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  1. Main Event was awesome, but the only thing I'd have edited out was the " Is Swerve gonna swerve Lee?" spot in the middle of the match. We've moved on, and it killed the crowd for a second or two. 
    Is Daddy Magic's Cokehead gimmick his impersonation of Tony Khan on Adderal , like he's Mike Myers or Mark McInney doing Lorne?

    I also would have turned off TK's live mic a lot faster than they did as he was jacking it during the main. I can't be the only person who heard that?

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  2. I'm halfway through this show and it's been awesome in all the best ways and bad ways. Hook dressed up like Kid Unabomber about to shoot up a school was a choice.

    Followed by a breaking kayfabe "sandbag" gimmick that no one cares about.

  3. On 7/4/2022 at 7:18 AM, Control said:

    I didn’t know where else to post this, but my “good news” comes from reading the replies to this “journalist”  claiming that legalized marijuana has led to an increase in scromiting:


    As a prodigious enthusiast of scromiting, don't knock it til ya try it.

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  4. I'm so happy I decided to get this show. I'm getting over covid so I figured, "Fuck it. I'll order the show and watch some wrestling here sitting in my recliner." That show blew me away. Off the recliner! Out of nowhere that became one of my favorite shows in a long time.

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  5. On 4/25/2022 at 3:50 PM, BloodyChamp said:

    I’ve never seen either of those shows. Are they on DVD somewhere? 

    They did release a dvd with some of them.

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  6. The best way to ID the racists and misogynists in online Trek Fandom on Twitter is the Sybok test. If someone is fine with Sybok as a shocking new sibling of Spock but hates that Burnham is a shocking new sibling of Spock is a bit of a tell.

  7. On 4/15/2022 at 3:47 PM, Chaos said:

    Yeah, I'm trying to figure out if I can swing Wrigley or Citi Field. There being no Southeast dates really bummed me out. Atlanta is usually a gimme.

    Bobby and Billy both denied it's the last show on Twitter though. I'm a little more worried that Mayer is kind of wanting to focus on solo stuff again because I think they had envisioned D&C turning into a Mayer vehicle once Bobby and crew were done, which a tandem of Mayer/Russo/Oteil/Chimenti/???/??? (Hamilton? Billy Strings? Hartswick? Nicki Bluhm?) would be a fun experiment. 

    Dead and Co this weekend in Boulder were awesome, especially Saturday night. 

  8. It wasn't exactly a hero's welcome. The crowd shots showed a lot of folks who weren't popping for the old leaf crushing maniac, and I heard a lot of boos amongst the cheers. I'm also pretty sure a lot of those folks have no idea about what's been happening and were just popping for " No Chance" as a living version of Waylon Flowers' Madam puppet croaked some shit into a mic.

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  9. 8 hours ago, Technico Support said:



    .  Dory -- called "Hoss" here because in 1986 Vince's pop culture knowledge had caught up to Bonanza -- is all butterfly suplays and lifters and is awesome. 


    I asked Dory about this on an old Observer call in show back around 2005. He told me that "Hoss" was his actual nickname and that's why he didn't mind it.

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  10. I'm a fan of O'Riley who hated him in ROH. He put it together in NXT and became one of my favs. The only thing I think he sucks at are strike exchanges. You know, The bullshit spots where two guys just take turns hitting each other in the ring or on the apron like a bad Popeye cartoon from the early 60's. 
    His forearms there look soft which just adds to how dumb and contrived the spot is. 
    Besides that, and the dumb rebound lariat, KOR is great AFAIK.

  11. Statlander vs. Red Velvet was fucking fire. Statlander dropping the stupid alien gimmick is the right call. She came off as a STAR on Rampage. And so did Velvet and The Baddies. The main event women's division stuff has been kinda boring while Jade, the Baddies, Stokely, and Statlander are stealing the show.

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  12. 2 hours ago, Craig H said:

    Man, Discovery season 2 is so weird. There's so much good Star Trek stuff, like, "woah, we ran into this weird space thing, we need to investigate it" and then bad new Trek stuff like Section 31, whatever the fuck they're doing with EVIL~! Philippa, anytime the Klingons are on screen it's still bad, using the spore drive to halfway transport into the spore world, etc.

    Even still, I love Anson Mount as Pike and I really love Tig as Reno. If I were putting together my dream crew, both of them would be on it.

    As a fanatical DS9 fan, I loved the Section 31 stuff and I love MU Phillippa. She's fun.

  13. Today is my birthday and we had over some friends and the kids across the street over for the show and some grilling. The boys, my nephew included were in and out of the show. They loved the Women's title match, but when Cody revealed that bruise? All three of these 11-12 year old boys were transfixed. They know what wrestling is. I've taken them to house shows and a RAW. This was the first time they were captivated by the idea that " Oh shit. That guy is hurt for real and is still doing this crazy shit, and WON!" They were wincing every time Cody took a shot. And by the end Cody became one of their new favs.

    edit: Oh, when I explained to the kids what the polka dots were about, they started talking about how Cody is fighting through the injury because it's messed up to make fun of his Dad.

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  14. I love Letterkenny, but I had my doubts about "Shorsey". 
    Holy shit. It's fucking amazing. I love it and the soundtrack is awesome. I'm finishing it tonight in one binge. Great stuff.

    Edit: I just finished it. "Shorsey" is one of the best shows out there and might be a candidate for best first season of a show in forever. It's just fantastic.

  15. 21 hours ago, Craig H said:

    Well, that takes care of one thing. OH, my other big issue. Holy shit, what in the hell did they do with the designs for the Klingons? They all look like literal poop people. Their costumes suck, the makeup is fucking terrible, and the overall look and sound of them is more like Louis Gossett Jr. in Enemy Mine than typical Klingons. Plus, the subtitles whenever they speak are horrendous. All caps, a serif font, the letters are spaced out too much for each word, and the dialogue doesn't stay on screen for long enough. Everything with them is a mess. 

    Yeah, the Klingon stuff in S1 is rough. The new makeup looks a lot better in S2 when they let them have hair and beards,  it's wild how much it helps. 

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