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  1. Will Smith was just still stuck in "method" apparently. That was great TV. Fuck him and that speech.

    The best thing that happened watching this show was when the best supporting actor winner started giving his speech and my nephew cracked," Best thing is they can't play him off. They're going to need to get the big hook."

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  2. I saw Who Framed Roger Rabbit in the theater twice in 1988 my Senior year of HS and after the second viewing my date and I went back to my place and I got lucky.

    So, it's obviously one of my favorite movies, and I don't think you need to get all the cartoon drops to enjoy it. It's a GREAT movie.

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  3. I'm just watching the ep now and I like that they cast someone as a younger Guinan instead of de-aging CGI. That would've looked like shit. And they explained her new aging at will power in Ep one. 
    And I loved how they finally explained why Frenchman Picard has an English accent. I laughed even though it involved Nazis. 

    Edit: Ok, I just finished the ep and I think the best explanation is that the writers hated Time's Arrow as much as everyone hates Time's Arrow. I'm totally fine with that.

    And there was a DS9 Bell riots eps deep joke on a newspaper headline that made me laugh out loud. Did anyone else catch that? 

  4. 4 hours ago, J.H. said:

    That actually makes less sense. If its 3 days until the event that xhanges time happens then the previous timeline is still in play... or is this some quantum mechanics bullshit that will make me go crosseyed?


    Yup. Cause even though it's 3 days until the event, at this point the event will still happen so Whoopi never met Picard in Time's Arrow.  


    Star Trek: Voyager "Year of Hell, Part 1"

    "I hate time travel."

  5. 2 hours ago, J.H. said:

    Ok... I've got issues with episode 4 if Picard but it might be my memory is wrong and I have to go back and watch both episodes of "Time's Arrow" to clear some shit up.

    This is a problem because I fuckin hate "Time's Arrow"!


    I read that since this is a 2024 that leads to the Federation never happening, the events of Time's Arrow never happened, so no Data's head and no awful Mark Twain impersonator. 

  6. Pat McAfee and Charlotte killed it with their promos tonight.  Pat has gone from the guy who I thought sucked on NXT Pre show PPV panels to being one of the best parts of the show. He's just great.

    And Charlotte is the babyface in this house and that house. That promo channeled her old man's best.

  7. Since Spiner is making an appearance as a Soong, next episode could definitely have a Soji reveal. Like, she's his perfect creation but it's "our" Soji.

    I want to make a drinking game where every time Q raises an eyebrow you take a shot. Then fight a Nausicaan.

  8. 14 hours ago, Raziel said:

    The crew: Kirk had Spock to time travel.  I know, let's use this Borg Queen!


    Me: Did any of you assholes bother to look for your fucking sentient android friend?

    If you're talking about Soji/ Dahj I thought they wrote her out in the first episode with a Roddenberry amount of cleavage. She wasn't on the Stargazer. And all the other androids created by Soong are slaves so there's no Data. Who are you talking about, man? Am I forgetting someone?

  9. I LOVED the first episode. Not gonna spoil anything but as soon as John DeLancie appeared my heart swelled with joy.  
    I don't think there's going to be any mirror universe stuff . This is an alternate Q reality / time travel story with a Borg team up.

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  10. Legends season finale was overall fantastic. It's been known that Faison was going to debut as Booster Gold and yet it felt like a surprise thanks to " The Hotstepper!"

    Nick Zano's exit was sweet. I thought they might kill him off and I'm so glad they didn't. But.

    Mustard gas melted Steel's steel? So all this time Nate didn't turn INTO steel, his pores excreted a steel covering that is only vulnerable to fucking mustard gas? Fuck off, Phil Klemmer. That stunk. 

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  11. I really hope it's the rumored HBO Max announcement. I can't watch Dynamite since I'm a cord cutter, and I just want to watch the show on a platform I already pay for. Like WWE and Hulu.

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  12. 3 hours ago, RandomAct said:

    Has there been any word one way or the other about Legends getting another season? Not sure where else they can go with the story and characters at this point. This season has been the best in years, and feels like a nice high note to leave on.

    No word yet, but since Donald Faison has been cast as possibly a certain time traveling character, I'm thinking we get another season. 

  13. 22 hours ago, J.H. said:

    So our baby sitter has Peacock and I'm on a rewatch of Cheers. I haven't watched a full episode in over a decade and from episode 1 onward its just funny. Oo much network comedy leaves me stone faced that it feels good to smile and laugh, even if it is to a show that had been in cinstant reruns for ages.


    I just recently watched the two part "Woody's Wedding" Cheers and it's one of the funniest hours of TV ever. It's amazing.

  14. 15 hours ago, Ryan Faulconer said:

    And one for wrestling fans…I remember hearing that Steamboat wasn’t the original pick to feud with Flair in 1989.  Who was their initial choice for that spot?  

    My brain remembers someone like Brian Last and maybe the one they call…David Bixenspan on their old podcast.  For some reason names like Billy Jack Haynes or Dory Funk Jr. keep popping up in my memory.  That would have made for a very different spring/summer of ‘89 if true though.  

    Did Billy Jack Haynes use that full name at all outside of the WWF?  It looked like he was always just Billy Jack before he went working for Vince.


    He changed it to Billy Jack Haynes in 1984 I think, definitely before he went to WWF. Tom Laughlin sued him so he added the Haynes.

  15. 8 hours ago, Bustronaut said:

    Yep, best show of the first 48 days of the year

    It set a bar that's gonna be hard to beat. Peacemaker was insanely great. John Cena is a legit great actor and the entire show was just wonderful. Charlton Comics got a fucking win in a big, bad way. That's so fun.

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  16. 47 minutes ago, Brian Fowler said:

    People can have their Joker or Green Goblin or Lex Luthor, whoever.

    Captain Cold is the greatest villain in the history of comic books*

    *Give or take Magneto.

    Leonard Snart going from just the best  60's Flash bad guy to the best Flash villain of all time, with the best Shades of grey stuff actually working? Yeah. Captain Cold rules. 
    Shit, Snart on Flash and Legends was fantastic thanks to Wentworth Miller and the writers who embraced the character.

  17. On 2/9/2022 at 2:35 PM, Zimbra said:

    John DiMaggio isn't coming back for it so what's the point?

    Is there a reason I'm not aware of that he's not coming back? On twitter he's made it clear he's not happy about it, but no details.

  18. 19 minutes ago, Craig H said:

    Oh shit. Ricochet is still in WWE? For some reason I thought he was released. I haven't seen his name come up in any results or anything similar in forever. I take it he's currently in Main Event purgatory?

    He's on Smackdown teaming with Cesaro vs Sheamus and Ridge Holland.

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