hope she does really well for herself and if she gets a chance to really show what she can do, I think she’ll impress a lot of people.

    I noticed a few months ago during a random match on Smackdown that she'd actually turned into a good worker. "Excellent" might be pushing it, but she's definitely improved from the days when she was constantly doing that weird armpit rubbing thing.

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  2. 36 minutes ago, HumanChessgame said:

    I'm baffled as to how they fucked him up after his Survivor Series performance. Dude looked like a boss and was over as fuck. Granted him getting sick was no one's fault, but there's no reason to have not pushed him like crazy prior to that.

    I think we should all be more surprised when they don't fuck something up. Look at Bron Breakker--he should be an easy layup for them, but they've already shown they don't know how to book him. Even WCW knew how to book Goldberg for a few months after his debut. And Bron isn't even on the main roster yet. NXT is supposed to be a "safe space" from the general WWE idiocy.

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  3. 13 hours ago, hammerva said:

    If he isn't the greatest tag team wrestler ever he is in the top 3. 

    Nah, he was the best, and honestly, I don't think it's all that close. Beautiful Bobby was in so many great tag teams that we don't even talk about half of them--if there was more footage online from his team with Koko, we'd all be raving constantly about how awesome they were together, because what we have shows how ahead of their time they were. And he was in a tag team with the second best tag wrestler ever, Arn Anderson, and it's still only like the fourth best tag team on his resume. He was in a tag team with Randy Orton! But what made Bobby so great was that he always made sure to adjust his style to complement his partner--he didn't wrestle the same way with Koko that he did with Sweet Stan, or Double A, or Sir Steven, or Dennis Condrey. 

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  4. 22 minutes ago, L_W_P said:

    It just feels too much like TNA/Impact putting WWE castoffs above their home grown guys.

    Outside of Angle, Truth, Christian, and maybe Tomko, TNA was signing WWE castoffs who were easily on the downside of their careers. They were never going to get much out of guys like Hall and Nash outside of name recognition. But someone like Buddy Murphy, who's got all of the talent in the world, but was never given a chance to really show how good he can be? That's different. And if Kenny has a problem with him, you tell him to put on his big boy britches and deal with it like a professional. 

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  5. 8 hours ago, Eoae said:

    Are there any "tape traders" still around?  I haven't bought from any in years, maybe a decade or longer, and don't even remember the names of people I used to buy from, much less their contact info.  Is there anyone reliable still around in the US?

      Reveal hidden contents

    Basically, I'm looking for complete seasons of Lucha Underground.  The only licensed DVDs I see around are PAL sets made in Germany (I think).  Looking for something I can play on a region 1 DVD or blu ray player without much fuss.


    IVP Videos is still legit.

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  6. 9 hours ago, NikoBaltimore said:

    As for Impact they seem to have a good roster but there's moves that can be made within there too.  If they pick up enough big names they might get more attention from those who normally don't watch them.  

    Their champion is Rich Swann, for fuck's sake. They're still giving Tommy Dreamer pushes. They can definitely squeeze in some more people on the roster.

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  7. 15 hours ago, Elsalvajeloco said:

    I can see the Christians, Paul Wights, and maybe Jerichos of the world I guess doing what the old de facto retired NFL and NBA vets do and sign a 1 day contract with WWE to say they retired while in WWE.

    I could definitely see Jericho doing that, but not the other two. Based on his appearance on Renee's podcast, Wight absolutely has some sore feelings over how he was treated by the WWE. And Christian kept bolting every chance he got to sign somewhere he thought would give him a better opportunity, so I doubt he's as loyal as you think.

  8. 5 hours ago, Dolfan in NYC said:

    Yes, Comcast is making edits to WWE programming. 

    We know, you're upset you can't see a joke from 1997 that you'd forgotten about until it was brought up again just now. 

    If you say "cancel culture", I'll personally fire you into the sun.  

    Oh God, I fell behind on reading the monthly thread, and I'm only on page 50 so far. Please tell me there isn't 9 more pages of that shit.

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  9. 3 hours ago, Stefanie the Human said:

    So I usually have to accept my exhaustion and try to understand that I will probably be forever tired, but maybe the next generation of trans folks won't be. Which gives me some solace, at least.

    The next generation will definitely have it easier. This country has become less conservative over time, not more, and the people who are railing against the trans community are becoming less relevant with each passing day. Just look at the results from the past 8 general elections. Thirty years ago they complained about homosexuals, and they can't do that anymore so they have to turn their ire on someone. Eventually they'll turn their attention towards someone else once they've figured out they've lost the fight, but there will be even less of them by that point.

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