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  1. When I was a kid, I was down on a lot of things.  Thought the world treated me terribly and hated myself at the same time.  Then I learned to be grateful for all the fortune I was overlooking.  I started appreciating the good people and great things around me.  Today I am grateful I am not Gonzalez.

    It's ok, cause he's not him. It's an act.

  2. Sorry, but don't try to paint ME as having the "out there" opinion. I call it how I see it. 



    Nah, I'm painting you as "guy still trying to play internet troll, even though no one falls for it,

     who's never had pussy."


    Cause, c'mon. Really? Your feelings are SO STRONG that you just HAD to let people know that you don't dig Henry?


    Try again. With a new act.

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  3. The people who gush over Mark Henry in 2013 are the same type of fan who gushed over Trent Acid and Ric Blade in 2001 - they are trying to go against the grain in my opinion and be into something that most don't like. They are the WORST. I'd love to see all the people who claim to love Henry go and watch (nevermind buy!) a 3 disc box set of him... not happening.

    You're adorable. Right down to the Bret av. Hoardack, right?
  4. If Parker shit his pants, you couldn't see it. Looked like he pissed himself, though.


    Holy fuck, Hogan, Sting, Luger, Savage vs. Shark, Kamala, Zodiac, and Meng. This stinks. And looking ahead, it's just gonna keep on sucking, including the one that turned me off the NWO/ WCW.

  5. Would bringing in a disgruntled veteran tag team of Kid Kash and Christian York be the worst idea ever? Sure, they're close to the end of their careers and I wouldn't put them anywhere near the main event. But I think they still have something to offer. And the ROH roster is in desperate need of some veteran leadership.



    One of my favorite things about ROH back in the day, was that they had guys who were vets like Carnage Crew who weren't "Indy Workrate Darlings". 

  6. Jim Ross has seen a lot of car wrecks olong the highway with bodies everywhere, apparently. DA vs Sting's Squadron, is fucking great. Windham dropping Arn headfirst between the rings is a killer spot. You got Madusa on the top of the cage with Sting, Paul E's written down gameplan, it's bloody as hell, (Shit, Dustin, Arn, and Austin look like the cover of an Apter mag from 82), the crowd is molten,  Madusa taping up Eaton's hand before he goes in, Arn's white trunks stained red with blood, Nikita sacrificing himself to save Sting and then Sting and Nikita high fiving and hugging to show that Nikita is truly a good guy again, the ring and ropes getting torn apart and Larry using the iron as a weapon, Jesus Christ this rules, even if Jesse is edited out.


    Edit: Man, the 93 one with Shockmaster, Harlem Heat, and Davey Boy sucks outside of Dustin and Vader's opening part. Oh and Sid screaming "WE DEMAND SATISFACTION!"   :lol:


    OK, Dusty just said that Col. Parker actually shit his pants after the Nasty Boys hit him stiff in the next one and that you can see it. I've seen this one a lot, but now I have to watch and see if that's true cause I never noticed that before.

  7. Pro wres needs to appeal to dudes like me. 

    Muscle- Bears?  :D


    Back to WAR GAMES, Holy shit. does Sid almost kill Pillman. It's funny, cause before this one Dusty's talking about how at this time WCW was being run by corporate suits that watered down WAR GAMES, and then the next match is bloody as fuck and brutal. The only shitty part is El Gigante storming in to tell the ref to end it. And then he carries away Pillman like Rocky carrying away Frank N Furter. It is cool to finally see the heels win a WAR GAMES.


    Oh, Dangerous Alliance time now. 




    And I never got the whole "Submit or surrender" tagline. What's the fucking difference?  :lol:

  8. I picked up the new WAR GAMES DVD set last week and I'm just getting around to watching it., now that I'm back to a nocturnal schedule doing DJ/ Kareoke gigs after getting fucked out of my day job. It's pretty awesome. They interview Dusty between all the matches, and he's always great. I sort of fast forwarded the first two since I've seen them both a hundred times. Then they include the first Tower of Doom match, and the best part of that was Precious' tits. I had never actually seen the third Horsemen one with Windham and it's fucking killer.


    You do have to laugh at the idea of The Horsemen having JJ back in the ring for the third one. 

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  9. I've been a fan of Marc Maron since I saw him on HBO almost 20 years ago, and his "WTF" podcast is fucking great. He's one of the best interviewers out there and can get a great show out of guests you'd think might not be that funny or interesting. His interview with Micheal Keaton was hilarious, and his one with Mel Brooks was fantastic. Really, everything is really good.

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