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  1. On 9/30/2019 at 2:51 PM, Tromatagon said:

    The only Galoobs I owned were that Sting and bald spot Arn.

    When my mom saw that Arn's bald spot she said "That wasn't very nice of them to make him like that."

    Festus sitting in the locker room looking depressed staring at his first figure.  Arn walks in and looks at it.  "Yeah, they did me dirty like that too, son."

  2. He's not kay fabing like he used to.  It was good.  Some stuff I'd never heard before.  Not really looking forward to hearing him do Blue Chew spots though.  This one was funny cause he did a voice and wasn't really plugging it but it's going to be weird hearing that disingenuous shit coming from him like the other shameless shill hosts.

  3. "Where's the beef?" was pretty legit.  I still have no idea who Herb was.  The same WrestleMania with two burger chain characters.

    Vince was like 40 back then and still had his finger on the pulse of pop culture.  I can't imagine if he was 40 today and having to watch Tik Tok videos and scan Instahoe pages looking for what passes for a celebrity in 2019.  "Bootycutie69 is here and she's living her best life at WrestleMania!"

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  4. On 9/25/2019 at 1:54 PM, hammerva said:

    Hey don't worry everyone I am sure that the people doing the Twitch shows will be able to adjust to TV work fine ?

    I assume that the people doing the live Impact Plus+ were part of the group that left with Sullivan.  that was generally okay production wise although quite indie looking


    I don't think so.  Sullivan's company handled post-production and video package-type stuff.  I think the live stuff is whatever locals they can get to string some tin cans and wire together and duct tape it to an iMac.

    They should've seen this coming though.  Especially, when Keith Mitchell jumped to AEW the day of one of their PPVs.

    IMPACT's live presentation has pretty much looked like shit since Anthem's taken over.  They shoot it and light it like ROH.  The hard-cam pointed at an empty stage, the handhelds shooting into the lights.  It's awful.  Plus, pretty much every live show has audio issues to start.  They should've had all these issues worked out by now.

    On 9/24/2019 at 9:08 AM, RIPPA said:

    Beginning in late-October, Impact Wrestling will air Tuesdays at 8 PM Eastern on AXS TV.

    COWARDS!  Foolish cowards at that.  If you aren't going to go to war with anyone then Thursday's the night so they can advertise their Plus shows on Fridays, the Twitch shows on Saturdays, and the PPVs on Sundays.  Not to mention better ad sales for weekend-type events like movies, concerts, and dick pills.

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  5. It's funny how they want records like real sports but they crown the champions in the most nonsensical way possible.  Lousy gimmick battle royals filled with people who have no business being in title matches to crown half of the singles matches and a tournament where a team wrestles a bunch of matches to get a bye and another team is going to get in via popularity contest for the tag titles.  I still don't understand why they're in such a rush to crown champions when they've got a year's worth of TV to fill.  Bunch of belt marks.

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  6. Lame comedy spots, Cornette ranting, people running to snitch to Cornette, people bitching about Cornette.  They're all bad and none are hills worth dying on.

    Memphis Wrestling and SMW are good.

    PG-13 > The Young Bucks.  Bob Armstrong > Kenny Omega.  Fight me in the streets if you disagree.

    And Cody should have Porter Wagoner suit JJ Dillon in his corner.  Alright!

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  7. I don't really think Scott Hall got any good until he was into his babyface run as Razor Ramon.

    Ole Anderson's telling of the Black Scorpion origin was he was filling out the cards for the house shows and Jim Herd kept yelling at him that whoever he wrote down against Sting wouldn't draw so he frustratingly wrote down "Sting vs. The Black Scorpion" and Herd was all about it.  There was never an end goal.  They just did Flair to blow it off cause Sting wasn't drawing as champ cause they put him in this Black Scorpion angle with no end goal.

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  8. I'm not into the intergender stuff but they're too far in to pull out on Tessa Blanchard winning the World Title.  I think she should beat Cage to win it though.

    Cage retains at BFG and Tessa wins the X-Title.  Then follow up with a few weeks of Cage successfully defending against Fulton and Jake Crist while Tessa successfully defends against Callihan and Fulton.

    Then she exercises Option C and challenges Cage at Destination X on TV.  Melissa Santos as ring announcer.  Cage toys around with Tessa and then she comes back and hits the Magnum for certain victory until Melissa Santos interferes for the DQ and Cage and Melissa turn heel.  Then do a Tessa/Melissa match where the winner chooses the stip for the World Title rematch on PPV and Tessa just murks her and chooses a cage match.  At the contract signing, Tessa pulls out a baseball bat and drills Cage in the clavicle.  Then at the PPV in the unforgiving steel cage, Cage tosses Tessa around and bounces her into the cage and then she hits the Magnum followed by her drilling Cage headfirst into the cage and hitting the DDT for the win.

    Now you have to get the belt off of her without making everybody look bad in the process.

    Have Scott Steiner send Petey Williams to challenge her and he cuts a promo about how her odds don't look good cause she's a woman but Petey's Canadian so her chances are better than zero but if she really gets lucky and plays her cards right then she could end up as Big Poppa Pump's freak tonight.  Then after she beats Petey, Steiner can send Jordynne Grace to challenge.

    Then she can do a short program beating Johnny Impact and then Taya Valkyrie challenges her and Tessa challenges Taya to put up the Knockouts Championship as well so it's title vs. title and Tessa wins the Knockouts Championship as well.

    Then at the PPV, she has to have two championship matches defending the Knockouts Championship against some yak and the World Championship against Callihan in a street fight.  She retains the Knockouts Championship and Havok attacks her with a bat and then she loses the World Championship in the main event after fighting off all of OVE and Havok again hits her with a bat.

    Then you've got a Tessa/Havok Knockouts Championship program and I don't know, maybe turn Moose face to chase Callihan.

  9. 1 hour ago, mattdangerously said:

    James Dudley was the first black man to promote in a major arena, so he's not as out of place as everyone thinks he is.

    Vince, Sr. was the promoter.  The WWE story is he worked his way up to manager of Turner's Arena.  The sole source of that seems to be the WWE video package of him running around with a towel.  I don't question his importance to Vince, Sr. as a loyal employee or his inclusion in the WWE HOF but there's no need to trump up some accolades to justify his inclusion since it's a HOF with no standards at all other than the whims of one mad man.

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  10. On 8/6/2019 at 1:41 PM, Matt D said:

    Sure, you can do whatever you want. Honestly, Koko getting in changed the criteria in and of itself. Once you put Koko in any "federation era" guy or even Attitude Era guy deserves to get in. If Koko gets in, of COURSE, Beefcake gets in. If Koko gets in Martel should get in. Koko never had as much success as that Battle Royal tie, let alone being tag champs. Remember, Koko was the guy they had Martel go over in a blindfold match on the way to Jake at Mania. Etc. 

    Once Koko gets in on just his WWF merits, you start thinking about just where the bar is. I actually think Bushwhackers are potentially a stronger case than Koko. They had more angles (Breaking the R&B album, getting turned on to create the Natural Disasters, the mixed tag with Jamison/Genius). 

    Koko B. Ware being people's low bar to entry for the WWE HOF has always been completely ridiculous considering he went in with a class that included Chris Von Erich.  James Dudley was in the second induction class.  Johnny Rodz went in before Koko Ware.  Koko B. Ware sang the title track to a wrestling album when that sort of thing was important to the WWF.  That alone puts him several levels above a lot of guys that went in before and after him.

    Also, the answer to best non-hoss squash match worker is Koko B. Ware.

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