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  1. Kevin Nash has changed the reason why he won't go see Sting's last match.


    "I never said that [that I was on the WWE payroll]. What I said is I’m a WWE guy. I can’t have a picture of me in the crowd and underneath it says, ‘Is All Elite.’ I just can’t have that. It just doesn’t work. One of my closest f****ng friends is Paul Levesque. As much as I love Steve and I know he will only have one last match, I will watch it. We will talk about it. I haven’t been to a WrestleMania, a RAW, a SmackDown, or any of the other pay-per-views. I haven’t been to any events. I don’t want to go to any place and be around a bunch of people, let alone wrestling people. I just don’t want to do it. I’m a hermit and that’s it,"


  2. The movie isn't even approved to be in production yet, according to Waters.


    While I am thrilled and excited at the idea of Aubrey Plaza starring in my new movie Liarmouth, the announcement that the film is ready to go in Baltimore, which was printed in an article in World of Reel and then the Guardian, is pure speculation. Neither writer talked to me or anyone officially involved in developing this movie. We have no start date or green light to begin production but are working to, hopefully, make that happen.


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  3. 51 minutes ago, driver said:

    My first exposure to Lewis was the series he did with Jamie Lee Curtis. Second exposure was him being interviewed on Stern(years later). 

    RIP. The same age as my parents. The age thing is what hits the most.

    Anything But Love. I loved that show.


  4. The second to last time I worked as a ring announcer was doing a tour through Alaska. On the tour were Valentina, The Volcano Kid (RIP), Black Metal, Disco Inferno, and Virgil. We did shows at military bases throughout the state. Virgil charmed every room he was in, getting freebies left and right. He'd even keep it up by being hilarious on the van rides. Disco got so annoyed that the one time he got an upgrade on a flight, Virgil got us all stickers that marked our flights as upgraded just to rib him.


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  5. Stardom's PPV was at 11:30 am in Korakuen Hall, so over here on the West Coast, it was like 5:30pm. Not much of note except Koguma's return and


    Giulia retained the NJPW Strong belt over Natsuko Tora in a No DQ match. Not only did Giulia piledrive her through a table, she then used one half and broke it over Tora's head again, punching a hole through the table that took some effort to get off Tora. Tora also chopped off a bunch of Giulia's braids.

    The rookies really shined for the night as all their opponents gave them a lot.

  6. 8 hours ago, Elsalvajeloco said:

    I feel like if Austin wasn't just a dude from South Texas, he would have been filling that Kris Kristofferson or Levon Helm role in movies, but that's kinda been played out or filled by actual actors.



    You say this when Jason Isbell is in a film up for multiple Oscars.

    Also, Austin would be a perfect Wade Garrett for Road House 2024

  7. On 1/30/2024 at 6:45 PM, Dolfan in NYC said:

    Ayo Edebiri has dropped out of Thunderbolts because of her realizing she wants a hell of a lot more money now that she's an Emmy Winning Actor  scheduling conflicts.

    She's being replaced by Geraldine Viswanathan (Breakers, Miracle Workers).


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